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  1. 1. PAID VERSIONtake control of your Wellbeing
  2. 2. Rest Nutrition Movement Breathing Hydration Perception Will Power E7 offers a building technology protocol a system that would not only restore integrity and balance within the immune system,but would also do the same for every other system, organ, gland, tissue and cells in the body
  3. 3. •  E7 in it is simplistic form is a Wellness Protocol designed to help clients achieve a functional and optimal body . A Health Program that is tailored in 7 easy steps to achieve success within Mind Body and Soul
  4. 4. A program that will teach the Client the foundations of HealthThe truth is that most people dont understand the realmeaning of good health simply because they havenever experienced it. Chronic ailments and substandard levels of health are now so widespread in our society that most people cant even imagine what it is like to experience robust good healthWe have grown very accustomed to functioning below par
  5. 5. will teach them that ...Fitness alone does not mean you have good health •  You can be very fit and still have your arteries clogged up! What fuel do you consume.•  You can be very skinny and still have a high level of body fat especially visceral fat!
  6. 6. How do we achieve this?•  It is absolutely essential that in order to help our clients they must understand how food and its macronutrients affect our bodies.•  Understanding that Food is our daily medicine but it can also be a deathly poison•  This is imperative for long term wellbeing
  7. 7. We teach our clients how Self Discipline works !•  We teach them that Mental Resistance is what we are telling ourself and give them the tools to understand how important it is to treat our bodies, mind and spirit with kindness•  We teach them that our Emotional Resistance is what we are feeling and give them the tools to accept and change our perception•  We teach them that our Physical Resistance is the steps we are taking toward manifesting our Dreams and Goals and help them see a life plan with clarity.
  8. 8. We will teach your clients what is WILL POWER and how it works •  The knowledge that will power and courage are not the same thing.Courage can attract fear and adulation, but will power requires patience and commitment•  Is the ability to overcome procrastination •  Is the ability to control or reject unnecessary or harmful impulses •  Is the ability to successfully accomplish what is good for you with the long term results in mind •  Is the inner power that overcomes the desire to indulge in unnecessary and useless habits •  Is the ability to overcome emotional and mental resistance
  9. 9. We teach them that they are unique and that means that aFIT ALL DIET or generic exercise program is not for everyone Core Function Zone Exercises Stretches Energy Building ExercisesThese are only some of the programs that will help re-build their strength
  10. 10. We teach them: that posture is fundamental for their breathing and that breathing is essential for healthy brain activity
  11. 11. We teach your clients that their perception of themselves is what holds them back We teach them how to value themselves by showing them that WE DO CARE about their wellbeing
  12. 12. E7 We are in the business of health and Well beingWe see OUR CLIENTS as HUMAN BEINGS doing things as opposed to HUMAN DOINGS
  13. 13. We help them train their brainsWe teach them how to growand set realistic goals to build aHealthy Attitude not only at Workbut in all aspects of their lives We show them how the quality of Macronutrients can improve their moods hence their performance
  14. 14. We teach your clients about Circadian Health•  What is normal and what is not...•  Are you really giving your body time to heal??
  15. 15. •  Enigma7 is a program designed for people that lack the initiative and /or the knowledge to improve their wellbeing whether or not they are overweight or simply unfit.•  Enigma7 gives the answers and the tools to open the doors to a new, simpler approach to a more balance life. A wellness like no other. An informed way to help you achieve function-ability.
  16. 16. •  By now, youre likely well aware that an effective wellness program is not just a valuable benefit for your team members, its truly a critical strategy for a stronger bottom line.•  From reduced health care, disability and sick time expenditures to improved retention and productivity.•  There are few investments that Companies can make that provide them with a higher return on investment, and anyone’s HEALTH is the best Superannuation they can invest on behalf of their employees.
  17. 17. Giving you the toolsand show you How to Bring Your Life into Balance!