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Review Quiz for Science Grade 7 (1st Quarter) Sample Questions with Answers

Review Quiz for Science Grade 7 (1st Quarter) Sample Questions with Answers



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Science Quiz Contest Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Question #1 Time starts now... 910876543210 Which does not belong to the group? a. Boiling point b. Flammability c. Hardness d. Metallic Properties
  • 3. ANSWER b. Flammability All are physical property except flammability which is a chemical property.
  • 4. Question #2 It is the ability of a material to be drawn into wires. Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 5. ANSWER Ductility An example is copper.
  • 6. Question #3 Which of the following has the highest melting point? a. Ice b. Copper c. Butter d. Iron Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 7. ANSWER d. Iron – 1,535°C Ice - 0°C Copper – 1,083°C Butter - 32°C
  • 8. Question #4 Which of the following is a chemical property? a. Crushing of stones b. Burning of woods c. Cracking an egg d. Boiling of water Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 9. ANSWER b. Burning of woods Phase change is physical change.
  • 10. Question #5 Which does not belong to the group? a. Salt solution (completely dissolved particles) b. Oil and water c. Alcohol and water d. Sugar dissolved in waterTime starts now... 910876543210
  • 11. ANSWER b. Oil and water All are homogeneous mixture. Oil and water is a heterogeneous mixture.
  • 12. Question #6 It is a combination of two or more substances that are physical combined. Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 13. ANSWER Mixture
  • 14. Question #7 Which does not belong to the group? a. Nature of solute and solvent b. Temperature c. Pressure d. Saturation point Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 15. ANSWER d. Saturation Point The first three are factors affecting solubility.
  • 16. Question #8 This is the substance which is dissolved in the solvent. Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 17. ANSWER Solute
  • 18. Question #9 It is a solution which contains solutes that do not dissolve anymore. Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 19. ANSWER Supersaturated Solution
  • 20. Question #10 Which is an example of a gas in liquid? a. Carbonated drinks b. Dental amalgam c. Air d. Steel Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 21. ANSWER a. Carbonated Drinks
  • 22. Question #11 Which of the following mineral is the hardest? a. Talc b. Quartz c. Topaz d. Diamond Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 23. ANSWER d. Diamond The choices are arranged in increasing hardness.
  • 24. Question #12 Which of the following is not a method of separating the components of a mixture? a. Filtration b. Decantation c. Stirring d. Evaporation Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 25. ANSWER c. Stirring
  • 26. Question #13 It is a type of mixture that separates on standing. Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 27. ANSWER Suspension
  • 28. Question #14 Which is not an example of emulsion? a. Milk b. Whipped Cream c. Face Cream d. Mayonnaise Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 29. ANSWER b. Whipped Cream It is a foam.
  • 30. Question #15 Which of the following is an example of sol? a. Spray deodorant b. Colored gems c. Blood d. Butter Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 31. ANSWER c. Blood Spray deodorant is an aerosol. Colored gems are solid sol. Butter is a solid emulsion.
  • 32. Question #16 Compute for the percent by volume of 13mL of alcohol in 57mL of water. Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 33. ANSWER Solution: Volume of solution = 13 mL + 57mL = 70mL %volume = (13mL/70mL) x 100 = 18.57%
  • 34. Question #17 What is the percent by mass of 6.2g of alum dissolved in a 412.7mL of water? (Note: 1mL = 1g) Time starts now... 910876543210
  • 35. ANSWER Solution: Conversion: 412.7mL = 412.7g Mass of solution = 6.2g + 412.7g = 418.9 %mass = (6.2g/418.9g) x 100 = 1.48%