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Hive Marketing - ISHMPR Presentation

Hive Marketing - ISHMPR Presentation



These are slides from Dan Dunlop's presentation at the 2010 Conference of the Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations.

These are slides from Dan Dunlop's presentation at the 2010 Conference of the Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations.



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    Hive Marketing - ISHMPR Presentation Hive Marketing - ISHMPR Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Hive Marketing: Using Social Media to Activate Brand Advocates
      ISHMPR Annual Conference
      Mark Shelley & Dan Dunlop
      Tuesday, November 9, 2010
    • Why does your hospital use social media to communicate with constituents?
      To engage and inform them. But to what end? What’s the strategy behind the engagement?
    • Hive Marketing & Social Media
      Based on an article by Mark Shelley and Dan Dunlop for Healthcare Marketing Advisor, January 2010.
      A subsequent article by Marianne Aiello is available on the HealthLeaders website
    • Hive Marketing Defined
      What first looks like an unorganized collection of individuals buzzing around, upon closer inspection becomes the foundation of a movement with focus and direction
    • Hive Marketing Defined
      Bringing together individuals with a shared interest
      Allowing them to share their passion
      In the case of brand advocates, giving them a forum to express their support
      Feeding them information that confirms their decision to support the brand
      Activating them when needed
    • Social Networks & Psychology
      Social Networks: The supreme hive marketing tools
      A gift (and a potential curse) to healthcare marketers
      The psychology of social networking:
      The importance of connecting; sense of community
      Allows one to create a more vivid, accessible personal brand
      Sense of empowerment
      A negative outcome can be digital narcissism; the negative side of giving someone a voice!
      The 7 A’s of social media: Acknowledgement, Attention, Approval, Appreciation, Acclaim, Assurance/Affirmation, and to be “A Part of something” bigger than they are.
    • The Power of Community
      Oxytocin hormone – The generosity-trust chemical (also called the “cuddle drug”)
      Dr. Paul Zak, Neuroeconomist at Claremont Graduate University
      Studies have shown that the brain reacts to social networking interaction as if they were in-person interactions
      Social media users get that same emotional benefit
      Heightened feeling of trust, empathy and generosity
    • The Hive: Social Media Vehicles
      Facebook pages
      Hospital blogs
      Patient communities
      LinkedIn Groups
      Twitter Groups (Yes, Twitter Groups!)
    • Facebook
      A natural medium for hive marketing
      Friendly, supportive tone
      People “like” things
      Designed for people to show their support
      Pages vs. Groups
      How you know you’re being successful: engagement
    • LinkedIn Groups
      Groups can be open or private; members opt-in to communication
      Daily/weekly eblast for distributing news and discussions
      Ideal for communicating with employees and alumni, medical students and friends of the hospital
      Easy to create and maintain
      Post event notices and press releases to the group
    • Twitter & Twitter Groups
      Allows individuals to follow a conversation stream
      Establishes a common #hashtag for the group
      Sense of community
      Constant flow of information
    • Twitter/Facebook/Blog Trifecta
      Power of using these in tandem
      Twitter’s ability to reach out
      Facebook’s storytelling ability and group building capacity
      Blog: long-form storytelling; ability to establish a brand voice/personality
    • Hospital Blogs
    • Hospital Blogs
    • Hospital Blogs
    • Patient Online Communities
    • Patient Communities
    • Cultivating Your Supporters
      Truly a community building activity
      The care and feeding of the community:
      Post regularly
      Encourage engagement
      Reward engagement
      Keep things interesting
      Vary your outputs
      Don’t make it all about you
    • Building Up Equity for a Rainy Day
      “Green Stamps” analogy
      Social networks for crisis communications and issue management
      Circumvent traditional media when necessary
      Take messaging directly to audience, unfiltered
    • Ways To Use The Hive
      Countering negative news
      Correcting misinformation
      Sharing news directly with constituents
      Announcing events
      Managed care negotiation
      Issue management
      Weigh public opinion
      Health education
    • Lexington Medical Center
    • LMC Background
      West Columbia, South Carolina
      414-bed metropolitan medical complex
      Comprehensive, county-wide healthcare network
      More than 5,000 employees
      Affiliated physician practices, community medical centers, extended care facility
      NRC Consumer Choice Award winner
      Press Ganey Summit Award winner
    • LMC Heart Timeline
      The 10 year timeline:
      August 2000 – LMC’s Board approves the submission of a CON application for a diagnostic cath lab.
      January 2001 – LMC receives CON approval from DHEC.
      February 2002 – LMC opens diagnostic cath lab. Calendar Year 2003 – Cath lab performs 1,210 diagnostic catheterizations.
      April 2004 – LMC files CON to provide comprehensive cardiac services including open heart surgery and elective therapeutic cardiac caths.
      October 2004 – CON denied.
      February 2006 – LMC appeals DHEC’s denial of their open heart CON in administrative court.
    • LMC Heart Timeline
      April 2006 – The SC House and Senate each pass a bill that would have allowed LMC to perform open heart surgery.
      May 2006 – Governor Mark Sanford vetoes the bill.
      September 2006 - Administrative Law Court determines that a Lexington heart program would cause volumes to drop at Palmetto Health Richland and Providence Hospitals and should be denied for that reason.
      January 2008 – SC Supreme Court agrees to review and hear LMC’s appeal.
      November 2008 – LMC withdraws its appeal and submits a new CON for renovations, which includes the relocation of the Diagnostic Cath Lab Department, addition of a second cath lab and provision of emergency PCI services.
    • LMC Heart Timeline
      February 2009 – LMC reaches an agreement with Providence Hospital to de-license one of their cardiac suites, allowing LMC to add a new suite.
      April 2009 – Both houses of the SC Legislature pass a Joint Resolution commending LMC and Providence Hospitals.
      November 2009 - LMC receives CON approval from DHEC for the relocation of the Diagnostic Cath Lab Department, the addition of a second cath lab and provision for emergency PCI services.
      December 2009 – LMC and Providence Hospitals file a joint CON (the first in the history of DHEC) for the development of an open heart surgery program at LMC.
    • LMC Heart Timeline
      January 2010 - LMC relocates the Diagnostic Cardiac Cath Department and opens the second cardiac cath lab and makes provisions for emergency PCI services.
      April 2010 – LMC and Palmetto Health reach an agreement where LMC’s open heart program can proceed. Palmetto agrees not to contest LMC’s application.
      June 2010 – DHEC approves Lexington Medical Center’s CON to provide comprehensive cardiovascular services, including open heart surgery and elective therapeutic cardiac catheterizations.
    • The Need for Hive Marketing
      Contentious relationship with The State Newspaper
      Strong base of support in Lexington
      Need to put those supporters to work on behalf of the brand
      Need to get LMC’s story out without “spin”
      Need to communicate with and activate supporters without going through conventional media
    • Countering a Sea of Negative Publicity
    • Countering a Sea of Negative Publicity
    • Countering a Sea of Negative Publicity
    • Countering a Sea of Negative Publicity
    • Putting Social Media to Work
      We put our hive to work!
    • Putting Social Media to Work
    • Putting Social Media to Work
    • Lexington Wins Approval
    • Lexington Wins Approval
    • Coming Full Circle
    • Tufts Medical Center & BCBSMA
    • About Tufts Medical Center
      Academic Medical Center
      Boston’s Theater District
      The oldest permanent medical facility in the country
      Led by dynamic CEO Ellen Zane
      Also home to Floating Hospital for Children
      Teaching hospital for Tufts University School of Medicine
    • About Tufts Medical Center
      Competitive Boston Metro
      Partners Healthcare – Teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School
      Brigham and Women’s Hospital
      Massachusetts General Hospital
      Another 6 or more community hospitals
      Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
      Dana Farber Cancer Institute
      Children’s Hospital Boston (Harvard affiliate)
      New England Baptist Hospital
      Boston Medical Center
    • Tufts Medical Center & BCBS MA
    • Tufts Medical Center & BCBS MA
    • Managed Care Negotiation Breakdown
    • Bloggers Voice Support & Concern
    • Bloggers Voice Support & Concern
      Authentic voices join the conversation
    • Bloggers Voice Support & Concern
    • Dedicated Microsite
    • Facebook for Organizing Support
    • Dedicated Blog
    • Countering Misperceptions
    • The Power of One Individual’s Network
    • The Power of One Individual’s Network
    • Supporter Comments On News Sites
      Wall Street Journal
      Health Blog
    • Supporter Comments On News Sites
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
    • Merrimack Valley Moms Blog
      How do we engage busy moms?
      Lowell General Hospital decided to start a mommy blog for the Merrimack Valley Region of Massachusetts and Southern NH.
      Recruiting bloggers via a Facebook contest
      The contest’s impact on Twitter and Facebook
      Building community: Mommy Blogger Brunch
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
      Spreading the word via area Facebook groups
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
      Contest submissions from
      prospective mommy bloggers
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
      Examples of engagement
      on Facebook
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
    • Merrimack Valley Moms
    • Scott and White Hospital
      Fort Hood shootings (November 2009)
      Prominent example of social media for crisis communication
      Used Twitter to tweet updates to direct news media to official statements (43 tweet in 3 days)
      Used social media to dispel rumors and correct misinformation
      Tweets updated community of status of their ED (closed to all but Ft. Hood patients)
      Tweets asking for blood donations; led to more than 1,000 units being donated
      Posted hospital press conference on YouTube
      Videos of people donating blood
    • Scott and White Hospital
    • Tips for Getting Started
      Build your communities proactively, in anticipation of a need
      Nurture the community and its members (regular care and feeding)
      Participate, engage. Don’t just push information
      Don’t let the community languish
      Have some personality
      Reward engagement
    • Tips For Getting Started
      Cross promote between platforms
      Find community #hashtags (in Columbia, SC the most popular tag is #famouslyhot)
      Use hashtags to build followers
      RT good information relevant to your followers
      Follow local news media and community orgs
      Share links to your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook
      Use tags and categories for blog posts and YouTube videos
    • Tips For Getting Started
    • Social Networks & Crisis Communication
      Build social media tools into the plan; part of an integrated approach
      Ramp up “membership” before the need arises
      Consider the different constituents: news media, your employees, general public, patients and families, influentials, business leaders
      Assign monitoring and posting responsibilities
      Proactive listening, identify problems or miscommunication, define resolution, then engage with information (open and transparent communication)
      Often diffuse visible predicaments before they become full-blown crises
    • Social Networks for Healthcare Marketers
      Healthcare Marketing LinkedIn Groups
    • Social Networks for Healthcare Marketers
    • Contact Information
      Mark Shelley
      Email: msshelley@lexhealth.org
      Twitter: @LexMedCtr
      Dan Dunlop
      Email: ddunlop@jenningsco.com
      Blog – http://thehealthcaremarketer.wordpress.com
      Community – http://heathcaremarketing.ning.com
      Twitter - @dandunlop