Facebook Engagement Strategies for Healthcare Organizations


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These are the slides from my presentation at the Fall 2011 Conference of the New England Society

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Facebook Engagement Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

  1. 1. FacebookEngagementStrategies for HospitalsNESHCo 2011 Fall Conference Dan Dunlop
  2. 2. Be Willing To Have Fun
  3. 3. Facebook Caveat: Social Media Experts? We’re all in this together Stop the madness Not about piling up followers Not about spewing information I don’t care how many hospitals are using Facebook I care that they are using it effectively Klout? Just try to keep up!
  4. 4. Engagement, Not Advertising Yes, it is a marketing tool Engaging Connecting Community-Building Activating
  5. 5. The Obligatory Stats NRC Research Study  23,000 participants in US  41% use social media for health info  94% said Facebook was platform of choice  YouTube was 2nd place with 32%  50% still prefer hospital website as a source Pew Internet and American Life Project  39% of patients use social media sites (general info – only 12% for health info)  1 in 4 people with chronic disease has used Internet to seek out others with same condition (Peer-to-peer help)  New pathways for patients to find and help each other  http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/P2PH ealthcare.aspx
  6. 6. Engagement
  7. 7. What You Don’t Want to See
  8. 8. What You Don’t Want to See
  9. 9. Compare That to This (Mayo Clinic):
  10. 10. Mayo has cultivated an environment thatencourages sharing
  11. 11. A Conceptual Construct: HiveMarketing Think of a Bee Hive and all the activity taking place… Bringing together individuals with a shared interest (moms, for example, or cancer patients) Allowing them to share their passion In the case of brand advocates, giving them a forum to express their support Become a true resource for them; this comes first Feed them information that confirms their decision to support the brand
  12. 12. Your Audience is notHomogenous Social Media allow you to speak to niche audience and be relevant to them To most effectively engage segments of your customer base, you must create vehicles that speak to them specifically “Social Media will prove to be the nail in the coffin of the one-size-fits-all customer experience model.” Robert Wollan& Nick Smith, The Social Media Management Handbook Don’t forget about the importance of LISTENING. Two-way medium.
  13. 13. Build Up Equity for a RainyDay “Green Stamps” analogy Market traditional services Circumvent traditional media when necessary Take messaging directly to audience, unfiltered Allow for conversation and engagement
  14. 14. SignatureHealthcare
  15. 15. Segmenting Audiences Signature Healthcare & Tufts Medical Center Affiliation Primarily Women’s Services: Maternal Fetal Medicine, Neonatology, Genetic Counseling, etc. Signature: Diminished connection with the community over several years #1 goal is to rebuild the connection with suburban moms Leadership transition No social media presence
  16. 16. Our Approach Market “with” rather than market “to” Engage and allow for conversation Listen and respond – let people know you are participating Communicate shared values Must feel authentic Provide value via the relationship  How do you enrich her life?  Sense of community - belonging
  17. 17. SignatureMoms.com
  18. 18. Not a Story about a Blog A Story About thePower of Facebook
  19. 19. Facebook Promotion Posted contest announcement to Facebook Wall:  Looking for 8 local moms to serve as bloggers  $250 prize and a position as a mommy blogger  4 to 6 week long promotion  Entries: write on our Facebook Wall and tell us why you’d be a great mommy blogger; or submit a video  Extended the contest to heighten interest  Selected 7 local moms and one employee of Signature
  20. 20. Facebook Promotion:Engagement
  21. 21. Contest Buzz & Engagement
  22. 22. Trifecta:Blog, Facebook, Twitter
  23. 23. Early Facebook Stats Remember, we started with no social media presence at all 204 Facebook fans in first 6 week (contest period) 25,160 post views, 252 post comments
  24. 24. The Impact on Twitter 256 Twitter followers in first 6 week (contest period) 375 updates
  25. 25. Blog Traffic
  26. 26. Blog Engagment
  27. 27. Lexington Medical Center Pink Glove Dance Contest
  28. 28. Pink Glove Dance –Lexington Medical Center
  29. 29. Results 543 Likes and Comments for the month Monthly Active users rose from 808 to 1,161 (includes fans and non-fans who either viewed or interacted with your page or a News Feed Post) 127 new Fans or Likes 1,222 total Likes/Fans 25,959 post views – The number of times fans have read a News Feed Story posted by your Page. 60,000+ people liked the video on Facebook 114,000+ views on YouTube
  30. 30. FacebookMarketing Tips
  31. 31. Facebook Marketing Tips Create a business page, not a profile: Just visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Make your page easier to share by claiming your Page’s vanity URL: http://www.facebook.com/username. Automatically post blog content to your Wall (Wordpress&HubSpot) Don’t automatically have your Wall posts sync with Twitter! I’m not a fan. Create Custom Page Tabs: (SocialAppsHQ) http://www.facebook.com/welcometab
  32. 32. Facebook Marketing Tips Launch contests! Consider using a promotion builder App like Wildfire: http://www.wildfireapp.com/ Create a Welcome App using Custom Tabs. Set the page as your default landing tab (do this under “manage permissions”) http://www.facebook.com/welcometab Use Facebook Insights! Download Page Insights PDF. Download your data for more detail (Excel Spreadsheet). Add the YouTube App to your Facebook Page so your fans can view your videos directly within Facebook. Post Questions or Polls: In the status update bar, you have the option of posting a poll. Click on Poll Options. Use a third party Facebook App like Hootsuite to schedule your posts in advance. Understand EdgeRank, Facebook’s Algorithm for deciding what gets shown on the user’s news feed. The more edges a post has, the more likely it will be on a user’s News Feed. Edges are shares, likes, comments, tags, etc. For Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About EdgeRank, go to http://tinyurl.com/3ty455n
  33. 33. Adding a Poll or Question
  34. 34. Custom Landing Page/Tab(http://apps.facebook.com/welcometab/)
  35. 35. EdgeRanker
  36. 36. Facebook Changes “Top Stories” now appear at the top of the News Feed. It used to be that the newest content from friends appeared at the top. News Feed Algorithm has changed what actually appears on your News Feed. “Comments” have the most impact on EdgeRank. Also, a user’s affinity toward your brand is key! (The number of times the two of you have interacted.) “Freshness” (recency) is also important. Freshness often determines what you see on your News Feed. Weight – The number of times users have interacted with the content in question. You are competing with every other person or business that a user “Likes” Multimedia posts help with engagement: videos and photos
  37. 37. Facebook Changes Ticker – Moving less important info into a live Twitter-like feed on the side of the page Close Friends – Now you can sort friends and communicate differently and directly with “close friends”
  38. 38. A Few Rules Doctors and other healthcare professionals should not friend patients; invite them to “Like” the organization or practice The ethical and legal duty to protect patient confidentiality applies equally on the internet as to other media No one should discuss a patient or a patient’s condition on Facebook Don’t even speak of patients in “cloaked” conversations online Put a legal disclaimer on your Facebook page. Remind them this is a public forum… Patients waive their HIPAA rights when they post personal health info on Facebook (not the case with children) Invite patients to take the conversation offline Physicians can speak to medical issues on Facebook in a general, informative manner, but not to specific patient cases.
  39. 39. In Closing Be engaging Create fun and interest – use promotions Listen Respond Combine efforts of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs Track effectiveness If you don’t know how to do it, Google it. Answers to Facebook challenges are easy to find.
  40. 40. Questions & Contact Information Dan Dunlop, Jennings  ddunlop@jenningsco.com  Twitter: @dandunlop& @JenningsHealth  Blog: http://thehealthcaremarketer.wordpress.com