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Pharma pitch pdf
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Pharma pitch pdf


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  • 1. D&FISHER CO is technology-based logistics company.Intro Our services include supply chain management and freight forwarding. We are involved in businesses of various scales: SME and large enterprises. They also differ by simple to complex supply chains. The foremost feature that puts D&FISHER CO apart from crowd is the integration of solutions within customer supply chain. In itself this feature allows us to overwhelmingly tailor our services to our customer’s needs. Pharma PitchWe know that pharma and medical companies each year lose quite lot of money on transportation of theirmedicines and equipments. Due to what?- Late deliveries?- High prices?- High&Low Season fluctuations?“All” would be an answer to question. Yes, but to only question not the problem. We also understand that lately it isever more difficult to plan ahead the forecast pattern for coming year. Because every month is different month inpharma/medical business. We can not draw comparison line between March of 2013 and March of 2012.So the forecast doesn’t work. The reliance of your business on logistics increases. You push the supplier and you losethe control on logistics. The 5 days late delivery can cost you hundred thousands of dollars. Even you can lose themarket share while your rival gaining ground in hide.In most cases the urgency of shipments gives reason to your carriers to increase the price. The complexities ofsplitting the cargo and using the intermodal transportation turn round carriers to make use of one mode of transportincurring you additional expedited freight costs.So, at D&FISHER CO we will offer you our integrated delivery services which will be based on your sales cycles andthe urgency rate of cargo meanwhile keeping high flexibility.What benefits you will get:- Fast delivery;- Reduced price and minimized annual transportation costs;- Sophisticated Supply Chain Management;While driving down costs, we are making sure that you get:- Quality freight service;- Strict temperature compliance;- Safe and effective handling during cross-docking; 100Additionally, if you want modernized and optimized supply chain we can offer you packet of solutions, integrated, 95desktop based or cloud based. 75We are assured that the value we can add to your business will ensure you to have competitiveand high quality supply chain and affordable logistics while keeping smooth flow of goods! 25 5 0New CorelDRAW X4 GraphicWednesday, February 13, 2013 5:58:48 AM