Save the integrity of your skin
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Save the integrity of your skin



D&M is Australia's own truly natural, professional skincare brand featuring an extensive facial range, a body and spa collection and offering exclusive custom designed skincare products.

D&M is Australia's own truly natural, professional skincare brand featuring an extensive facial range, a body and spa collection and offering exclusive custom designed skincare products.



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Save the integrity of your skin Save the integrity of your skin Document Transcript

  • Deep and Meaningful Pty Ltd P.O.Box 427 Ascot Vale Victoria, 3032 Australia ABN 33 080 145 795Save The Integrity of Your Skin withNatural Skin Care Treatments...Take care of your skin with natural skin care products and thus as natureintended:The skin truly is amazing...The skin is a self regulating organ with the ability to re balance itself should it become or be made to alter itsnormal functioning environment. For example, if you use a product on the skin that has a slight alkalinity; the skinwill restore its normal acidic level within 20 – 30 minutes. This is to protect the skin as nature intended just as withnatural skin care treatments - Mother Nature supplies the ingredients to be used to make natural skin careproducts that will not interfere with the skins normal functions. If the skin has a severe condition however, such asabnormally dry skin (very minimal sebum production) then it may take up to 36 hours for the normal acidic level tobe restored.The down side to the skins self regulation process is that it can become lazy if we continually perform a functionfor it that it would normally have to do on its own. For example- if we were to regularly apply products to the skinthat create a seal on the surface, the skin would gradually cease the function of producing a barrier against TEWL(Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and TEWL = Superficial dehydration.Think about this- have you ever used a lip balm or similar product, even good old Vaseline for a period of timebecause your lips were a little dry and flaky? You would have found that initially your lips felt better, softer andless flaky and so you continued using that product. Then, when perhaps you forgot to apply the product one day ordeliberately stopped using it, your lips were worse than ever and so you started applying the product again? This isthe type of process we are referring to. Your skin no longer provided a barrier for your lips, as the continualproduct application was performing this function for it. Basically this product masked the issue of your dry lips, sowhen you forgot to, or merely stopped applying the product, your lips were worse than ever as they were lackingin the natural protective barrier produced by the skin.Dont starve your skin!The skin is limited to the extent of the processes it can deliver. It can only work to the maximum capacity affordedto it through genetic inheritance and/or the availability of nutrients via application of natural skin care products.Therefore, for maximum functioning to occur, it is important for the skin to be given all that it requires, such as-fresh healthy foods that deliver all the vitamins, minerals and proteins etc (these too are natural skin caretreatments) necessary for optimum functioning.With the busy lifestyles that people lead in today’s society, very often processed food, take-away or junk food, ismore likely to be consumed. These foods deliver nothing of substance to the body and in turn, the skin.Page 1 of 3 Copyright © D&M 2009
  • Deep and Meaningful Pty Ltd P.O.Box 427 Ascot Vale Victoria, 3032 Australia ABN 33 080 145 795Even a body that is fed a healthy, well balanced diet, is so busy trying to keep up internally with the speed anddemands of living, that the skin tends to be given less supply of what it requires- forcing it to function at areduced level of productivity. This lack of supply occurs because the internal organs are seen as the moreimportant organs. They are generously ‘fed’ to maintain their productivity level demands and to sustain life. As aresult, the skin is given the ‘leftovers.’When we sleep, our internal body organs have not stopped working. They continue working just at a much slowerrate. During this time, all of our organs and tissues have the chance to rebuild and replace cells without too muchother activity taking place. Nutrients available to the organs at this time can be used for this ongoing project ofreplacement. Allocation of required sustenance for this project is much the same during sleep as it is during the‘work’ hours and so the skin can often be given less than it requires.Continuously lacking in the inner nourishment it requires, the skin can very often become sluggish, developunwanted skin conditions and age prematurely.What is really natural?With more and more people gravitating towards more natural skin care products there is another trend that isbecoming evident. More and more skin care companies are trying to provide products that contain natural herbalextractions and/or essential oils. This is not a bad thing, as it means some providence for the skin. However, thequantity of such ingredients contained within many of these commercial products may be so low that it is of nobenefit. Essential oils added to any product are most likely going to be near the end of any ingredient list as theirpotency means that very little is required. If a product contains essential oil/s and also contains fragrance/s on itsingredient list, then generally speaking, the quantity of the essential oil/s will be too minute to be effective.Essential oils are fragrant enough on their own and no product containing effective quantities would require thefurther additive of fragrances!Fragrances are not good for the skin. They are synthetic versions of natural scents and are usually the main causeof skin sensitivity. The only reason why they are generally used is to make the product smell more appealing to theconsumer. Fragrances have absolutely no benefit to the skin at all!So what should you use on your skin?You should use ingredients that your skin can absorb and make use of. Ingredients that contain vitamins andminerals that can easily be used in the skins everyday processes- including its building and repair programs. Theseingredients will ensure that you will have enough necessary nutrients ‘fed’ directly to the skin, where the skin willbe able to get ‘first sittings’ of the nutrients rather than just the leftovers. The excess nutrients can then betransported via the blood to be used elsewhere while the extra energy boost obtained from the nutrients increasesoverall productivity. With all of this nutrient availability the skin is able to produce better quality cells that in thelong term help to maintain a youthful appearance. You will be offering nothing more than what is essentiallyrequired for the skin to be able to do its own work.Page 2 of 3 Copyright © D&M 2009
  • Deep and Meaningful Pty Ltd P.O.Box 427 Ascot Vale Victoria, 3032 Australia ABN 33 080 145 795Ingredients like cold pressed oils contain vitamins and minerals and can be readily absorbed by the skin. Herbalextracts are easily absorbed by the skin too and also contain nutrients, of which some have the ability to boostcellular activity. Essential oils are well known for their ability to effectively penetrate the skin. Each essential oilpossesses its own energetic qualities and therapeutic properties to aid the skin in its daily functioning. The benefitsof the use of essential oils are too numerous to list. Though, the overall effect of essential oils can quite simply beput as one that encompasses a holistic approach in creating inner and outer, mind, body and skin balance.All about balanceUltimately, the best plan is to start using quality products that will absorb into the skin and allow the skin to takecare of itself. Giving your skin the necessary attention from as early as possible can slow the normal skin ageingprocess down. It is never too late to start using quality skin care products that are made with nutritious, boostingingredients that will help restore productivity and assist in diminishing the signs of ageing, naturally and withintegrity. Remember, it is always important to try and maintain a healthy, well balanced diet, along with regular,moderate, exercise and some stress relieving activities to enable the skin to function optimally.So, the question is, wouldnt you rather apply products that work with your skin rather than products that arenothing more than a glamorized band-aid? The choice is yours, a short term ‘fix’ that offers dependency or a longterm partnership that offers a healthy, sustainable solution?Treat your skin to deep and meaningful care...Page 3 of 3 Copyright © D&M 2009