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Natural skin care products vs chemical concoct
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Natural skin care products vs chemical concoct

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D&M is Australia's own truly natural, professional skincare brand featuring an extensive facial range, a body and spa collection and offering exclusive custom designed skincare products.

D&M is Australia's own truly natural, professional skincare brand featuring an extensive facial range, a body and spa collection and offering exclusive custom designed skincare products.

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  • 1. Deep and Meaningful Pty Ltd P.O.Box 427 Ascot Vale Victoria, 3032 Australia ABN 33 080 145 795Natural skin care products Vs chemicalconcoctions...Beware of commercial brands that claim to provide “natural skin care products”.The D&M natural skin care range is designed and manufactured as naturally as possible. This is not an idle claim –it is our core philosophy and we are fiercely proud of our amazing natural skin care. Our natural skin care productsare formulated using the finest certified organic and natural ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to theskin. We leave out the toxic and harmful chemical concoctions that are commonly used in commercial skin careproducts to provide professional quality natural skin care products made with care and sold with pride like theyused to be many years ago.Our 3 natural skin care product collections (our womens skin care products, mens skin care products and body andspa care products) are all designed to work with the skin using natural ingredients as catalysts to stimulate the skinto be productive (without pumping it full of toxic chemicals) and thereby naturally generating and maintaining amore youthful and healthy complexion.Commercial brands on the other hand generally opt for a variety of chemical concoctions to provide a quick fix forthe skin. Most commercial products are based on the principal that to be effective they must include ingredientsthat bind to the surface of the skin to hydrate and ‘saturate’ the skin with moisture – essentially to “plump” it upand diminish fine lines & wrinkles. While using ingredients to “plump up” the surface of the skin gives a visibleeffect (just look in the mirror after using these products) and superficially hydrates the skin, it is only providing aband-aid solution rather than a means of really addressing the skin’s needs and overall condition. Natural skin careproducts that use organic and natural ingredients provide more nutrients and overall benefits than commercialproducts without compromising your health. Much like a fad diet, commercial products packed full of toxicchemicals only provide you with a quick fix and a potentially dangerous one at that!Avoid the commercial hoax and vicious dependency circle.Your skin is truly amazing! First and foremost it is a living organ of the body with specific functions to fulfil. Whenyou use products plentiful with humectants and occludents then your skin will respond by reducing its own meansof preventing moisture loss and suppleness. In other words – your skin will adapt and alter its innate productivityto maintain what it considers ‘balance’. The hoax is that although you believe that your skin feels better, in thelong run the actual condition of the skin diminishes further requiring more help from the products, and you arestuck in a vicious circle! For the commercial manufacturer however, skin dependency means increased sales.D&M natural skin care has been specifically formulated to work using the known ability of essential oils topenetrate into and stimulate the skin into procuring its own results and an ultimate balanced and healthyrelationship.Page 1 of 2 Copyright © D&M 2009
  • 2. Deep and Meaningful Pty Ltd P.O.Box 427 Ascot Vale Victoria, 3032 Australia ABN 33 080 145 795Are all natural skin care products as natural as they claim to be?With consumers gravitating towards more natural skin care products many companies now include some “naturalingredients” (natural by the standards of the populace) to join the trend and increase sales. The reality is thatthese ingredients are often in such minute quantities that they have little or no effect other than a marketing slantto the consumer. Other “natural” ingredients included may be considered natural in scientific terms, but in realitythey are nothing more than chemicals. These chemical ingredients disguised as natural ingredients bind to theskin, making your skin feel softer and silkier but have no natural or nutritional value. Unfortunately, there aremany examples of the larger companies adopting these practices, (such as with the range of “fat free” or “sugarfree” food products, which are misleading and are not necessarily the healthy alternative). So please be aware ofwhat you are placing on your skin, and whether these products are really natural and healthy.All the products (not small bits of the product) developed and sold by D&M originate from nature or are derivedfrom nature’s products and are included in our formula simply for the benefits they offer so your skin doesimprove, naturally!Cuddle up to soft, healthy, irresistible skin with D&M…The manner in which products (particularly ‘personal’ type products) are made has an effect on the way in whichthe products perform. This is called metaphysics. Everyone has energy flows or emissions that radiate and infuseinto the space around them. Most commercial products are machine made and are not infused with any personalenergy values. All D&M natural skin care products are literally hand made to specific recipes by a small dedicatedteam who has great faith and belief in what nature has to offer. They are extremely passionate about what theydo, which in turn, makes D&M natural skin care products more potent as they are infused with these positiveenergy values.It is critical that as a consumer you understand what you are buying, and what you are placing on your skin. D&Mdiscloses the exact composition of each of their products – see for yourself – all 100% truly natural ingredients, allgood for your skin, no chemicals, no spin, no outrageous claims.View the full D&M Womens and Mens skin care ranges and treat your skin to deep and meaningful care…Page 2 of 2 Copyright © D&M 2009