The Most Powerful Content Marketing Framework


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Have you ever wondered how great marketers consistently get more views, higher engagement and more sales? It's not magic. No, it's a time tested marketing framework that applies to commercials, videos, web pages, images and every other form of content online.

This framework is a general 5-step plans that includes:
- Planning
- Development
- Optimization
- Syndication
- Measurement

Explore how these 5 steps can help improve your organic rankings, help your video go viral, or skyrocket your conversion rate.

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The Most Powerful Content Marketing Framework

  1. 1. TOP  RANKING  FACTORS  2013
  2. 2. TOP  RANKING  FACTORS  2013 “Pages from brands often lack perfect page optimization, but on average they have a lot of very good links and in most cases strong social signals, and rank in top positions.”
  3. 3. how do we turn our clients from! THIS
  4. 4. into! THIS
  5. 5. easy   steps5 in  just
  6. 6. Planning! Measurement! Distribution Optimization! 1 2 3 4 5 Development! 5 Point Content Marketing Framework
  7. 7. Paid Keyword Data Creates Story Ideas
  8. 8. Social Data Creates Story Ideas
  9. 9. Content Calendars Organize Ideas
  10. 10. the  content? create Who  is  going  to
  11. 11. ways  to  get  content  created 3there  are
  12. 12. 1. Brand Generated Content
  13. 13. 2. User Generated Content
  14. 14. 3. Curated Content
  15. 15. optimize
  16. 16. Optimize for Reach
  17. 17. Optimize for Engagement @Nasa uses influencers to create high engagement ! “We try to engage influencers. We tweeted a happy birthday to Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy, engaged with Tom Hanks reliving the making of the film Apollo 13 and were also engaged and got retweeted by Justin Bieber (who has over 36 million followers).” ! - John Yembrick
 Social Media Manager at NASA
  18. 18. Optimize for Topics NOT Keywords ThisUSEDtowork!
  19. 19. Google Knows what THINGS are now
  20. 20. Google Knows what THINGS are now
  21. 21. Google Knows what THINGS are now
  22. 22. Google Knows what THINGS are now Google cares less about the words on the page, and cares more about how closely related the concept of the page is to a query
  23. 23. Google Knows what THINGS are now To rank well for, [Apple Nutrition] I don’t optimize for the keyphase [Apple Nutrition] but rather for the nutritional attributes of an apple Calories is a nutritional attribute of an apple
  24. 24. Google Knows what THINGS are now To rank well for, [luxury cars] I write about attributes of car closely related to luxury Jay Leno is a well known collector of luxury cars. I should write content about Jay Leno.
  25. 25. distribute
  26. 26. Doesn’t matter if you say you’re an! EXPERT What matter is what ! OTHERSsay
  27. 27. expertlook  like  online? What  does  an
  28. 28. I have a question
  29. 29. voted liked EXPERT ANSWERS GET shared linked  to stumbled commented +1’ed pinned reblogged tweeted retweeted embedded viewed downloadedread recommended tagged digged favorite
  30. 30. Find  out  what  questions  are  people  asking? 3 2 1 Get  brand  to  answer  questions Get  answers  in  front  of  people
  31. 31. vote like SO THEY CAN shared linked  to stumble comment +1’ed pin reblog tweet retweet embed view download read recommend tag digg favorite
  32. 32. SEARCH SOCIAL PR   INFLUENCER   MARKETING Distribute   content  to   followers Feature  content   to  new  users Create  buzz  in   the  media paid  and  organic paid  and  organic paid  and  organic
  33. 33. measure
  34. 34. We Know What Signals Search Engines Measure
  35. 35. We Can Anticipate Future Signals
  36. 36. Organic Search Rankings
  37. 37. Social Platform Analytics
  38. 38. Traffic and Conversions - Webmaster Tools + Analytics
  39. 39. Links Analysis - Moz
  40. 40. Links Analysis - Moz
  41. 41. Case Study
  42. 42. Create Chipotle partnered with Moonbot Studios to create a short, Pixlar-like film.
  43. 43. Optimize The popularity of the video resulting in rankings for competitive, non-branded keywords.
  44. 44. Distribute Hundreds of popular blogs covered the advertisement as if it was breaking news.
  45. 45. Distribute Social media enthusiasts curated content from these sites to share on their networks. Chris Brogan is one of the most influential social media users in the world
  46. 46. Measure 12M views, 60k likes, 30k shares, 14k comments, 5k subscribers and climbing
  47. 47. THANK YOU