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BURBERRY social media analysisi

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Burberry university of strathclyde

  1. 1. Social Media Management Analysis Published By: YU DAN University of Strathclyde
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS & BACKGROUNDS• Burberry Group plc (LSE: BRBY) is a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing, fragrance, and fashion accessories which was invented by founder Thomas Burberry in 1865.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlPKOX7G0oQ• Burberry is the 98th most valuable brand in the world.• Burberry has over 500 stores in over 50 countries.
  3. 3. • Positioning: To provide high quality and fashionable products such as clothing and accessories to high-end customers through retail stores. The brand is recognized by customers through its check design that immediately distinguishes the brand from other competitors in the industry and perceive as an icon that reflects, luxury and classiness.• Missions: To satisfy customers’ needs and tastes by continuing to provide high quality and fashionable products that can satisfy the current customers and prospective customers within the niche that Burberry is currently targeting. The prospective mission of Burberry is to maintain the image that they have worked so hard to rebuilt and maintain the consistent.
  4. 4. http://www.youtube.com/user/burberry?ob=4&feature=results_main
  5. 5. INTERNAL ANALYSIS www.burberry.comOne of the exclusive way of BURBERRY to increase theirawareness through social media is to publish their informationthrough their charity partners’ website.
  6. 6. On BURBERRY official website there areMainly 3 kinds of social media links as shown below:
  7. 7. EXTERNAL ANALYSISThere are more than hundred kinds of external social media links which support BURBERRY and increase it awareness. Some external social media icons with hyperlink is shown below:
  8. 8. • According to the official analysis, in 2012, the number of users of Facebook has reached 837millions. If 10% of the users read BURBERRY’s information through Facebook, this will lead more 83.7 millions people know BURBERY.• According to the official analysis, in 2012, the number of visits of YouTube per month has reached 800 millions. If 10% of the visits is about, this will lead more 80 millions visitors know BURBERY.
  9. 9. • BENEFITS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA: It largely increases the awareness of BURBERRY in the world. It forms a wide information network for BURBERRY. It increases the reputation and reliability of BURBERRY brand. It increases the confidence and loyalty of BURBERRY customers.• POTENTIAL OF SOCIAL MEDIA OF BURBERRY There are still many developing social media tools in other countries, and they also have large amount of users. With the increase of Globalization, the users of these social media will continuously increase. With the increase of using internet, the number of potential social media users is significant. The revolution and innovation of new social media tools will bring large amount of users, such as two-way interaction social media tools.
  10. 10. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Burberry wears Social Media trench coat• Luxury goods group Burberry has hooked up with social networking company Facebook to launch a Web site celebrating its trench coat, becoming the latest retailer to use social media in a bid to boost its brand.• The Web site, artofthetrench.com, will allow members connected via Facebook to submit images and stories about Burberry trench coats and share them with one other.• The move puts Burberry among a procession of retailers using social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get their brands in front of consumers and interact with them.• It gets the support from social media of British royal family.• It appears in the MILAN fashion weeks, which means it gets support from almost all the major mainstream medias.
  11. 11. 6IS APPROACH
  12. 12. • INSIGHT & IMPACT – Building a luxury, valuable, good quality, worthy and reliable brand – Increasing brand awareness, Increasing sales, Increasing interaction with customers, reducing costs, building a quality customer base, building high growth potential customers• Involvement – Increasing almost several billion customers on social medias, increasing the quality and loyalty of customers• INTERACTION – Listening, exchanging value with customers, customization of design and so
  13. 13. • Intimacy – For its luxury, noble and valuable, its customers really like this brand and hold a positive sentiments to BURBERRY• Influence – There are so many effectively internal and external social medias which support BURBERRY. Such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, MILA N week fashion shows and so on.
  14. 14. RECOMMENDATIONS• There is a big potential for BURBERRY to do some sponsored advertising to increase its brand awareness and reliability.• To expand customized cloth business. This is a best way to “listen” what customers want.• There are still many developing social media tools in other countries, and they also have large amount of users. BURBERRY should get into these social medias markets.• Focusing on the revolution of new two-way interaction social media tools
  15. 15. REPORT STRUCTURE• Overviews• Internal analysis• External analysis• Competitive analysis• 6Is Approach• Customer value matrix• Recommendations & Conclusions