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15 tips for a better PowerPoint presentation

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  • The slide should be kept simple. Negative space is okay to have. Your message should come across from what you have to say about your topic. You should do all the talking; not your slides. This slide is very simple with a simple color scheme and a simple picture. Nothing too over the top.
  • Long titles are boring and if they go on for more than 10 words, that’s too long. People will lose interest. People will also become bored when the presenter goes on and on just reading from a list of points that the audience probably has just read through in the time it took for the presenter to get through the first bullet point. By keeping the bullet points and titles short, you can keep your audience interested. Also, if you are afraid of missing information, create a handout so that anything you missed while speaking is there in front of the people to look at if it is for a class or work.
  • Nothing is more confusing than a presentation that uses more than color, font and size for the main information. As a presenter think of using big fonts (16- around 62). Using large fonts ensures that a member of the audience can see it from all the way in the back of the room. But don’t over power the people in the front row. Using a bold color ensures that your text can be seen from the back of the room as well. Also when you think about the color think of how it will look on the slide and what color the back ground is. If your background is dark use a lighter color, and if your background is light use a darker color. Another thing to be careful about is using crazy fonts. When using crazy fonts such as cursive fonts or just plain funky fonts, there is a huge possibility that the people in the back (and even the front) won’t be able to read the text. Stick to fonts such as Arial.
  • Slide transitions should be simple. If you want to keep the audiences interest and focus, do not do crazy transitions such as “Flash,” “Random Bars,” and so on. Simple slide transitions such as “Cut” are the most effective.
  • Animating every point on every slide can be slightly annoying to your audience. If you want their attention on a specific point, then animate only that point and let it come in at the time you want it to.
  • One thing that is very important, don’t rely on your spell check to fix words. You may have spelled every word correctly but that does not mean that it is the correct form of the word. Many people get caught up with think they spelled “from” when they really spelled “form.” There is nothing more embarrassing than having a huge presentation and a huge audience
  • If you want to seem professional to your audience use high quality images. Do not use clip art. It will make your topic and your presentation look like a joke.
  • Another thing that really annoys an audience is when the presenter does not have a consistent theme. There is nothing worse than confusing your audience with a random picture of puppies when you are talking about your businesses monthly earnings.
  • Make sure that you organize your slides. There is nothing worse than mixing up the order of your slides
  • When you finish your presentation, don’t just let the audience see the space you created the presentation in. Let the audience see your title slide or just a black slide with the word “END” on it. This ensures that your audience will think about the message you just brought to them.
  • When presenting make sure you speak up loud enough for the people in the back to hear you but don’t be too loud that you scare the people in the front row.
  • Don’t forget to practice. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what any of your slides mean.
  • Make your audience laugh. It’s okay to do that. It is not supposed to be like you are having a funeral for your presentation.
  • The audience is not there to make you feel like you are going to destroy your presentation and totally mess up. They are there to support you and they want you to do good. Don’t be afraid of your supporters.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. The topic you are presenting sahould be one you enjoy and can share easily with the audience. Smile and have fun!
  • Kyla brady15 tips for slide design and delivery

    1. 1. 15 Tips for Slide Design and Delivery Kyla Brady
    2. 2. Keep it simple
    3. 3. Limit Titles and Bullet Points
    4. 4. Font Size, Color, and Style should be the same!
    5. 5. Limit Slide Transitions
    6. 6. • Do Not • Animate • Every • Point
    7. 7. Do not Rely on spell check
    8. 8. Yes Use High Quality Images NO Microsoft Clip Art
    9. 9. Have a consistent theme
    10. 10. Organize your slides
    11. 11. End with your title slide or a simple slide
    12. 12. Speak Clearly
    13. 13. Practice!!!
    14. 14. Make them laugh
    15. 15. People want you to succeed
    16. 16. Have fun!
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