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Mosti dfj


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  • We took our inspiration from Instagram- They used try of Filters- and created 80M photo editors with push button UI. Push a button and photo changes.We have same UI but layer on designs not Filters (300M photos uploaded to facebook everyday- we assume the photos are good enough as they are- so adding design is best way to improve the post to get more feedback from friends.)
  • We tested Try on Designs with facebook content to make websites.- Too Complicated- users do not come back without Game incentive.We dumbed it down to just profile photos to create Timeline Profile covers.
  • Users Want it free- but designers need to be paid
  • Users Want free, Designers Want to be Paid…Brands want users to advocate for them.. Brands Pay designers, users Advocate…
  • Why we did itUser data is incredibly rich, with many varied, growing and changing fields related to user profiles, friends, interests, and actions on your sitesEven though our customers have always had access to this data via social login, we found out that they were not storing or utilizing itWe addressed this by designing our social identity storage infrastructure from the ground up as a schemaless database (mongo DB) that would simplify this data storage for our customers
  • Transcript

    • 1. “Try on” professional designs
    • 2. LIKEInstagram Simple with a revenue model Users Photos + Professional Designs= More Social Response “Try on” Filters “Try on” Professional Designs Filters • Push a button, Photo changes • Push a button, Photo(s) changesProprietary & Confidential 2
    • 3. Minimum Viable Product = 600,000 users Seeking: $1.25M seed round Problem: Users want friends to respond when they post socially Solution: Make it fast, easy & fun to pimp posts to get more social response  Market: Social Sharing of Photos (digital images)  Traction: 600,000 users,1,129,301 completed transactions, shared with 77,000,000  Model: Marketplace with transactional & subscription revenue streams.  Management: VC backed exits in both marketplace & photo sharing companies.  Magic: Subscriber retention model, & BrandSponsored™ Rev Model  Barrier to Entry: Mature digital publishing technology platform (IP)Proprietary & Confidential 3
    • 4. Pilot Test with Minimum Viable Product Target = 1.1B users sharing over 350M photos a day on facebook Result = 600,000 users, 1M Photos, 67% conversion Users love it, come back, share it – Social, Viral, and Global – Customer Data/ social influence tracked – We can directly target their friends/followers Try on design technology works – Stable, Scalable, IP in process Mobile user interface works globally – No translation used in pilotProprietary & Confidential 4
    • 5. LIKE Transactional Revenue Model Users Pay $.99, or advocate for a Brand they like.Proprietary & Confidential 5
    • 6. LIKE Pay or Post Phased Approach: 1. Designer Advocacy 2. Brand Advocacy 3. BrandSponsored™Proprietary & Confidential 6
    • 7. LIKE How We Scale Mobile Social Marketplace: Value Proposition 1. Users: look cool and get more responses to social posts 2. Designers: create art that is seen and shared. They get known, build audience, and get paid. (Key Stakeholder!) 3. Brands: Get tangible social ROI (i.e. word of mouth by real brand advocates)Proprietary & Confidential 7
    • 8. Technology Platform Built for Designers (24 additional providers) 1. API-pulls user data/ photos 5 2. CMS-Organizes Photos for Editor API 3. Editor Combines Photos with Pull/ Push Designs (crowd sourced) 4. Final Design is coded for 1 Presentation Layer 5. API- Distributes to Social Web Watch the Video! CMS Link: 2 EDITOR 3 4 Auto DESIGNS CodeProprietary & Confidential 8
    • 9. DesignersWhat Designers Want What they Get: freedom to make art  told what to do, what to create, by some corporate entity to be treated like an artist  treated as replaceable to have their art seen, & shared  loose rights to their art to have people react to their art  Not given credit to get credit for their art  Paid hourly, by project, or not at all to keep the rights to their art  Often not paid on sites like 99designs to make a living HOW WE GET DESIGNERS: 1. We advertise Jobs for staff designers • Every Job Ad gets average 75 Applicants, 92% of applicants complete “application process” 2. We use competitors sites to solicit designs with “detailed design brief” • Average 20 Designers Compete for Bounty 3. Buzz Proprietary & Confidential 9
    • 10. LIKE AdWords for Positive Social Posts How Revenue Model Works for Brands Brands that want positive posts by prequalified brand advocates, follow Google AdWords process: Pay for results, not prospects 1. Pick # of Positive Posts, 1. ‘Suggest’ Posts 1. Bid & PayProprietary & Confidential 10
    • 11. Two Guys- Literally Business Founder: Dan Caulfield Dan held executive/ board roles in TweetPhoto (Photo sharing/ Acquired), Mojopages (Local Search/ VC Funded- profitable), and Dayak (Employment Marketplace/ Acquired). Dan also Founded Hire Quality (Employment Marketplace/ Acquired), Helmets to Hardhats (Employment Marketplace/ Not for Profit) and Hire a Hero (Job board for Military/ Not for Profit) Tech Founder: Ricardo Talavera Rick is the Chief Engineer and supervised all the coding since Site Canvas’s launch in 2009 (acquired by Dan). He started computer game programming at the age of 13. He went on to study at DePaul University, founded a successful application development , consulting company, and a successful application hosting business.Proprietary & Confidential 12
    • 12. Summary- What’s not to like? We are like:  Billion Dollar Opportunity  Billions of users sharing socially  Billions of dollars seeking Social ROI  Millions of Designers actively looking to share their art, get credit, and get paid!  Platform is built, its scalable with Mobile UI  We have users & get more everyday  77M Friends to target directly  Experienced Founders have real skin in the game  Seeking capital partner that shares visionProprietary & Confidential 13