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Dan Beeman Linkedin Recommendations   2011
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Dan Beeman Linkedin Recommendations 2011


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  • 1. Dan Beeman Recommendations - 2011 - Sponsorship Insights Group “Dan is both professional and personable. While being very easy to talk to, he is intentional withhis correspondences, knowing exactly what results he is guiding efforts towards and not wastingany time. His strategic efforts and contagious enthusiasm has made him able to network andinspire other like minded individuals making him a trusted and sought after sponsorship bestpractice leader with the largest sponsorship related following on the social media front. It hasbeen a pleasure partnering with the Sponsorship Insights Group.” April 20, 2010Emily Taylor, Director, Business Development, SponsorParkwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Simply put, Dan is a go-getter. He has really grasped the social media world and is applying itsuccessfully in growing the Sponsorship Insights Group. Dan is highly knowledgeable of thesponsorship world and is a great asset to anyone.” January 4, 2010Ara Messerlian, International Sales Service Manager, Power Balance, LLCwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is goal-oriented and has his clients best interest in mind. He is a true "people person" anddealing with him is a pleasure.” October 26, 2009Larry Isrow, President, Strategic Parking Solutionswas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan has a warm and engaging personality which enables him to instantly connect with almostanyone. His knowledge and insights in assessing and partnering retail properties with just theright marketing partners were critical in helping our team develop several experiential programs.It is always comforting to know that Dan is always just a phone call away.” September 18, 2009Ed Bernard, Director/Production, creativdesign group, Incwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is very outgoing, goal-oriented and works hard to achieve the best results. I had a greattime working under him and gained valuable experience in sponsorships working under Mr.Beeman.” August 6, 2009Zach Siegal-Eisman, Virtual Intern, Sponsorship Insights Groupreported to DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group
  • 2. “Dan has provided me with some great insight and direction. If you are looking to partner withsomeone who is honest, reliable, and is a true visionary, then Dan is your guy.” August 2, 2009Top qualities: Personable, Good ValueMike Wisniewski,hired DAN as a Consulting in 2009“I first met Dan what I believe to be about 8 years ago, when Dan showed me the ropes of SanFrancisco with royal treatment. Dan is one of those people who you want to stay in contact, ashes truthful, courteous, and insightful. I know that hes the guy to call for anything in the SanFrancisco area.” July 28, 2009Nicole Nimmer, Account Supervisor, GMR Marketingwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group “Dan Beeman has an electric personality which helps him succeed in business. He lights up aroom but is always in tune with the needs of his customers and business partners. I wouldrecommend doing business with Dan any day of the week. When you look at hisresume/qualifications you will see WINNER!” July 27, 2009David Blaber , Vice President of Sales, Bard Access Systemswas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan leads one of the biggest sports marketing networks. I believe this speaks for itself. I ampleased to be a contributor.” July 22, 2009Guilherme Guimaraes , Project Manager - NBA Charity Game , Decidindowas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan Beeman is a well-connected and honest person with whom I have had the pleasure ofworking during his time at Pier 39 in San Francisco, CA. As an attorney and marketingspecialist, Dan has proven over and over again to bring integrity, knowledge, perspective andprofessionalism to any project he puts his touch to. Also, you get the added benefit of workingwith a great human being in this lifetime!” July 21, 2009Dilara Esengil , CEO/Founder, X Marketing, Inc.was with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“The qualities of real leadership not only include directing from good ideas but using your feet towalk people through the trenches. Dan Beeman leads by being both an industry thought leaderand willing to work hard to see those ideas to fruition. While collaborating with Dan toward acoalition of sponsorship professionals, Dan takes the lead on crafting solutions and followingthrough on those solutions. Around a table of well-respected professionals, Dans is always thevoice of reason by providing valuable insight and compromise. He has a way of uniting peoplearound a reasonable solutions and connecting people to those solutions. I believe that Dans leadon establishing the Sponsorship Insight Group and developing its potential has done more to
  • 3. forward the North American sponsorship industry in the past five years than anything. Imprivileged to have an opportunity to work with him directly.” July 12, 2009David Rachell , Principal partner, RAMA Enterprises LLCwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is truly making a difference in our industry by helping to connect professionals around theWorld like no one else. Hes dynamic, driven, highly personable and at the cutting edge ofsponsorship marketing. He also has a level of professionalism thats often lacking in ourbusiness.” July 11, 2009Brian Levine , Director, Partnership Sales & Marketing , The Arnoldi Groupwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan Beeman exudes integrity, strength and confidence. Throughout his upward career growth,he has proven to be an effective and successful leader. His intuitive nature and entrepreneurialspirit has afforded him great success and many industry accolades. Knowing Dan personally aswell as professionally, you quickly recognize him to be a highly innovative and entrepreneurialindividual. I would align myself and my brand with Dan Beeman to design, develop, launch,market and evaluate any project requiring marketing expertise.” July 9, 2009Dee Dee Storto-Obstfeld , Sales Account Manager, The Incentive Groupwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is a frontrunner in the race of sponsorship professionals. He is an expert when it comes tosocial media and is constantly exploring new ways to expand his business and advance thesponsorship industry.” July 8, 2009Greg Borzilleri , Intern, Sponsorship Insights Groupreported to DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dans a creative go getter who really understands how to get the most out of his assets to helpyour cause. Hes been a great sponsorship resource for me.” July 8, 2009Bobby Markowitz , Events, Sponorships & Promotions, North America , PartyGamingwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is a thought leader in the world of sponsorship. He has worked tirelessly to build acommunity of folks that work in the field and is a strong advocate for the industry. Although Iveonly known Dan for about a year, Im thoroughly impressed with his devotion and leadership.”July 8, 2009Stuart Aizenberg, CEM , President, SA Marketingwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group
  • 4. “With Dans extensive knowledge of the sponsorship world he has helped our company realizeour potential in meeting more than 60% of our sales objectives for the year. He and his servicesare an invaluable resource and we will continue to use his services in the future.” July 8, 2009Top qualities: Great Results, Expert , High IntegrityPaul Adamshired DAN as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired DAN more than once“Dan has a wealth of talent and creativity and a keen insight into his industry. His strongcommunication and leadership skills are a true asset in every endeavor he explores .” July 6,2009Michael Rooney , Partner, PRSwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Knowing Dan for over 13 years, I have seen a creative, thought-provoking "Idea Guy" develophis business skills to being where he is today. There is no "box" with Dans thinking andperspective which helps make him stand out in todays "boxed-in" society.” July 6, 2009Sean Murphy , Sales, PIER 39worked directly with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“I worked with Dan on a couple promotions while he was at The Grove. He displayed a greatamount of professionalism while portraying a vast knowledge of the sponsorship world. Hecomes recommended.” July 6, 2009Top qualities: Great Results, Expert , CreativeMark Rogershired DAN as a Sponsorship Programs in 2006, and hired DAN more than once“I have known and worked with Dan for more than 10 years. His insights into the sponsorshipindustry are tremendous. While at GMR Marketing, Dan provided my department with a servicelevel in the sponsorship arena that was unmatched. I give Dan my highest recommendation.”July 6, 2009Mark Dodds , Assistant Professor, SUNY Cortlandwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Through his work at Sponsorship Insights Group and the corresponding LinkedIn group, Danhas sought to be resource for sponsorship professionals throughout the country. By taking aleadership role in discussions about the industry and genuinely working to connect others, he hasmade a positive impact to the industry as well as many individuals.” July 5, 2009
  • 5. Tara DeWitt Coomans , Head Brainstormer , Akamai Marketingwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is the type of business partner that gives out the needed direction to start a task as well asthe space necessary to complete the task at hand as a team member not as an employee orsubordinate. He is always thinking of ways to grow the SIG group & business that will beproductive & useful to everyone involved. Dan is also a person who is able to listen to & giveadvice and that is one of his many good qualities that makes him a pleasure to work with as wellas a great leader of a the SIG. I recommend Dan to anyone or company who is looking for aquality leader who can lead but also has the ability to be a strong team-player when necessary.”July 5, 2009Kim Henderson , Consultant for Hire, Retail Marketing & Direct to Consumer SalesProfessionalwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“I had the privilege of working with Dan while I was exploring sponsorship opportunities for alarge retail development in Los Angeles. I found Dans experience to be top notch. His rolodex isamazing, and his insights into the world of traditional and more importantly non-traditionalsponsorships were amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan.” July 5, 2009Adam Bleibtreu , President, Creative Chaoswas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“I worked with Dan when he was in a Senior position with Caruso Affiliated in Los Angeles.Dan was a true advocate for our services and fought internally to bring them on board. WhenDan left Caruso he founded a new company that we, Arbitron, now partner with in the malldeveloper space. I respect Dan and his creativity and believe he is a consumate professional. Ihighly endorse Dan Beeman.” July 5, 2009Alisa Joseph , VP Advertiser Marketing Services, Arbitron Inc.was a consultant or contractor to DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan and I collaborated on Block 37, a complex multiuse urban project in the Chicago Loopwith many crossover opportunities for sponsorship. Dan was instrumental in developing astrategy for commercial, retail and institutional applications with our sponsorship consultants,the city of Chicago, the transportation authority- CTA and Mills partners and tenants. Danbrought a bigger vision to the table- I enjoyed working with Dan and highly recommend him.”July 4, 2009Federico Vidargas , Design Manager, The Mills Corporationworked with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is one of the most creative, results oriented individuals that I have encountered.Additionally, Dan is friend that can be counted on.” July 4, 2009
  • 6. Steve Klis , Senior Vice President, Cardinal Healthwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is an extremely driven, super organized, marketing professional who dedicates himself todelivering a quality product to his clients. His level of organization makes him a treat to workwith, as he delivers what he promises, prior to agreed up deadlines, thus giving his co-workersplenty of time to fine tune the product.” July 4, 2009Peter Estrada , Vice President & GM Mills TV, The Mills Corporationworked directly with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“As I was relatively new to the sports/entertainment sponsorship business, Dan offered greatinsight and knowledge on the industry. It was a pleasure working with him to help grow hisexisting sponsorship network and business model. He constantly demonstrated a professional andmotivated attitude that I was able to incorporate into my career development. His dedication tonetworking and relationship building is paramount.” July 4, 2009Howard Berzack , Marketing Strategist / Planner, Career Sports & Entertainmentwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group “Dan is a very loyal member of our organization who goes the extra mile for his fellowmarketing executives and sponsorship colleagues. He is truly passionate about helping others inhis space and is on the leading edge of sponsorship marketing. He is a pleasure to work with!”July 3, 2009Lisa Petrilli , Director, MENGworked directly with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan Beeman is a well-rounded marketing professional. He has been able to stay ahead of thecurve when dealing with the emergence of social media. He understands the medium thoroughlyand its business applications to generate new business for a variety of industries. Dan is a valuedmember of any team with his vast knowledge of sales, marketing and general business.” July 3,2009Greg Parsons , Group Manager, Sponsorship Insights Groupworked directly with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan gave me opportunity to learn more about Sponsorship industry and was always willing tooffer his assistance related to PR case study project for Sponsorship Insights Group. He hasexcellent written communication skills, he is easily reachable and always on time.” May 21,2009Vesna Damnjanovic , Assistant Professor and Management Consultant, Faculty oforganizational scienceswas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group
  • 7. “Dan has an amazing ability to communicate and inform. He takes the time to assist thoselooking for insight and is able to lead them in the right direction for success. Dan clearly knowshis industry and is able to share his knowledge in a way that very few can. I am confident thatthrough knowing Dan most anyone who strives for success will be able to find the tools to makeit happen.” April 8, 2009Nathan Heinert , Executive Director/Founder, River of Hope Foundationwas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan is an energetic and dedicated marketing professional. I had the pleasure of interning forhim when Sponsorship Insights was just getting off the ground. He is great at coming up withnew, innovative ideas and is also always willing to consider the ideas of others with just as muchenthusiasm and positivity. Dan strives to create win-win situations, which makes him easy towork with and a valuable asset to any team. I recommend him to anyone that is looking for afresh eye to identify opportunities for tapping into marketable assets.” February 22, 2009(Pei-Roan) Chin-Chin Lin , Intern, Sponsorship Insights Groupreported to DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan clearly knows and understands the entire sponsorship industry. His biography depicts thebreadth of knowledge he lends to the industry as well as the benefits and value he offers hisclients. Only a true industry leader can assemble a forum where thousands of professionals canshare ideas and industry business practices to progress their companies and careers.” January 27,2009Greg Parsons , Director of Real Estate, General Industrieswas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Dan Beeman is truly the sponsorship guru. From his work at the Grove to his ability to bringthousands of industry professionals together to network and share best practices, Dan proveshimself daily as a leader in the industry. His resources, connections, work ethic, and friendly andprofessional demeanor make working with him both a pleasure and a valuable learningexperience.” August 4, 2008Jo Beyersdorfer , Partner / Director of Operations, Sponsoship Insightswas with another company when working with DAN at Sponsorship Insights Group“Specifically speaking to Sponsorship Insights: Ive been very impressed with Dans ability toquickly bring together all of the key elements necessary to form a new, informative and digitalbusiness benefit that should serve as an outstanding best-practices and networking platform forthose of us focused on the world of sponsorship. His background in client marketing is diverseand his perspectives unique...I look forward to watching his new companies grow.” June 25,2008
  • 8. Tom Stipes , President, SponsorshipPRO+was with another company when working with DAN at Beeman Sponsorship ConsultingServices“After knowing Dan from the real estate industry for years and seeing some of his successfulprograms at maximizing revenue from common areas of shopping centers, I have retained hisservices to review our plans. Dan has quickly shown keen business acumen and added value toour properties via non-traditional advertising and promotional programs. I highly recommend hisservices for any business looking to add a sharp mind and value to their properties.” November5, 2007Top qualities: Great Results, Expert , High IntegrityDouglas Jacobsenhired DAN as a Business Consultant in 2006, and hired DAN more than onceExecutive Director, Partnership Marketing at Caruso Affiliated“Dan is energetic and highly focused; consistently using foresight to best accomplish goals thathe has projected for himself and the company he represents.” November 5, 2007Tim Hurley , Corporate Sales/ Event Producer, VOX Entertainmentwas with another company when working with DAN at Caruso Affiliated“Dan is a guy with lots of energy and a creative mind especially when it comes to sponsorshipand marketing opportunities. It was an enjoyable experience working with him and the end resultwas a high quality proposal.” November 5, 2007James Schnauer , Managing Director, Button Groupwas a consultant or contractor to DAN at Caruso Affiliated“I first met Dan through my role at ATA Airlines and his role at Pier 39. He was instrumental indeveloping a very creative sponsorship program for our airline to reach goals in the SanFrancisco market. I moved to Los Angeles to take on sponsorships for LA INC. and he landed atCaruso Affiliated so we reconnected to determine if a partnership with the two organizationswould make sense.I have to say, that Dan is a very creative person and puts together excellent sponsorshippackages. He really listens to the needs of the company as he understands the client side as wellas the selling side of the business. He can bring a lot to an organization with his knowledge,expertise in sponsorships and industry experience.” October 23, 2007Vicki Higgins , Senior Director, Business Development, LA INC.was with another company when working with DAN at Caruso Affiliated
  • 9. “Dan is well-versed and experienced in regard to events, promotions and mobile tours of alltypes. He is very willing to go the extra mile in order to meet and exceed expectations. I enjoyworking with Dan, he is truly a professional.” October 17, 2007Dianne Crowley , Regional Manager, GMR Marketing, LLCworked with DAN at Caruso Affiliated“Dan Beeman was a pleasure to work with during our LA Rescue campaign for DirecTV. Danwas an excellent host to The Grove (Caruso Affiliated) and went above and beyond to offer all ofthe amenities included in a sponsorship package. His communication, reporting and follow-through were all top-notch -resulting in a very pleased client and continued business withDirecTV.” October 17, 2007Ivan Barnes , Account Executive, Attack! Marketingwas with another company when working with DAN at Caruso Affiliated“Dan Beeman is a seasoned pro in the field of developing partnership marketing programs andselling sponsorships for retail entertainment destinations nationwide. His intuition and instinct ison target and he rarely misses an opportunity to promote his product — or his client. If Beemancant sell it, then take it off the shelf!” August 30, 2007Ryan A. Harmon , Director of Creative Services, Caruso Affiliatedworked directly with DAN at Caruso AffiliatedVP of New Business Development, Partnership Marketing at The MillsCorporation“Dan was my client at the Mills Corp. when we worked together on the development of acreative partnership marketing business development strategy for a major mixed-usedevelopment in downtown Chicago. Dan is exceptionally skilled at cultivating relationships anddriving projects forward and has the rare ability to recognize emerging sponsorship trends. Danhas become an invaluable resource within the partnership marketing industry as a result of thesespecial qualities.” December 15, 2008Brian Levine , Director, Corporate Alliances & Business Development, Wakeham & AssociatesMarketingreported to DAN at The Mills Corporation“While I did not supervise Dan, we worked closely on a few projects. He showed greatpersistence and salesmanship and was always focused on the end result - maximizing revenue forThe Mills while delivering superior promotions for our clients. On the big program we sold tothe National Guard across our portfolio, he showed leadership and vision and was a reliablepartner. He understands the marketing and sales side of promotions and always strives toenhance value."” December 7, 2007
  • 10. Kurt Ivey , Group Vice President, Marketing, The Mills Corporationmanaged DAN indirectly at The Mills Corporation“Dan has great instincts in the world of sponsorship and advertising at retail properties. He hashigh standards and realistic expectations about this evolving business.” October 23, 2007Martha Maynard , VP Development, Clear Channel Mallswas with another company when working with DAN at The Mills Corporation“Dan is an excellent sales person and client relations contact. He provided us with an excellentmarketing solution and followed through on his commitments in a timely and professionalmanner.” October 17, 2007Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , Good ValueLocke, GaryVP, American Express, Canadahired DAN as a Marketing in 2002Director of Sales at Pier 39s Market Development“Dan is extremely knowledgeable in the world of sponsorship and events and has a knack forcreating unique and effective programs that exceed client expectations. Dan was instrumental insecuring financing for PIER 39 events through relationship building and sponsorshipmanagement and contributed to the success of our event activities. I would not hesitate torecommend Dan to organizations looking for expert assistance in the sponsorship and businessdevelopment realms.” November 8, 2007Matthew Gunderson , Event Manager, PIER 39worked directly with DAN at Pier 39s Market Development“I hired Dan in 1996 as Promotion Sales Manager. He quickly demonstrated an understanding ofour assets and was able to use his outstanding communication skills to convert sales. His passionfor the sponsorship industry and his desire to grow personally and professionally helped himgrow within our organization. I promoted him several times to the eventual position of Directorof Sales for our business unit.He was instrumental in selling and managing key sponsorships with top companies includingCoca-cola, Kodak, Wells Fargo Bank and more. Dan possesses creative, strategic thinking,passion for his work and great leadership. I strongly recommend his work.” November 7, 2007Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , ExpertJohn Boeschhired DAN as a Partnership/Sponsorship Marketing in 1996 , and hired DAN more than once
  • 11. “Hello - Several years ago I worked on projects with Dan covering all facets of running a regattain San Francisco; Dan was very much an "on the spot man" being able to adjust and make thingshappen very quickly. I felt as a partner he brought a ton of value to our endeavors - smile! HerbMyers Herb Myers” November 1, 2007Herb Myers , Regional Bus Banking President, Wellsfargo & Cowas with another company when working with DAN at Pier 39s Market Development“Ive had the distinct privilege of working with Dan on several occasions. Hes one of the bestevent marketing executives in the business. Our sponsorships exceeded my expectations andpositively impacted our bottom line. Dan is the consummate professional whose expertise is onlysurpassed by his world-class demeanor.” October 26, 2007Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , High IntegrityMark Bensonhired DAN as a Special Events in 2001 , and hired DAN more than once“Ive worked with Dan over the years from Pier 39 to The Mills Group. Hes always beenprofessional and always delivered "over and above" what he has promised. When he presentsprograms and opportunities, he has my clients best interest in mind, and is creative in meetinglast minute challenges that always come up in our business.” October 24, 2007Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High IntegrityRobert Lowhired DAN as a Advertising / Marketing in 2000“Dan and I worked on several projects together from 1996 to 2000. I have worked with salesprofessionals for 14 years, and Dan is without a doubt the most driven and responsive salesexecutive I have been fortunate enough to work with. Dan values his clients and treats them aspartners. I valued Dans friendship and was consistently impressed with his attention to detail,and ability to execute against the objectives we established together. I have no doubt that Danand I will do business together in the future and I strongly recommend his work.” October 22,2007Cullen Jowitt , Senior Manager - Financial Services Practice , Prophet Brand Strategywas with another company when working with DAN at Pier 39s Market Development“Dan and his team put together a very attractive proposal for Discover Card to be the officialcredit card of Pier 39 in San Francisco. Discover Card and Dan worked together to create aprogram which saw an increase in merchant acceptance, new cardmembers and increased sales atthe Pier. Thanks to Dan and his dedication and hard work this was a very successful sponsorshipprogram.” October 17, 2007Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity
  • 12. Art Barmashhired DAN as a Marketing Partnership in 2003Scuba Instructor at Club Med“Dan and I worked together at Club Med in Florida. Dan was the quintessential “G.O.”, alwaysgoing above-and-beyond to ensure guests had wonderful vacation. As a scuba instructor, Danworked incredibly well with the children – especially considering how difficult it can be to workwith a group of kids with short attention spans! Dan is creative, funny, outgoing, and overall apleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him.” October 29, 2007Chris Generalis , Tennis Instructor , Club Medworked directly with DAN at Club MedSpecial Events Manager at The Multiple Sclerosis Society“I worked with Dan on the MS Bike Tour when he was the Special Events Manager for theMultiple Sclerosis Society. Dan was an inspirational mentor to me and showed great leadershipin pulling together hundreds of volunteers, thousands of riders and numerous vendors whilepulling together a fantastic event. I was consistently impressed with his ability to anticipateneeds and identify creative problem solving solutions to enhance the experience for allparticipants. Dan drove the growth of the event and tripled the ridership and revenues in his timewith MS. I would recommend him enthusiastically for any company needing great leadership.Brian McGinnis” November 6, 2007Brian McGinnis , Volunteer Event Coordinator , National Multiple Sclerosis Societyworked directly with DAN at Multiple Sclerosis SocietyCEO at SportCorp“Over the past ten years I have sought Dan Beemans advice and business concepts to enhancemy various marketing endeavors. He has never let me down. I have found him to be anenthusiastic and brilliant problem solver. His "out of the box" approaches to seeminglyinsurmountable and complex problems have translated into financial rewards. I seek hisprofessional advice BEFORE I make a commitment with capital. I wholeheartedly endorse Danas a innovator and business consultant. Sincerely, William Bolton” July 4, 2009Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High IntegrityWilliam Boltonhired DAN as a Business Consultant in 1997, and hired DAN more than once“I worked with Dan in the early stages of his development of the Sportcorp business andeventually bought the business from Dan. He created corporate team competitions at many of themajor, amateur athletic competitions in Chicago. He converted this model into a viable businesswhich drove incremental revenue streams and participants to events. His vision, ability to
  • 13. articulate benefits and strategic planning make him a valuable component of any successfulbusiness.” November 17, 2007Molly Quinn , President, WSEMINC, worked directly with DAN at SportCorp