Art of the possible fire


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Some nice ideas for innvoaton and blur light services

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Art of the possible fire

  1. 1. THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE Fire Service training ideas Dan Bowen
  2. 2. Training Analysis Efficiencies Effectiveness Innovation RN (FOAP) Pedagogy Learning Environment CMS Train the trainer Standards Ofsted Inspections Schools Competency and support Innovation Astute Training analysis Innovation Train the trainer Training Fire Service (NI) RNLI Teacher Training Police (NI) Prison Service (NI)
  3. 3. Integrated services •To generate further excellence, efficiencies and revenue with some integration of: –Police –Ambulance –Prison service –Other… –What are your thoughts?
  4. 4. Before the tech, pedagogical updates •Assessment for Learning –Questioning skills –Personal Learning and Thinking skills –Marking and feedback •Active Learning •Mindset and learning theory •Self regulatory learning •Conditions for learning
  5. 5. ……..We aim for staff who are up here. To move to digital pedagogy
  6. 6. Utilising existing technology & Web 2.0 •Utilising the technologies that are already in place more effectively to gain more value for money –Software, hardware •Utilising web 2.0 technologies in course delivery Integration with wikis, blogs, collaboration tools Tools to create, publish and find micro-content Record and manage informal learning. Sketch up and Augmented reality
  7. 7. Number fans – Google Sketchup •How useful might sketch-up be for you? •1 (not very)  10 (oooh that’s blinding dan, I love you) Use the brainstorming boards to think about what we have discussed so far on the GREEN HEXAGONS
  8. 8. Number fan
  9. 9. Images – – –
  10. 10. Google Maps – Google Earth - LAYERS
  11. 11. Google Street view •To analyse and debrief on incidents •To create an archive of incidents for training via video
  12. 12. USING & Creating Video assets •Inspire, Enthuse, create, mash-up, embed •Cheap, educational, revenue? •Photo story – Free download, novices, static images •MovieMaker – To edit videos together, transitions and so on
  13. 13. Interactive Whiteboards •How do you currently use these devices? •Utilise them for existing systems, software and document annotation •Demo
  14. 14. Visualisers •A digital camera to enhance small objects / work / processes •Recording facilities •Annotation, Zoom capabilities
  15. 15. Text / Reading •Use of technology to help access resources. •Utilisation of time efficiency •Accessibility – MP3, reading back text, text conversion •Creating e-books, guidance in e-formats to support training and possibly generate revenue Your thoughts
  16. 16. Voting Devices To support learning •Questions •Pre-programmed questions •Store data on performance
  17. 17. Pause for thought – 3 mins •Use the brainstorming whiteboards to collate some ideas using the green hexagons
  18. 18. Learning Management Systems / Content Management Systems Assess skill gaps Link training offers to employee objectives Managers Approve course participation and cancellation, skills, certifications Manage virtual classrooms Manage learner Instructors participation and follow up activities Create and manage courses and sessions, curricula, and resources Schedule courses Run and review reports …with all systems integrating to make more effective… Learning Environment Learners Training Administrator Import and export content Structure learning content Course Author Create tests and assessments Profile Progress History Skill gap analysis who did update training? Ops effectiveness Suggested and mandatory learning Preferred learning strategy
  19. 19. Collaboration •Systems to allow collaboration for –Administration across forces –Learning and peer mentoring –External work / corporate –International links –Localism, voluntary, assisted workers •Facebook, twitter, blogs •Cloud / Thin Client computing •Video streaming master classes
  20. 20. Virtual work Simulation technology to complement or add to current excellent facilities •Minerva •Vectra •Hydra •Second Life
  21. 21. Immersive environments
  22. 22. Performance analysis •Analysis of training •Creation of materials •Archive examples •Assessment of performance •Fitness training •Heart rate monitors
  23. 23. Pause for thought – 3 mins •Use the brainstorming whiteboards to collate some ideas using the green hexagons
  24. 24. M-Learning •Mobile Learning –Fire and Rescue training –Utilising existing resources such at BT Open Zone on site –Pre-course or even main course material to save time and resources –Consistency of training materials, shared training materials, shared cost –Distance learning including basics such as using email, using office 2010 and so on. Saving money and making workforce more efficient. –Raising standards –Commercial sector training –Public courses / education –Links to different cultures / languages or international links such as GAFSIP –Product creation and revenue generation e.g. corporate risk assessment guidance, evidence based app
  25. 25. Mobile technology •Mobile phone / iPad app development for several audiences –Trainees to access m-learning content to save costs and make training consistent. Share and possibly sell these resources to other services –Media company work with the RN (Twofour) –Use existing tools and apps –Public service app creation –Any ideas? –Risk Assessment –Training –Commercial training applications to access m-learning •iPad as a tool to interact with students and board •A loan device for the training centre •Download content and guidance to make efficient use of time
  26. 26. Games based learning •Good trainers always make learning fun… •Commercial games? •Development of games to promote learning for –Education of staff –Education of others –Income generation / education –Efficient and more effective staff
  27. 27. Pause for thought – 3 mins •Use the brainstorming whiteboards to collate some ideas using the green hexagons
  28. 28. Babcock 4S Limited
  29. 29. QR codes Add informatio n for training Add videos to support training
  30. 30. Interactive surfaces •Command and control •Training use •Floor •Walls •Tables •Digital Signage •And not…
  31. 31. 3D technology – 4D, 5D •3D cinemas •Projection •4D - 5D –Adding other senses –Heat, Smell
  32. 32. The Social Network •Twitter – To create reviews and keep students up to date •Facebook – Set up a school library group and add reviews and media to this. •Diigo & Delicious bookmarking
  33. 33. Action Planning (Active Learning) Use the brainstorming boards to now action plan ideas around the concepts we have seen today. Focus: •Effectiveness •Cost •Revenue Generation •Innovation •Next steps
  34. 34. Future •We are happy to support in any way –To develop pedagogy and effective training –ICT kit training –Trainer updates or master classes –Our conferences and courses –Case study or pilot projects or advice –Case study sharing –Links with RN