Internet Summit - Preconference Training (2012)


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Even the most mature search marketing campaigns can use a kick in the pants. Here are ten of the toughest problems we solve for clients on a regular basis, Includes: local search, seo crisis management, search engine optimization challenges, search for branding, paid search marketing conflicts, and more.

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Internet Summit - Preconference Training (2012)

  1. 1. Solving 10 Toughest Search Problems Dana Todd, SVP Marketing & Business Development 1
  2. 2. Top Brands Choose Performics  Performics works with more than 300 top global brands  We are a Top 5 buyer of search media in the US, and top 10 globally  Category expertise includes CPG, automotive, travel, education, financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail, tech, and telecom  More than 1,000 experts in 18 countriesPerformics works with more than 300 top global brands. Due to confidentiality, we are notable to release our client list in its entirety.
  3. 3. Tweeting? @performics @danatoddAgenda1. OneSearch: How Do I Achieve Paid & Organic Synergies?2. Death of the Purchase Funnel: How Do I Engage the Non-Linear Searcher?3. I Drive the Clicks, But How Do I Close the Deal?4. Governance: I’m Competing Against Myself!5. Search & Branding: How Can I Use Search to Build Brand & Create Demand?6. Mobile Search Is Not Working for Me7. I’m Nowhere in Local Search Results8. How Do I Attribute Value to Search Accurately, Online & Offline?9. How Do I Integrate Search With My Other Tactics, like Social or TV?10. Help! My Site Disappeared from Google Results! 3
  4. 4. 1. Holistic (Paid + SEO) Performance Is “OneSearch” possible? 4
  5. 5. OneSearch Measurement Brands can leverage analytics to develop strategies to achieve holistic search performance OneSearch testing can answer questions like: – What’s the optimal mix of paid & organic? How do we properly diversify traffic sources to avoid overexposure to organic search volatility? – Can we boost paid search position to maintain lead/sales volume if organic position falls? Can we drop paid search position for keywords that rank highly in organic search & still achieve our goals? – Does dominating the SERP in both paid & organic boost traffic, sales/leads & brand awareness at an efficient cost?
  6. 6. Measure  Develop integrated measurement for clicks and on-site metrics using web analytics or SEM platforms  Implement technology to monitor paid and organic positions as algorithm changes can unexpectedly change the landscape  Automation allows you to react to organic volatility in real-time by boosting paid search positions accordingly Benchtools, our proprietary keyword- monitoring app that sends alerts to our account teams when rankings change
  7. 7. Test  Each vertical has a different optimal mix of paid & organic traffic sources  To understand your optimal mix, evaluate business goals  Then conduct a OneSearch test to determine if paid & organic search are supporting those goals
  8. 8. Align  Align your paid & organic search teams!  Each team must have the same incentives & goals  This involves breaking down walls SEO and thinking holistically  How can paid & organic campaigns work together to impact your bottom line? SEM  Where’s your next performance opportunity?
  9. 9. Dominate  Tests reveal that high visibility in both paid & organic search for generic keywords News for Performics increased traffic and conversions at a reasonable CPAs Videos for Performics  Conduct a “dominate test” for your brand to determine if you can achieve similar performance
  10. 10. Allocate  There may be situations when it’s more efficient to decrease paid search position for keywords that rank highly in organic  Knowing the most cost-efficient approach allows you to better allocate paid search budget across keywords
  11. 11. 2. Engaging the Non-Linear Searcher The path-to-purchase isn’t what it used to be 11
  12. 12. Search Remarketing Shoppers often bounce between sources: search, social, your website Search Remarketing enables you to leverage cookie data from your webpage or social media site to retarget qualified searchers Opportunities: – Boost bids for cookied searchers (i.e. those who’ve visited your site) – Tailor search copy to users who’ve already engaged with you – Alter landing pages for repeat searchers – Selectively conquest (i.e. bid on competitors’ terms, but only when you can verify that a searcher’s been to your site) 12
  13. 13. 3. Closing the Deal Impressions & clicks are one thing, but conversions are an entirely different animal 13
  14. 14. Conversion Optimization 5-step approach to improve conversions Discover Diagnose Hypothesize Test Optimize Customer insights  Review of analytics  Preferred page  PPC  Iterative testing Market trends  Expert review concepts or types landing pages  User experience of site by segment  Display enhancement Competitive threats  Does site experience  Assumptions landing pages  Conversion paths match ad? about user intent Business objectives  Assessment of paths to conversion 14 14
  15. 15. It’s Just One Little Keyword… Bottom Line: Optimizing One KW Could Make Millions! 15
  16. 16. Conversion Optimization at Scale (Case Study) Bottom Line: Every 1% lift in conversion equals $10 million incremental revenue 16
  17. 17. Conversion Analysis: What We’ve LearnedCopy Layout Images Targeting• Specific numerical savings • Creating fewer options is • Persona-based hero images are • Spanish SEM campaigns can percentage can be winning typically better for conversion crucial to relevant experiences actually convert higher with headline copy • Placement and size of buttons • Button color can significantly English landing pages• Placing important value on the page are important impact conversion (e.g., orange • Returning visitors convert proposition copy above the fold testing variables for improving can resonate more than green) higher when presented a ensures users are engaging usability and revenue • Lifestyle images typically different messages and/or with the page outperform product shots images than first time visitors *results may vary per vertical/client 17
  18. 18. 4. Governance I’m competing against myself! 18
  19. 19. Why Worry About Governance?  Control media costs  Don’t compete with yourself/your partners  Enhance UX  Optimize and increase real estate on search results pages  Leverage synergies of complimenting campaigns
  20. 20. Governance Process Identification & Recommendation 1. Discovery: Proactive identification of overlap 2. Collaboration: Ongoing stakeholder Campaign Specific consensus for course of actionImplement & Test 3. Implementation: Agreed to keyword and Review bidding guidelines 4. Monitoring & Testing: Active monitoring of in- market performance, and testing alternate guidelines Cross-Campaign Performics Review and Reconciliation Consensus
  21. 21. Global Governance Concerns in SEO 3 viable ways toaccommodate and scale Beyond that: websites nationally: Separate websites with national Leverage Webmaster Tools ccTLDs. ( Use a local IP Address Using Sub-domains ( Specify the proper language Using Sub-directories Multilingual country websites ( should create separate versions
  22. 22. 5. Growing the Funnel How can I use Search to build brand and create demand? 22
  23. 23. Search is Great at Capturing Demand…what about Creating it? You will have to stretch your creative thinking You will need to relax “traditional” performance standards Embrace participation metrics, but start by deciding what you want people to do BEFORE you create the campaign Tie together with your content marketing strategy Try using some of the new search ad formats Inspiration: poetry, generic terms, celebrity sightings, content marketing and non-text assets (videos, images) 23
  24. 24. Multiple Image Ads Images and videos can be added to enhance brand keyword listings Advertisers have seen as much as 300% increase in performance 24
  25. 25. In-Ad Video 25
  26. 26. 6. Ugh, Mobile… Mobile search scares me or is not working for me 26
  27. 27. Mobile Strategy Differs by Devices Smartphones: Tablets: Your “Constant Companion” Your “Couch Companion”  59% use smartphones while  70% watch TV while using their shopping/errands tablet – Product reviews/comparisons – Performics found that – Looking for where to buy tablet paid search clicks spike directly after our – Store location, hours, clients’ commercials air click-to-call – Deals, offersSource: eMarketer; Performics Mobile Insights Study 2011; Nielsen 2011
  28. 28. Smartphone Strategy: Dominate the Small SERP 1. Bid for top position • Multiply paid search bids for users who are located close to, or in, your dealership & your competitors’ dealership 2. Sitelinks, Offers 3. Location Extensions 4. Click-to-call • Google sees 10M calls per month from click-to-call 5. SEO: Optimize for organic
  29. 29. Tablet StrategiesBID LANDING PAGES Support TV buys with tablet paid  Tablet screen size & browsers are more search budget like desktops than smartphonesCOPY  Drive tablet traffic to desktop or tablet- Gear copy & sitelinks to tablet specific landing pages users (i.e. “interact from your  Avoid Flash (iPad doesn’t render Flash) tablet”)KEYWORDS Because tablet searchers have different needs, they use different keywords than smartphones Create tightly-themed ad groups per device
  30. 30. Responsive DesignPages adapt themselves for optimized displayon devices with varying screen sizesPrevents search engines from having to choosebetween two (or more) nearly identical pagesGoogle has expressed a preferencefor responsive websites 30
  31. 31. Mobile Ad Enhancements Google is increasingly providing advertisers with more opportunities for enhanced listings in mobile to drive online & in-store traffic: CLICK TOSITELINKS CLICK TO CALL PRODUCT ADS LOCATION EXTENSIONS OFFER ADS DOWNLOAD 31
  32. 32. 7. My Local Data is a Mess I’m nowhere in local search results, or it’s all wrong 32
  33. 33. The Localized Search Results Page  Many keywords have geographic intent, even high-demand generic keywords  More search page real estate is now locally focused  Companies that have many locations will have more opportunities Paid Ads  Companies that don’t have any Paid Local Extensions locations are going to miss out Organic Results Organic Map Pack 33
  34. 34. How We Approach Local Visibility1. ESTABLISHING 2. MULTIPLYING 3. AMPLIFYINGWEBSITE OPTIMIZATION DATA ACCURACY BRAND EXPERIENCE Local Architecture/  Local Listings Feed  Enhanced Local Profiles Opportunity Pages Management & (search engines, directories) Distribution Location Page Optimization  Customer Reviews and  Administrative Advocacy Local Content, Copy, Media Management of Locations  Local Search Ads Alignments with Feed  Tactical Advantages for Local SEO (Citations)  Special Offers, Promotions, Conversion Design & and Events Funneling  Full Local Ecosystem Reach  Local Press Release & Citation Tactics
  35. 35. Content for Search Engines & Users Provide rich, geographical, and easy to access content aligned with target keywords: – Regional/location pages – Long-tail local pages Ensure store locaters contain: – Location pages on unique URLs – Core location data – Unique media and content 35
  36. 36. Local Data Management & Distribution Optimize local listing data and ensure data integrity Provide clean, accurate local listings across local networks to expand a brand’s visibility and relevancy Claim, optimize, and keep profiles fresh to support local visibility Garbage In, Garbage Out. 36
  37. 37. Local Ecosystem Demands Organization 37
  38. 38. Local List Data Management & Distribution Your Local Search engine map platforms Listing Data (Google, Bing, Yahoo) are a key SEARCH ENGINES gateway to local visibility Google Bing Yahoo DATA PROVIDERS Data providers/aggregators Acxiom Localeze Infogroup classify and disseminate to DIRECTORIES directory sites SuperPages Foursquare CityGrid Yelp Local directories and Internet Yellow Pages generate APPS & DEVICES significant traffic from desktops and mobile apps Apps GPS Devices Auto Print Yellow Pages 38
  39. 39. AMPLIFYINGConnecting Online & Offline BRAND EXPERIENCE Drive participation in-store to connect online influence with offline conversion Push promotions for underperforming stores Encourage participation with online reviews from a loyal offline customer base 39
  40. 40. Google+ LocalBusiness listings in the organic SERP’s GoogleMaps now funnel searchers to the G+ Localpage instead of the Google Places pageThis is likely to drive more G+ traffic &awareness Map links to business’ G+ page G+ page shows below the map Latest G+ post displays on the SERP 40
  41. 41. 8. AttributionHow do I attribute value to search accurately? 41
  42. 42. Easy Online-Offline Attribution Testing PANEL MATCH MATCHED MARKET TESTING MODELING• Matching client sales data with • Design and execute experiments on a • Useful when significant historical data Compete or comScore’s panels to regional basis to measure lift resulting is available and overall strategies are offline sales databases to identify the in changes in marketing activity consistent enough to identify offline lift from online correlations between online and offline sales. Powerful when combined with digital attribution techniques to understand the fully-loaded value of search.
  43. 43. Analytics in Action – Online/Offline Multiplier = Multiplier: $12 43
  44. 44. Analytics in Action – Complex KPI Building Keyword ValueSALES Before: $1.09 3% 15% MS Store SalesACTION VOLUME WEIGHT NEW VALUESales XX $XX $XX 31% Partner ReferralsPartner Referrals XX $XX $XX 15% Email SignupsEmail Signups XX $XX $XX Store LocatorsStore Locators XX $XX $XXNew Customers XX $XX $XX New CustomersClicks XX $XX $XX ClicksVideo Views XX $XX $XX 6% 19% Video ViewsTotal $XXX 11% Keyword Value After: $1.37 44
  45. 45. 9. IntegrationHow do I integrate Search with my other tactics? 45
  46. 46. It’s easier with People in the center UNDERSTAND PARTICIPANT Analytics & Insights, Social Listening, Targeting, Data, Segmentation, Attribution Modeling, Keyword Insights, Forecasting INTEGRATE CHANNELS Holistic Planning and Media Mix Modeling across Connected Devices & Screens CREATE CONTENTSOLUTIONS Search Ads, SEO, Video Optimization, Social Media, Display, Data Feeds, Content Marketing, Landing Pages, User Experience OPTIMIZE PARTICIPATION Expert Bidded Media Management, Conversion Optimization, SEO, Analytics, Retargeting, GLANCE CONNECT & AMPLIFY Social Media, Local, Syndication, Affiliate Program Management
  47. 47. Source: Google/Ipos/Sterling (Sept. 2012)
  48. 48. Silos Inhibit Integration – Break ‘Em Down Start by aligning KPIs and data across departments and agencies Invest in research to understand the participant needs and journey Quick wins: get people aligned around a project or campaign to “practice” and set test/learn agenda Commit to holistic budgeting - understand you may be in for a fight Regular, frequent all-agency meetings and cross-department meetings 48
  49. 49. TV to Search Integration 10 1800 9 TV Campaign 1600 8 (Launch) 1400 7 1200 6 1000 5 800 4 TV Campaign 3 TV Campaign 600 End 2 (Pre-Launch) 400 1 200 0 0hour 0 5 10 15 20 1 6 11 16 21 2 7 12 17 22 3 8 13 18 23 4 9 14 19 0 5 10 15 20 1 6 11 16 21 2 7 12 17 22 3 8 13 18 23 4 9 14 19 0 5 10 15 20 As time passed, paid search impact declined. And—when Paid search clicks spiked Paid search clicks were the TV campaign ended— directly after the ads heaviest at the beginning of paid search click volume launched each TV campaign dropped to pre-TV campaign levels
  50. 50. Search-Social Integration: Driving Ads to Social Site 50
  51. 51. Converging Paid + Owned + Earned 51
  52. 52. Google+ Integration 52
  53. 53. Organic Social Endorsements 53
  54. 54. 10. SEO Disaster Recovery Help! My site disappeared from Google results! 54
  55. 55. What To Do if You Think You Have Been Penalized Check Google Webmaster Tools for Error Reports What changed recently? Did you change your robots.txt file on accident? Evaluate your Link Portfolio for nefarious links... and dont buy links. Ever. Is my content truly unique, or is it copied it from somewhere? Only use your own content Are your competitors just doing better that you, or has the SERP layout changed again? Search is a never ending evolution so you need to be on top of it always 55
  56. 56. Most Common Reasons  You have duplicate content, or low quality content  You’ve got “nefarious links”  Someone on your web team changed something  The CFO’s sister created a bunch of blog spam links56
  57. 57. Getting Out of Jail Meticulously document every step that you take to fix! Process of elimination: check everything Use the new “Disavow” feature in Webmaster Tools to disclaim bad links Submit your stack of evidence, showing what you did to fix it, and plead mea culpa: Secret hint: if you send snail mail, you might get faster service 57
  58. 58. Thank you! 58