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Rabobank: Case Studies in Mobile Banking & Payments Development: November 2010, Prague CZ


A brief presentation on mobile banking and payments developments within Rabobank Nederland and Rabobank International; as well as some case studies of how Rabo Development uses these lessons learned …

A brief presentation on mobile banking and payments developments within Rabobank Nederland and Rabobank International; as well as some case studies of how Rabo Development uses these lessons learned in developing countries.

Dan Armstrong
IIR Mobile Payment Services
Prague, Czech Republic
02 November 2010

Published in Economy & Finance , Business
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  • Rabobank is marktleider in:HypothekenSparenLenenVerzekeren (schade)En tweede:BetalenBeleggenPostbank/ING is marktleider qua fullservicebank/all finanzbank -> huisbankier (3 diensten of meer)Zijstap: All finanz huisbankier zijn zit dus niet in een duur advieskanaalDaarnaast is Rabobank toonaangevend en wint diverse prijzen zoals Beste Website maar ook voor CRM(implementatie), beste lokale KCC, marketing, sponsoring, iDeal, Rabo Mobiel (bestellen&betalen in de Horeca) etc.
  • iTour: live progress of 2009 Tour de France, 10 weeks in iTunes Store (100.000 downloads, 500.000 sessions)Rabo Hockey: live field hockey results for all major national and international events, push notifications on start of match / goal / match results (10.000 downloads, 70.000 sessions)Rabo Sport: 2010 Winter Olympics, push notifications for all Dutch results (20.000 downloads)Rabo Cycling: all events in UCI World Calendar, live progress, classifications / stages / teams per event (40.000 downloads, Vuelta: 7.000 downloads)Rabo Cycling iPad: (7.500 downloads, average 7 min. usage)Plans for 2011: New Apps (e.g. Equistrian Sports)More interaction (MobyPicture platform)More Location Based ServicesMore personal (e.g. RunKeeper)Integration between AppsAdvertising in AppsRelation with Mobile Banking/paymentsiPad: focus on sharing
  • Some examples of what Rabo Mobiel looked/looks like.
  • Some examples of what Rabo Mobiel looked/looks like.
  • Rabobank has been innovating for a long time. Highlights:First ATM in The NetherlandsFirst Internet Banking product, pioneering internet banking in EuropeFirst web portalFirst WAP siteFirst mobile banking portaliDealMiniTixFirst MVNO/ESP


  • 1. Rabobank: Case Studies in Mobile Banking & Payments Development
    A brief presentation on mobile banking and payments developments within Rabobank Nederland and Rabobank International; as well as some case studies of how Rabo Development uses these lessons learned in developing countries.
    Dan Armstrong
    IIR Mobile Payment Services
    Prague, Czech Republic
    02 November 2010
  • 2. Introducing Rabobank
    A View of the Current Mobile Banking & Payments Landscape
    Rabobank Group: Leveraging Knowledge & Platforms World-Wide
    Rabobank Nederland:
    Rabobank Mobile Banking and Mobile Applications
    Rabobank Mobile Innovations Projects
    Rabo Mobiel
    Rabobank and the new NL NFC (Contactless) Mobile Payments Joint-Venture
    Rabo Development Case Studies:
    NMB mobile (Tanzania)
    Banque Populaire du Rwanda (Rwanda)
    Banco Regional (Paraguay)
  • 3. Landscape of Mobile Banking and Payments
    Rabobank, ABN AMRO, ING, SNS, etc.
    1990-1999, continues …
    2002, continues … (quite popular)
    IVR Banking & Payments
    SMS Account Activity Alerts
    Others …
    Full-Service Mobile Banking
    Remote Payments and Electronic Wallets
    Mobile Contactless Payments (NFC)
    Windows Mobile
    Samsung JET
    VISA MobileAndroid
    ( ?)
    Note: not exhaustive, there are other technologies used in the world, but these are the major ones.
  • 4. Landscape of Mobile Banking and Payments : Detail
    Can be ok, but a subset of Full-Service Banking?
    SMS Account Activity Alerts
    IVR Banking & Payments
    SMS Account Activity Alerts
    • Security: PIN-based, CLI can be used (but not reliably)
    • 5. Easy-to-use, menu-driven navigation
    • 6. Works on every phone
    • 7. Cumbersome
    • 8. Bank-pushed method; normally offered for free to customers
    • 9. Simple to understand (can be)
    • 10. Works on every phone
    • 11. Can be applied to many products (accounts, loans, offers, discounts, etc.)
    • 12. No transactions or advanced features
    • 13. Customer-pulled method
    • 14. Simple to understand (can be)
    • 15. Can be applied to many account types
    • 16. Can be done via SMS, WAP, USSD or apps
    • 17. Is a “killer app” in many regions, including Western Europe
    • 18. Somewhat limited in scope
    Mobile Operators,Transport,Modern Banks … ?
    Full-Service Mobile Banking
    Full-Service Mobile Banking
    Remote Payments and Electronic Wallets
    Mobile Contactless Payments (NFC)
    • Can be easy-to-use
    • 19. Full-service = transactions, inquiries, actions, information
    • 20. Saves trip to the ATM or bank, supports virtual channels, saves direct bank costs
    • 21. Can be made to work on many phones, but app-based functionalities require specific phone strategy, development, costs
    • 22. More complicated to launch and maintain, but allows for transaction charges
    • 23. Except for mobile network operator distribution networks (M-PESA, MTN Mobile Money, ZAIN ZAP, Tigo Cash), bank wallets have enjoyed limited success world-wide
    • 24. Some successes: Apple iTunes Store, PayPal, some Japanese products, public transportation.
    • 25. Likely a step too far for developing (and developed?) banks, customers can directly access their bank account!
    • 26. Card-emulation products in trial since 2004
    • 27. Lack of mobile network operator business case (and they normally buy wholesale phones)
    • 28. Difficulty in making a business case for a contactless phone vs. contactless cards.
    • 29. Handset availability - there are no phones!
    SIM Tool Kit  Apps V1  Apps V2  USSD  WAP  etc.
  • 30. About Rabobank Group
    (46 as of 2010)
    3,7 mln internet banking customers, 7 mln NL customers overall (population: 16,5 mln), 9,5 mln customers world-wide
    152 local banks and 1200 locations
    Loyal, involved customers including 1,5 mln members
    AAA rating (Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Dominion Bond)
    Tradition of innovation: ATMs, internet banking, WAP and web presences, mobile banking, television banking, GSM services and operations
  • 31. Rabobank and the NL Banking Landscape
    NL market position EOY 2008
    Mortgages (1) - 27%
    Savings Accounts (1) - 41%
    Loans (1) - 22%
    Insurance (1) - 13%
    Payments (2) - 30%
    Investment (2) - 16%
    • Rabobank has the highest trust rating of all NL banks with 42%; #2 is 17%
    • 32. Year-on-year, Rabobank ranks with the best bank website, customer service centre, CRM implementation, marketing and sponsorship programmes
  • Leveraging Knowledge, Experience & Platforms
    Mobile Banking 60.000 customers (2003)
    WAP, J2ME, iPhone, Android, Windows, Widget Apps
    Rabo Mobiel 270.000 Customers(2006)
    Mobile Banking 100.000+ customers (2003)
    WAP, J2ME, iPhone, Android, Windows, Widget Apps
    Rabo Mobiel 200.000 Customers(2006)
    SMS Alerts 190.000 customers
    Mobile Wallet45.000 customers(2006)
    Mobile Cash Management (FL)(2008)
    SMS Alerts 190.000 customers
    MiniTix Mobile Wallet45.000 customers(2006)
    Mobile Cash Management (FL)(2008)
    Fiserv Mobile BankingTrial(2010)
    NFC Contactless Payments Joint-Venture (2010)
    NMB mobile290.000 customers(launched mid-2009)
    SMS Alerts 220.000 customers
    (launched 2008)
    NMB mobile320.000 customers(launched mid-2009)
    SMS Alerts 220.000 customers
    (launched 2008)
    BPR Mobile Banking30.000 customers(launch Sept. 2010)
    Mobile Feasibility Study
    Mobile Feasibility Study
    Mobile Feasibility Study
    Xapit Instant Banking 130.000 customers(launched end-2008)
    FNB Mobile & Fast Account(launched mid-2010)
  • 33. Rabobank Mobile Banking : Launched with WAP
    Mobielbankieren enables transfers to known parties and payments up to €50.000 with Random Reader
    SaldoDirekt provides 1-click account balances on all your accounts
    Rabofoon telephone banking (IVR)
    SMS Alerts for banking, transfers, payments, telco spending alerts
    Mijn Mobiel telecommunications spending alerts, history and invoices
    Rabo Financial Services Portal with financial services info., current stocks and financial news
    WAPlaunched in 2003
  • 34. Mobile Banking Apps : Different Platforms
    Windows Mobile(6.0, 6.1, 6.5)
    iPhone & iPad Touch(all OS types)
    Samsung Jétwidget & pre-installed apps
  • 35. Rabobank Nederland Mobielbankieren : From Browser to App
  • 36. Rabobank Mobielbankieren : Usage 2010
    2003-2009 level
    Basically static Mobielbankieren usage 2003-2006. Rabo Mobiel launch and promotion increased the usage from 2006-2009. Launch of “apps” in late 2009 generated hugely increasing sign-up and usage figures.
  • 37. Other Apps Offered by Rabobank Nederland
    SMS Betalen(SMS P2P Payments)
    RekeningDelen(sharing a bill)
    Schaadhulp(settling & recording damage)
    Sports &SponsorshipApps
  • 38. SMS Betalen : iPhone application
  • 39. SMS Betalen : Java Midlet & Android App
    Java (J2ME)
  • 40. Rabo Sponsorship Apps
    Rabo Sport
    Rabo Hockey
    Rabo Cycling
    iTour (Tour de France 2009)
  • 41. Third-Party Payments Apps : Powered by Rabobank
    2 x Shutter Island
  • 42. Rabo Mobiel
  • 43. Rabobank GSM MVNO & Value-Added Bank Product
    Great, Core Mobile Telecommunications Product
    Rabobank Values – trust, security, quality, easy-to-use services, cooperative value
    Online Self-Care Environment
    Secure Mobile Banking
    Commitment to Applications Innovation (Mobile Financial Services)
  • 44. Rabo Mobiel in the Marketplace
  • 45. Rabo Mobiel in the Marketplace
  • 46. 1.Rabobank GSM MVNO
    Telecommunications Services
    Mobile Internet Access
    Mobile Content, Information & Media
    Portals and Self-Care
    Value-Added Bank Product
    Banking “On the Go”
    Premium Product / Combination
    Communications Channel for Local Banks, Members and Customers
    3.Mobile Incubator
    Product/Business Development for Mobile Financial Services and Products
    Launch of Remote and Contactless Payments and Partnerships
    4.Mobile Knowledge Centre
    NFC, Consumer Behaviour & UsabilityEncryption, Mobile Business Rules
    Mobile Low-Value Payments
    Standards, Retail/Consumer Acceptance, Security, Sustainability
    Rationale for Rabo Mobiel
  • 47. Rabo Mobiel Remote Payments Trials
    Mobile Terrace Payments: MyOrder at various locations (2008-09)
    Albert Heijn To-Go NFC Shopping: Amsterdam Amstel (2008-09)
    Mobile Health: StichtingDiabeter, Health Agency, Achmea (2008-09)
    MiniTix Mobile Merchants: SMS Betalen Java (2008-09)
    Mobile Parking: Park-Line (2007)Rekeningrijden: with Rabobank (2008-09)
  • 48. Rabo Mobiel Proximity Payments Trials & Launches
    NFC Mobile Ticketing: DiergaardeBlijdoorp (2008-09)NFC Fietsenstalling: Eindhoven, Tilburg (2008-09)
    NFC Cashless Schools: kassa’s and vending, ASH, HHS/Redbird (2007-09)NFC Cantina Trials & Roll-Out: Carian/MiniTix (2008-09)
    NFC Vending Trials: Coca-Cola, FEBO (2007-08)
    NFC Mobile Domestic Debit Card and Shopping Tool: C1000 (2007-08)
  • 49. Rabobank Banking & Payment Innovation
    2006 – Open Mobile Internet (OMI) programme launched
    2006 – Rabo Mobile launched (world’s first bank MVNO)
    2007 – Rabo Schoolbank NFC Cashless Schools
    1981 – First ATM in NL
    2007 – Rabobank / Rabo Mobiel NFC Trials Kick-Off
    1994 – 1st web portal
    2008 – Mobielbankieren up to €50k (RR)
    1986 – Pin Retail PoS
    1996 – Internetbankieren launched
    2009 – NFC Payments Roll-Out
    1989 – Telebanking
    2008 – SMS Betalen Launched
    1995 – “Rabofoon” IVR Banking
    2007 – MiniTix SMS
    1999 – 1st bank WAP site launched (
    2005 – Rabo tv
    2003 – Mobielbankieren on i-Mode
    2004 – Mobielbankieren launched on Vodafone Live!, Orangeworld, T-zones
    2004 – MiniTix Online Launched
    Rabo Mobiel B.V.
    Postpaid Launch
    Prepaid Launch
    30 Banks Online
    Orange -> KPN
    120 Banks Online
    MIB 6.0 (OMI)
    MIB 4.1 (RR)
    SMS Betalen Launch
    Launch of Segment Packages
    C1000 NFC Trial
    Diergarde Blijdorp NFC Ticketing
    MyOrder Terrace Betalen
    Postpaid Retail Launch
    NFC Trials: Coca-Cola, FEBO
    180k + customers
    Retail Launch
    100k + customers
    AH To-Go Trial
  • 50. Rabobank and Mobile Contactless Payments
  • 51. A view of the evolution of bank cards through EMV and beyond. “proximity payments” being seen as “card present” transactions.
    Most contactless EMV products launched to-date target LVP.
    A view of payment token evolution
    NFC Loyalty & Membership
    Shopping & SmartPosters
    Proprietary Bank Cards
    Contactless EMV Cards
    Non-EMV Cards
    EMV Cards
    NFC Mobile Phones with EMV Card Emulation
    NFC Ticketing & Coupons
    NFC Public Transport
    Other, P2P, Payment, etc.
  • 52. The broader NL NFC application landscape
    Some thoughts ..
    NFC delivers interaction in the physical world, therefore card-emulation is a key focus.
    In-Store Formulas
    Credit Cards
    Smart Posters
    However, mobile apps & device connectivity deliver true differentiation over cards.
    Loyalty &Discount
    Success comes via attention to customer requirements not technology-push.
    NFC P2PInteractivity
  • 53. NFC SWP Handsets
    NFC Mobile Payment Applications
    NFC Mobile Wallet Applications
    TSM Role
    Bank/SP Management, New Banks/SPs
    Life-Cycle & Memory Management
    OTA Capability & MNO Interface Management
    Certification & Compliance
    NFC POS, Other NFC Readers for NFC VAS
    NFC Customer Experience
    Other Value-Added NFC Handset Applications
    NFC POS Formulas & Combinations
    Brand & Marketing, Launch & Continuing Campaigns
    Elements of the mobile NFC ecosystem
    TSM Role
  • 54.
  • 55. Rabobank International
    • Rabobank’s international market niche is food- & agri business
    • 56. Customer Network: many of the global food companies
    • 57. Expertise: dedicated research team (80 professionals)
    • 58. Agri products: weather derivatives, price hedging instruments
    • 59. Rural retail banks in various countries
  • Rabobank Development
    Eligible banks:
    • Developing (low income) economies
    • 60. Economic, political and social stability
    • 61. Rural area and agricultural sector important for economy
    • 62. Open for foreign investments
    • 63. Safe for our staff
  • Zambia : ZanacoXapit Instant Banking
    • Launched in late 2008, USSD II mobile banking & ATM card
    • 64. Highly-successful “sub-branded” operations help Zanaco change it’s image, sign-up for an account in 5 minutes.
    • 65. 130.000 active customers to-date
    • 66. 20+ bill payment partners, prepaid airtime, etc.
    • 67. June 2010 Usage: 21 transactions per month (average), 1.56 mln transactions per month total
    • 68. AIN, MTN & CellZ
    Some Partner Bank Examples
    Rwanda : BPR Mobile Banking
    • Launching September 2010 nation-wide
    • 69. USSD II mobile banking & SMS Alerts
    • 70. MTN & Tigo (90%+ mobile penetration)
    • 71. Goal: 60.000 customers EOY1, 120.000 customers EOY2
  • 72. … later in 2010
    Some Partner Bank Examples
    Tanzania : NMB mobile
    • Launched in August 2009
    • 73. 308.000+ active customers to-date, hugely successful and profitable, break-even: 8 months
    • 74. Prepaid airtime, bill payment, prepaid electricity
    • 75. Vodacom, Zain, Tigo, Zantel (99% mobile penetration)
    • 76. SMS Alerts to 220.000 customers monthly
    • 77. June 2010: 1.86 mln transactions per month total
    Malawi : FNB Mobile / FNB Fast Account
    • Launched summer of 2010
    • 78. Successful to-date – packaging of ATM card, bank account and mobile banking functionality
    • 79. Includes immediate (small) balance on customers’ account , facilitating usage of the new product
  • Case Study: NMB (Tanzania)
  • 80. NMB: National Microfinance Bank Ltd. (Tanzania)
    1,8 mln customers (500k increase with the launch of mobile banking/payments)
    Consumer and small-business focused
    Dedicated to providing sustainable, viable access and direct financial services.
    Proud of our history of support for Tanzanians of all income levels, government and businesses.
    Close By
    Extensive (largest) network with 145 branch locations and 300+ ATMs nation-wide.
    Branch network designed to cover minimally 80% of Tanzanian districts.
    Empowering Entrepreneurs
    Paying special attention to micro, small/medium-sized and rural business.
    Tanzanian agriculture is close to NMB’s heart (KILIMO KWANZA) and they play a roll in all parts of the supply chain.
    Rabobank : 40% shareholder
    Case Study: NMB mobile (Tanzania)
  • 81.
  • 82.
  • 83. Easy-to-use NMB mobile banking and payments for all NMB customers (USSD)
    Features the most desired consumer applications:
    Balance Inquiry
    Money transfers to any NMB account
    TanescoLuku Prepaid Electricity Purchase
    Vodacom and ZAIN Prepaid Airtime Top-Up
    NMB Services like ATM card block, settings
    Works with NMB Personal Account, TPDF Account, Student Account, Wisdom Account
    Simply dial *155*66# to access
    No need to fill-in forms or visit an NMB branch to sign-up, simply dial *155*66*123#
    NMB mobile
    NMB mobile
    1. Balance Enquiry
    2. Mini-Statement
    3. Money Transfer
    4. Prepaid Services
    5. Other Services
    6. Help
  • 84. Example: Mobile Banking Menu (USSD)
    Your NMB account balance is: TSH 000,000.00Enter “9” to return to the main menu.
    NMB mobile
    Balance Enquiry
    Money Transfer
    Bills & Payments
    Purchase Airtime
    Bank Services
    NMB mobile
    Please enter your NMB mobile PIN.
    NMB mobile
    1. Balance Enquiry
    2. Mini-Statement
    3. Money Transfer
    4. Bills & Payments
    5. Purchase Airtime
    6. Bank Services
    7. Help
    Pease enter the recipient account or phone number registered for NMB mobile that you wish to transfer money to:
    Enter the amount of money to be transferred:
    Please confirm your money transfer:TSH 000,000will be transferred to
    Enter “0” to confirm transfer and send.
    Money transfer successful!TSH 000,000was transferred to
    NMB mobile Ref. No: 12345678Enter “9” to return to the main menu.
  • 85.
  • 86. NMB Milestones
    ATM Money Transfer
    NMB Personal Account: ATM Roll-Out Begins
    Internet Bankingfor Corporates
    100 ATMs within 1 Year
    NMB SMS Salary Alerts
    TanescoLuku Payment via ATMs
    Vodacom Airtime via ATMs
    NMB Business Account
    NMB TPDF Account
    NMB Bonus Account
    85.000 SMS Salary Alerts Users
    IPO: NMB Welcomes 27.000 new Shareholders!
    NMB Wisdom Account (pensioners)
    200 ATMs within 2 Years
  • 87. Case Study: BPR (Rwanda)
  • 88. BPR Branch Network
  • 89. Our customer survey validates the vision ..
    Would you trust a mobile phone for transfers and purchases?
    Would you like to carry less cash?
    Would you use a mobile phone for banking?
    Would you be willing to pay for it if it added value?
    Results: BPR Mobile Banking customer survey, April-May 2010, 7 branches & 170 customers interviewed.
  • 90. Mobile Banking
    Balance Inquiry
    Money Transfer (BPR Accounts)
    Prepaid Airtime
    Tigo (pending)
    Bill Payments
    RECO Prepaid Electricity
    StarTimes Africa TV
    MTN Postpaid Bill
    Tigo Postpaid Bill (pending)
    Bank Services
    Change BPR Mobile Banking PIN
    Change Language
    Order Cheque Book
    What can you do?
    Also: Free SMS Salary Alerts!
  • 91. Customer signs-up at a connected branchat the Customer Service desk
    They identify themselves with their ID
    We validate ID and automated account
    We then search for the customer on the mobile banking system website (by account no.) and enter their mobile phone no.
    BPR Mobile Banking will send a SMS to the registered phone no. with a welcome message and an initialmobile PIN
    Newly registered customer will dial the USSD code and will be prompted on first logon to change their mobile PIN
    All accounts with the same customer ID will be automatically linked to the phone no.
    How will customers sign up?
  • 92. Phase 2: Expansion
    ?? Banking the Un-Banked, A Modern Savings Account for All Rwandans
    • A transactional savings account that you can sign-up for in your own village or farm.
    • 93. An account that doesn’t require “connected” branches to work.
    Phase 1: Launch
    In this phase, BPR wants to establish the platform for mobile banking – starting with valuable services for existing customers.
    • Successfully launch our platform, product and brand
    • 94. Work out any kinks, get customer feedback
    • 95. Attract new customers to the bank
    Phase 1.5: Development
    Launch new services, alerts, features
    • Show growth and development (“living product”)
    • 96. Enable catch-up with last mobile operators, payment partners, RRA
    • 97. Sub-branch automation via USSD
    BPR Mobile Banking Roadmap Strategy
    Q3 2010
    Q4 2010
    Q1 2011
    Q2 2011
  • 98. Phase I: Planning (2 weeks, 26 April – 07 May)
    Phase II: Design & Architecture (2 weeks, 17 – 28 May)
    Phase III: Build (5 weeks, 31 May – 09 July)
    Phase IV: Test & Acceptance (3 weeks, 12 – 20 July)
    Phase V: Friendly User Test (3 weeks, 02 – 23 August)
    Launch (24 August, Rwanda International Trade Fair) – Sept. Live
    Launch Timing
    Friendly User Test
    Test & Acceptance
  • 99. BPR Mobile Roadshows & Sign-up Success
  • 100. BPR Mobile Roadshows & Sign-up Success
  • 101. Case Study: Banco Regional (Paraguay)
  • 102. Rationale
    Good for Banco Regional Customers
    New, innovative, modern service for existing customers
    Saves customers time and energy
    Can service multiple account types (easy-to-bundle)
    Easy to use, safe and secure, reliable – for many Banco Regional customer segments
    Good for Paraguayans
    Given internet and mobile penetration, provides services to the under/un-banked
    Attract new customers to banking in general
    Good for Banco Regional
    Attract new consumer customers to Banco Regional
    Platform for all sorts of new products and combinations
    Allows customers to bank when and where they want
    Cost reduction (queues, incentivises alternative banking channels)
    SMS channel for us to communicate with customers
    Transaction and commission revenue helps Banco Regional fund more product development
    According to the customer survey: post-merger, Banco Regional customers await new services.
  • 103. Mobile Financial Services Competition in Paraguay
    SMS Alerts Product
    SMS Alerts Product
    SMS Alerts Product
    Banco Familiar SMS AlertsBasic SMS Alerts product, free for customers.
    ItaúClickBankingFlexible SMS Alerts for all account types, loans (Tigo, Personal). Free. IVR banking. Previously offered mobile transfers.
    Vision Banco SMS AlertsBasic SMS Alerts product, free for customers.
    SMS Alerts Product
    SMS Alerts Product
    BBVA SMS AlertsBasic SMS Alerts product, free for customers.
    Banco Continental SMS AlertsBasic SMS Alerts product, free for customers.
    MNO Money Transfer
    Giros Tigo / Tigo Cash
    USSD-based money transfer service for Tigo & non-Tigo customers. 4% commission charged to sender. Also promote mobile banking.
    Launched w/Continental & Atlas
    BilleteraPersonalMoney transfer, mobile wallet product from Personal.
    There seems to be a “first mover advantage” for a full-fledged mobile banking strategy.
    Time-to-market is critical here.
  • 104. Paraguayan Socio-Economic Distribution & MB
    4 % (ALTO)
    High-value customers and enterprise businesses need to be targeted in other ways. Traditionally expensive to attract these customers.
    Driving specific products & services in lower-income areas = real scale opportunities
    26 % (MEDIO)
    Massive potential to expand in middle, middle-lower and lower income customer base with MB. This is the area where Paraguayans are under-served, but still can be profitable, long-term Banco Regional customers.
    Bajo alto 10 %
    Bajo medio 16 %
    Massive potential to expand in low-income customer base with MB. Traditionally these are un-banked Paraguayans and not automatically attractive to Banco Regional. However, with a limited product set, and cost-effective support & maintenance, these could also be profitable for the bank.
    Bajo bajo 30 %
    56 % (BAJO)
    14 %
    (MUY BAJO)
    Question: What are the segments applicable to a Banco Regional MB product? Likely this is upper-middle, middle, lower-middle and lower segments. Is Banco Regional interested in trying to expand successfully in these segments?
  • 105. Business Case Drivers
    Customer Acquisition Tool
    New customers in current regions
    New customers in un-served regions
    New customers to banking
    Innovative “virtual” (alternative) channel
    Helps lower branch queues
    New Revenues
    Deposits and loans from new customers
    Bundle revenues
    Direct transaction revenues
    Service addition in bundles for existing customers
    New 24/7 channel, bank in your pocket
    Supports Banco Regional’s position in Paraguay
    Leverages lessons learned from partner banks
    Enterprise Customers
    Supports business account management with new consumer payment product in Paraguay
    Supports payroll strategy
  • 106. Thank You!
    Dan Armstrong
    Takashi Mobile | Financial Services
    Rapenburgerplein 81
    1011 VJ Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    +31 652 085 071