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Optimizing Your Practice for Online Visibility



An overview of search, SEO and social media for getting found - how to optimize and engage for online visibility. Presentation was delivered to SAC-CAMFT, an organization of marriage and family ...

An overview of search, SEO and social media for getting found - how to optimize and engage for online visibility. Presentation was delivered to SAC-CAMFT, an organization of marriage and family therapists.



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    Optimizing Your Practice for Online Visibility Optimizing Your Practice for Online Visibility Presentation Transcript

    • Optimize Your Practice for Online VisibilitySAC-CAMFT
      Dana Lookadoo . @YoYoSEO . YoYoSEO.com
      November 19, 2010
    • Introduction
      Online visibility means people can find you online when they search.
      People use various forms of “search” to look for marriage & family therapy help.
      You’ll learn basics about optimizing your website and social profiles to be “visible”and be found.
      Who has a website?
      Social profiles?
      Google Profile?
    • Outcomes
      Understand people go to “search” to find information that meets their needs and questions.
      Understand search as a business process that may redefine your marketing efforts (and possibly your “messaging”).
      Engage online, when possible, given confidentiality and licensing requirements.
      Know the basics of website optimization.
      Know how and where to set up social profiles & list your business in directory listings.
    • Agenda
      Defining Search
      How To Get Found In Search
      Social Media Overview
      Defining Online Visibility
      Social Profiles
      Marketing Channels
      Website Content Worksheet
      Online Visibility Worksheet
      Review: Social Profile Information
    • Defining Search
      What is Search?
      Local Results & Google Places
      Google, Bing & Yahoo! Search Results
    • What is Search?
      Search Engines
      Other Websites
      Directory Listings
      Social Profiles
      Word-of-Mouth Marketing
      In-person, Email, Phone Referrals
      Reviews, LinkedIn Recommendations, Facebook “Likes”
    • What is Search?
      Search Engines
      Search is anywhere there are search barswhere people can look for information.
    • Search Bars
      Facebook Search
    • Search Bars
      Search Social Conversations
    • Search Bars
      LinkedIn Search
      • Why show up in search on LinkedIn?
      LinkedIn Profiles
      & Events
      also show up in
      Search Results
      such as Google.
    • Facebook Search – Marriage Family Therapy
    • Twitter Search – Marriage Family Therapy
    • Twitter Search – Marriage Family Counseling
    • Twitter Search – Marriage Family Therapist
    • LinkedIn Search – Marriage Family Therapist
    • Citysearch – Marriage Family Therapist
    • Best of the Web – Marriage Family Therapist
    • Yahoo! Search – Marriage Family Therapist
      Reviews Rank
    • Bing Search – Marriage Family Therapist
      Local results above organic, 1st below paid
    • Search Results
      Pages of “results”displayed by search engines, when a person searches, are called…
      Search Engine Results Pages
    • Search Results Snippets
      Each listing in the search results is called a…
      3 non-paid (organic) snippets:
    • SERPs – Universal Results
      SERPs, especially in Google, are a mixture of snippets from website pages that rank in addition to Local, News, Video, Images, and more.
      “Mixed SERPs” are known as:
      Universal Results
      Blended Results
    • Google SERPSs – Marriage Family Therapist
      ISP Location
    • Google Suggest – Marriage…
      Google “suggests” phrases based off how people search.
      # of results
      for “marriage”
    • Google Suggest– Marriage F…
      # of results
      for “marriage f*”
    • Google Suggest – Marriage Family C…
    • How To Get Found In Search
      SEO, Search Snippets & Website Optimization
      Defining Keywords to Get Found
      Type & Number of Results
      Local Directories
      Keyword Research
    • How to Get Found – Organic & Social Search
      Put target keyword phrases into your content, conversations, and digital assets:
      Website (body copy, page titles, file names, meta tags)
      Social Profiles
      Directory Listings
      Images (file names, ALT tags, captions)
      Video (titles, description, file names, etc.)
      Get reviews in search and directory listings
      Social signals can rank above well-optimized websites.
      Use keyword phrased in textual links within your website & incoming links to site.
    • SEO Defined
      SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.
      The “art and science” of SEO involves:
      Understanding your target audience (searcher persona);
      Researching terms your audience “speak” - keywords they search for and use in conversation;
      Researching your marketand your competition;
      Knowing the search results space - number and type (organic, local, news, video);
      Planning website structure, design, code, and copy that’s “attractive” to people and “accessible” to search spiders;
      Creating contentthat captures attention, meets audience needs - content people want to talk about, share and link to;
      Optimizing titles, tags, text and links.
    • On-Page SEO
      Optimizing content both on & off your website:
      Digital Assets: Body content (text) & assets (images, videos, PDFs)
      Internal Links: Navigation, text linked to other site pages in your site (anchor text)
      Titles, Tags, URLs: (HTML code, meta tags, page names)
      Structure & Accessibility:Spiders & Speech Readers
      External Links (not shown):Links from other websites
      Title: Primary Keyword Phrase – Key Message for Page
      LOGO (916) 555-1212 . About . Contact
      tagline: Marriage & Family Therapy serving Sacramento Area
      NAV Menu
      Licensed Therapist . Marriage & Family Resources . Location
      <h1>Headline – Primary Message
      Provide key message to primarytarget audience above the fold in text. Summarize using yourprimary keywords - what you want them to understand about your practice. Link to a page aboutmarriage and family therapy in Sacramento, California.
      Write including at least one more instance of keyword modifiers or related words. Answer primary audience questions and needs.
      This copy is critical and will be used by various properties & search engines, often as your practice description.
      Call to Action
      Download Tips for a Healthy Marriage PDF (## K)
      Subscribe to Newsletter
      Link to Map
      Image w keyword-rich –file-name.jpg
      ALT tag
      Footer: Links to key pagesCity & maybe County location, (916) 555-1212
    • How HTML Elements & Keywords Show in Snippets
      Results for “licensed marriage family therapist sacramento”
      Titleof each page is MOST IMPORTANT to have keywords.
      Meta Description convinces searcher this is THE result they want to “click through” because page is relevant to their search.
      URL: Page name or hierarchy displays. Keywords increase CTR (click through rate).
      Title Tag
      Meta Description
      URL: Domain Name + Page Name
    • Website Optimization: On-Page SEO
      Title Tag:
      Tells search engines page is about “Home.”
      <h1> Headline
    • Website Optimization: On-Page SEO
      Title Tag:
      Tells search engines page is about “Serviced Provided.”
      <h1> Headline
      Body copy:
      1st paragraph is most important to have targeted keywords.
      Bold & italicize words send signals .
      3 paragraphs start out with “I” – doesn’t tell visitor what they’ll get. “I” is not their search term.
    • HTML Code Shows in Search Snippet
      HOME PAGE: http://www.fishertherapy.com/index.html
      <meta name="description" content="Introduction to Kari Lloyd-Fisher, MFT ">
      <meta name="keywords" content=" Sacramento, Kari Fisher, Carrie Fisher, Carrie Lloyd-Fisher, Loyd-Fisher, Kari Lloyd-Fisher, Counseling, Therapy, MFT, Marriage and Family Therapist, Therapist, couples, individuals, family, families, adults, teens, children, kids, adolescents. ">
      keywords tag not used for ranking – don’t stuff
      SERVICES PAGE: http://www.fishertherapy.com/services.html
      <title>Services Provided</title>
      <meta name="description" content="marriage and family therapy for couples, individuals, families, children and teens, adolescents">
      <meta name="keywords" content="therapy, counseling, couples,
      individuals, families, family, children, kids, teens, adolescents, treatment">
    • Microformats –hCard (Advanced On-Page SEO)
      hCard is a type of HTML markup that sends “signals” about people, companies, and locations.
      Tells search engines which blocks of code represent your contact information.
      Where to use?
      Use hCard to “mark up” your “About” and “Contact” pages.
      Example: http://transitionsmft.org/contact.php
      <p class="vcard"><span class="fn">Sean Slevin</span> can be reached directly at: <span class="ns_meno_print"><br/><a class="org url" href="http://transitionsmft.org">Transitions Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling</a><br/><span class="adr"><span class="street-address">250 East Market Street, Suite D</span><br/><span class="locality">Harrisonburg</span>, <span class="region">Virginia</span> <span class="postal-code">22801</span> </span><br/></span><b class="tel">(540) 908-2792</b>.<br/>Download <a href="http://transitionsmft.org/vcard-sean-slevin.vcf" title="This is a vCard file that can be imported into your address book application.">Sean's contact information</a>
      gray= HTML code
      red = microformat
      orange = body text
    • Defining Keywords to Get Found
      Know the number of search results and who ranks for target phrase. THEY are your competition!
      Are there a few thousand or a few million results?
      What modifiers can you add to your target search terms to narrow competition and results?
      “marriage family therapist folsom ca”
      “christian marriage family therapist”
      “marriage counselor yolo county”
      Know types of content SERPs show for your terms, i.e. News results? Local listings? Video? Images?
    • “Marriage Family Therapist Folsom CA”
      is now
    • “Marriage Family Therapist” w/o City Modifier
    • Google Places: Place Page Ranks w/o Website
      Website Down!!
      Google Place page
      ranks #1
      because of 11 reviews.
    • Local Directories
      Google Places – puts your business in Google Maps
      Help Guide: http://www.google.com/support/places/?hl=en&rd=1
      Yahoo! Local
      Bing Local
      Best of the Web (Directory)
      Citysearch (Directory)
      GetListed.org (Service to list across directories)
      Therapist Locator (Niche Directory)
    • GetListed.org – How Is Your Business Listed?
    • Research Keywords People Search & Say
      Google Suggest results
      Phrases that appear as you search in www.google.com
      Google AdWords Keyword Tool
      WordTracker Free Keyword Tool
      WordStream Free Keyword Tool
      Listen to clients, making notes of words they use!
    • Google AdWords Keyword Tool
    • WordStream Keyword Tool
    • Website Content Worksheet – Exercise
      Tips & best practices for applying keywords, writing copy and optimizing key aspects of your website pages.
      Use one worksheet for every page of website.
    • Social Media Overview
      Social Media Properties
      Engagement Opportunities
      Search & Social Web
      Search & Social Footprint
      Online Visibility Venn Diagram
    • Social Media Properties
      Social Media is engaging on sites that enable discussions,sharing & voting.
      • Sharing (Facebook, Twitter)
      • Networking (LinkedIn)
      • Bookmarking (Delicious)
      • Video (YouTube, Vimeo)
      • Images (Flickr)
      • Reviews (Yelp)
      • Forums (Yahoo! Answers)
      • Music (BLIP.fm)
      • Blogging (WordPress, Blogger)
      • News (StumbleUpon, Digg)
    • Social Media Engagement Opportunities
      Blogging (Blogger, WordPress)
      Personal Journal, Interests, Hobbies
      Marketing & Promotion
      Thought Leadership
      Forums & Discussion Boards
      • Birds-of-a-Feather Sharing
      • Meet others with same interests
      • Answer questions, demonstrate expertise
      • Branding
      Connect with other therapists
      Connect with local businesses
      Offer promotions
      Share relationship tips
      Become a thought leader
      Share local news, becoming part of community
      Provide feedback
      Establish your brand
    • The Search & Social Web
      Social media “signals” are growing in importance to search engines.
      Most social media profiles rank well in search engines.
      Social profiles can lead visitors back to your site.
      Social “presence” helps you be found!
      Image credit: Garret Pierson
    • Search & Social Footprint
      Search: Your website’s search footprint increases by developing quality content and getting incoming links to your pages.
      Social Media: Your social footprint increases your exposure in the SERPs and other forms of search.
      Friends on Twitter
      Fans on Facebook
      Connections in LinkedIn
      Reviews in directory listings
    • Search & Social Footprint
      People exposed to you, your practice and your website content will, if they like it, share it on Twitter, write a review on LinkedIn, bookmarkit on Delicious, vote on it (thumbs up) in StumbleUpon.
      The key to building visibility through your search and social footprint is to offer something of value:
      Combining “search & social” means more results about you are indexed in search. You get more incoming links, more traffic, and more social media conversations & votes- resulting in higher visibility.
    • Online Visibility
    • Social Profiles
      Optimizing Your Profiles
      Google Profile
      Securing Profiles
      Getting Started Checklist & Worksheet
    • Optimizing Your Profiles
      How do you want to be found? Your profile name will show up in search results.
      Aim for a consistent user name across networks. Decide alternate user name if primary is not available.
      Use a photo as your avatar, a cropped headshot is best. A graphic can work for business.
      Create large & small versions, 300x300 & 80x80 pixels. Most sites will scaled down larger file, but some require smaller image. Avatar must be square!
      Personal User Name
      BusinessUser Name
      but I also use…
      PersonalAvatar Photo
      BusinessAvatar Graphic
    • Optimizing Your Profiles – Twitter
      Your bio & website URL help friends and followers know something about you. Bio text influences how you get listed in search engines.
      Create a bio, approx. 160 characters in length. Use keyword-rich descriptions to summarize your strengths, career, interests.
      Link to your site, blog or your LinkedIn profile.
      Personal Bio
      Business Bio
    • Google Profile
    • Google Profile
      Your Google profile allows you to be found on Google while increasing visibility for your name & your practice.
      Details you can add to your profile:
      A short bio
      Links to your practice website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile
      Places you've lived
      Where you've worked
      Where you grew up
      Schools you've attended
      Photos from Flickr & Picasa
      The more information you add, the easier it will be for people to find you. (And the more Google will know about you…)
      Set your full name to show publicly.
    • Edit Google Profile
    • Secure Social Profiles - options
      Go to each social media website to see if your user name is available.
      Only secure a few sites and leave others up to chance.
      Use KnowEm to check availability of your user name or vanity URL on 400 Social Media websites. Secure all for profiles for$99 or $249.http://knowem.com
    • Getting Started Checklist
      • First Name & Last Name – Most sites require both.
      • User Name – 6-15 characters. Consider alternate User Name?
      • Avatar – Square headshot photo or logo preferred over picture of pet.
      • Bio – Use words (keywords) for how you want to be found and show up in search results. Put most important phrases at front of bio.
      • Website URL – Link to site/blog. Format: http://websitename.com
      • Website Name – Some sites will ask for name - linked anchor text.
      • Password – 6-10 characters, secure, memorable with at least 2 #s.
      • Birthday,Gender – Many ask for info. Are companies male/female?
      • Address – Some ask for mailing address. Do not display publicly.
      • Twitter Backgrounds - http://www.tweetbacks.com/ & http://twitterbackgroundsgallery.com/
      • Vanity URL – Customize your profile URL on LinkedIn & Facebook.
    • Online Visibility Worksheet – Exercise
      Social Profile Information
      Create and optimize bio.
      <= 160 char
    • Online Visibility Worksheet – Checklist
      Social Profiles & Directories Checklist
      Review select social networks, email services & directories.
      Determine priority for your practice.
      Google profile is essential to claim business listing in Google Places.
    • Marketing Channels
      Overview of Marketing Channels for Online Visibility
      Integrated Marketing
    • Marketing Channels for Getting Found
      Website development and optimization (on-site SEO)
      Sharing and building links to your website and/or online profiles (off-site SEO)
      Local SEO (NEW: Google Places)
      Pay-Per-Click Advertising
      Social Media Engagement
      Video Marketing
      Niche Directory Listings
      Ask for Reviews (when appropriate)
    • Integrated Marketing
      Business Cards, Post Card Mailers, Phone Book Ads
      Include your online profiles on all materials:
      Website address, your domain URL
      Twitter profile
      LinkedIn personal or company page
      Facebook URL
    • Summary
      Searchis more than Google.
      Know your audienceand your target search terms.
      Optimize your website code and content.
      Claim your business listing in Google Places.
      List your practice in local and niche directories.
      Social media signals are growing stronger.
      Increase your search & social footprint. (Presence builds presence!)
      Optimize your website content.
      Optimize your social profiles.
      Get listed in directories.
      Engage in online conversations.
      It’s Word-of-MouthSEO!
    • Formula for Being Found in Search
      SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      Links, Listings & Reviews
      + Social Media
      Online Visibility
    • Dana Lookadoo
      Dana Lookadoo, SEO ConsultantYo! Yo! SEOWord-of-Mouth SEO . Optimize your online conversationdana@yoyoseo.com . 831.901.5225http://yoyoseo.com . http://twitter.com/YoYoSEO
      Personal Profiles & Blog