Platform as a Service: Essential to Your Future


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This slide deck from a webinar conducted by Interarbor Solutions' Dana Gardner and Rosie Pongracz from explains how platform as a service (PaaS) equips enterprises to innovate faster. The inevitability of PaaS will accelerate development activities, while reducing complexity for enterprise IT, allowing IT to focus more on innovation than operation.

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Platform as a Service: Essential to Your Future

  1. 1. Platform as a Service:
 Essential to Your Future" Learn How PaaS Equips Enterprises to Innovate Faster" Dana Gardner! Rosie Pongracz !! Principal Analyst, Product Marketing Director, Interarbor Solutions! Salesforce Platform!sfdc_ppt_corp_template_10_20_2012.ppt
  2. 2. Speed Development Up, Complexity Down!  PaaS capabilities on the fast track for improvement!  Gets you out of the hardware and software infrastructure business!  Make better use of cloud and software as a service (SaaS)!  PaaS forms key new ingredient to IT and business transformation!
  3. 3. PaaS Flips IT s Focus from Operations
 to Innovation! Innovation" Innovation!Keeping the Business lights on Innovation Governance 
 Governance &! & Change 
 Management! Change Management! Infra ! Infrastructure Mgmt! Management!
  4. 4. Business is demanding new apps… IT isstruggling to deliver with existing platforms! Manual, Trapped" Hard to DeliverDisconnected " Data" Customer" Business Social Apps" Processes" Hard to Innovate! Types of business problems!
  5. 5. How PaaS Fits in Now!  Cloud s middle layer!  Integration of application lifecycle functions!  Maintains choice on tools and IDEs !  Best-of-breed as a process!  Forces standardization and automation!  Governance and security easer to implement, manage!
  6. 6. PaaS: Innovation. Not Infrastructure! Cloud App Platforms" (Platform as a Service) ! Cloud Services"Business Value! Globalization! APIs! Mobile! Software Stack" Security! Database Services! Analytics! Infrastructure" App Server Services! Search! Messaging Services! Collaboration! as a Service" Directory Services! Identity! Hardware Servers! Hardware Storage! Hardware Networking! Business Services!
  7. 7. Variations on PaaS!•  Micro-sites to Big data! •  Highest levels of•  Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, abstraction! Node.js, more ! Lower Higher •  Clicks + code!•  Postgres, MySQL, NoSQL! Abstraction Abstraction •  VisualForce, Apex!•  Git based workflow! •  SOQL!•  Data model outside SFDC! •  Native SFDC workflow!•  Best for new applications •  Data model within SFDC! & refresh of existing apps! Integrated & Extended via! •! •  Open APIs (REST, SOAP)! •  Open source toolkits & libraries!
  8. 8. PaaS Applications! Optimization: Agility: " Innovation: " Automate Your Build Social" Create Engaging Business" Front Ends" Customer Apps" 29%" Increase in Innovation! Increase Unlock Legacy" Create new Productivity! Data! Customer Channels!Source: Market Tools “ Customer Relationship Survey Results” May 2012
  9. 9. Inhibitors to PaaS Adoption!  Murky definitions!  Lots of new entrants!  What type of apps?!  Concerns on portability and migration!  Ability to govern, secure apps!  Data access and privacy!  Trust!
  10. 10. Inevitability of PaaS! Built-in PaaS Services" Your Innovative" Infrastructure! Application! Operations! Platform! Touch! Social! App" Services! Services! Services! Services! Services! Services! Lose the infrastructure, gain speed!
  11. 11. Case Study: Kelly Servicestransformed their business with PaaS
 Supplier Mgt App! Tracks key suppliers ! Chatter provides collaborative workspace! Deployed across 27 countries and 5 continents! Delivers real-time visibility across the company with no new infrastructure!
  12. 12. Zimmer Builds iPad Digital Catalog onPaaS! iPad Digital Catalog App! Leading supplier of orthopedic devices, and surgical products needed real time, global business visibility! Provides touch based navigation to identify key surgical content ! Integrated with salesforce Content! Native iPad demo for field use by global workforce!
  13. 13. Case Study: Macy s reacts faster,stays competitive, builds in social onPaaS!
  14. 14. ummary and ConclusionsSummary and Conclusions! Mobile, social apps fast!  Strong tactical benefits!  RAD and mobile apps!  On-ramp to more clouduses!  Time to experiment now!  Maturing offerings point tostrategic benefits!  Process level focus forbusinesses!  Productivity and costs gains!  Transformation benefits!
  15. 15. Salesforce Runs on the Platform! OUR Apps" YOUR custom apps" PARTNER apps" Social Mobile Real-time
  16. 16. Q & A" Learn more""" Salesforce platform free trial" Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst Interarbor Solutions 603-528-2435 Follow me on Twitter @Dana_Gardner dgardner@interarbor-solutions.comsfdc_ppt_corp_template_10_20_2012.ppt