How to market and brand your social enterprise or project without spending a small fortune


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How to market and brand your social enterprise or project without spending a small fortune

  1. 1. How to market and brand your social enterprise or project without spending a small fortune City Business Library April 27, 2012Friday, 27 April 12
  2. 2. Welcome to the ‘new’ media landscape Most of us know this (and are dizzy) Twitter / Facebook / Flickr / YouTube / Foursquare / Digg / LinkedIn / StumbledUpon / and there are always new ones! So many options > saturated market > where else? How much? What is right?Friday, 27 April 12
  3. 3. Questions, questions...How does the audience find you? And how do you find your audience? traditional (or ‘old’) media? ‘new’ media? word of mouth? a combination? how much have we changed? (not a lot - just the mediums have multiplied and fragmented)Friday, 27 April 12
  4. 4. Packaging a concept / Developing your brand + action plan for communication strategy timing + benchmarks consistency striking a balance engagement / value / relevanceFriday, 27 April 12
  5. 5. Media Landscape ‘Old’ model: print, radio, television ‘New’ media: is what online was referred as up to mid to late 2000’s now media landscape is a strong combination of the two worlds and models have flipped media consumption cycle is changing/ evolving - we CONTROL a lot of the communication processFriday, 27 April 12
  6. 6. Media Landscape (cont’d) There is no doubt that the goal to any project / campaign should be audience SHARING and COMMUNICATING with brand and each other No longer just project + website + media relations Now: website + blog + public relations with mainstream media + SEO (search engine optimisation) + SMO (social media optimisation)Friday, 27 April 12
  7. 7. Case study:Friday, 27 April 12
  8. 8. Friday, 27 April 12
  9. 9. Approach ‘traditional’ methods - press release, liaising with mainstream seeded on social networks (FB, Twitter, Qype, ASW, dedicated Tumblr microsite, etc) press release distribution jumping on social web achieving organic growthFriday, 27 April 12
  10. 10. Desired Results? engaging existing readers + new connections achieving press exposure (from Harper’s Bazaar, Time Out to the Lady) spiralling into much wider online conversation via key/relevant blogs + social networks real life engagement / face to face interaction leading to new ideas + brand possibilitiesFriday, 27 April 12
  11. 11. So...what do I do? > Building a following How does the message spread? > understand audience behaviour, not just technology (old methods applied to new and more mediums) What/where/how much do we share and communicate? define goal / identify audience / share / engage / add value / keep audience coming back from more / create ongoing conversation Focus on slow & steady, rather than fast & furious >> key is to make followers loyal and engagingFriday, 27 April 12
  12. 12. AND Building a community tapping into networks + linking + commenting + collaborating + connecting optimising + tracking + revising strategy some planned, a lot organic (if people like the project > they will connect and talk about it > think about it like word of mouth with infinite possibilities)Friday, 27 April 12
  13. 13. Building a community (cont’d) Find and nurture ambassadors (they will find you too) Evaluating relationships / best partners / buddying / mentoring / connecting offline / conversation groups + forums > spread the word, ask for feedback Harnessing network Creating ties / support network Building CRITICAL MASSFriday, 27 April 12
  14. 14. Is there a formula? There is no formula > it’s a work in progress > keep changing + sharing + listening > try new things There is an approach, the rest is trial and error (and DO ask for feedback - this is a 2-way street and formula can be adjusted accordingly as you go) Website + blog + social networks + seo/smo tagging, liking, building links, boosting ranking organically participating (contributing, engaging, sharing, commenting, becoming an authority+ relevant sourceFriday, 27 April 12
  15. 15. A few (thrifty)hints and tools... There is no magic, no tricks - just using a little savvy and working with a schedule Think of the big picture and start with a 12- month forecast -- then, break it down by quarterly goals and monthly benchmarks If you have little or no money allocated to media and marketing, be savvyFriday, 27 April 12
  16. 16. ...cont’d when relevant, a press release is key (needs to have a hook/angle - what makes your story a good one?) social networking (more important than ever) speaking / events / becoming an expert focus on your own network / nurture ambassadors / word of mouth (‘old-fashioned’ but still very relevantFriday, 27 April 12
  17. 17. identifying your audience who are they? what do they “look” like? what do they read? where do they shop? visualise >> that will make your marketing plan more strategic **Friday, 27 April 12
  18. 18. SWOT strengths weaknesses opportunities threatsFriday, 27 April 12
  19. 19. competitive analysis who? why? what are they doing?Friday, 27 April 12
  20. 20. You and your brand moving forward... setting benchmarks review of tools > what works best for your brand or project? goals priorities > be realistic, yet ambitiousFriday, 27 April 12
  21. 21. You and your brand moving forward... A lot of the tools are in your hands build up, tweak, see what works - it’s better to use less mediums and make them effectiveFriday, 27 April 12
  22. 22. Thank you... www.nostressnopanic.comFriday, 27 April 12