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Slideshow danae

  1. 1. Danae Brauer Slideshow
  2. 2. Trophies and Awards Award for being one of the 10 students with the highest marks. I got this medal last year of secondary, I felt really happy because all my teachers, family and friends were happy for me. Soccer team. On elementary school we all had to choose a soccer team and play with them until the end of the year. On the final tournaments we won the first place.
  3. 3. Diplomas High School Diploma. I got this diploma on my graduation ceremony. I felt happy and proud of myself in concluding my high school students with all my generation.
  4. 4. Special Events, Community Events, Business Events Centennial College Party. I as an international student from Mexico, assisted to the party, with the purpose of meeting more students from Latin America, Spain, Brazil, and USA. After this event I met new people and now I have a strong relationship with them.
  5. 5. Chamber of Deputies in Mexico. The school got invited to know how the chamber of deputies is and what deputies, and senators do. I was amazed when I saw the chamber from the inside, because I was used to watch it on the news, and magazines. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know this fantastic place.
  6. 6. Volunteer Experiences Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos). A Mexican tradition. As part of our culture, all high school students participated, to make a representation for families, and students. Halloween. All senior students organized a fundraiser for our graduation party. I was proud of our generation because we were the first to raise more money in one month compared to the past generations.
  7. 7. Seminars and Lectures University Conference. The Univesidad Panamericana, in Mexico gave us an speech of what is it to be when you just graduate from high school, and the possibilities you have. We were invited as last year students to know more about that university, their educational plans, and giving us some advices to us when graduated from high school Bioethics Conference. Last year I had the opportunity to assist to this conference. A friend of mine invited me to listen this presentation, made by university students, after the presentation I learned what bioethics are, and how important are for our dally lives.
  8. 8. f. Photos of job fairs you’ve attended Job Fairs. As an assignment we were required to assist to the job fair event. My friends and I decided to go together, and we realized how many jobs were there for the different careers. We also realize how important is to assist to any job fair, because it helps you to give yourself an idea of where would you want to be after you graduate from College, or University.
  9. 9. g. Photos of you interacting with other business people (professors, manager, CEOs, business people at events, etc.) My Business Operations Professor. Professor Kham Ho, was a very good inspiration for me, because he had worked in several places, because he is always looking the opportunities to learn, and experience new possibilities moving forward in his professional life. He told us an advice “if you have been working in a company for more that one year, and you have not had a promotion, then you should move from there”.
  10. 10. Mexican Consul in Canada. Centennial College, made a Latin American party in which consuls from Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, panama, and Mexico were invited. Here I am giving a present in the name of Centennial College to the Consul of Mexico. I felt very honored because they chose me as a representative of Mexico to give the consul this present, and I also got to know him.
  11. 11. Life Experiences (travel, teams, schools, etc.) Museum Trip. All my classroom mates attended to a trip in order to see the exposition “ Human Body” for an anatomy project. We all got high marks in that project, and we learned that going in teams you have more chances to learn new experiences. Boston Massachusetts. This was my first time in The United States of America, I loved the city because I got to know Harvard University, and I saw the fantastic architecture of this city that has a lot of history in it.
  12. 12. Presentations Homelessness Presentation. I gave this presentation with my classmates, for Global Citizenship and Equity. We gave videos, statistics, information, and we also created a plan to change and aware others about this situation, our plan is to create an animated short video about homelessness, because it is a problem which affect us all and countries also gets affected.