WW Agenda - Version 12/7/12


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WW Agenda - Version 12/7/12

  1. 1. v12/7/2012 Year Two Winter Workshop – Version 12/7/12Wednesday, January 23Teams Travel to Austin, TX and check into hotel (Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center)2-6 PM Onsite Registration Courtyard Austin Downtown Teams to submit Modeling & Simulation Event Presentation & Sponsorship Pitch Backgrounder at Registration5 PM GRA Reception Courtyard Austin Downtown6:30 PM Depart for Welcome Night – Team’s to Drive on Own7 PM Winter Workshop Welcome Night Abel’s on the Lake10 PM Conclude & Return to HotelThursday, January 247AM Depart hotel for Freescale7:30AM Breakfast Freescale CafeteriaEngineering GRAs and Comm. Managers to turn in their posters to the registration desk by 8 AMTime Opening Plenary Session – Freescale Auditorium All students, faculty and organizers8 AM Welcome Connie Bezanson, DOE Jim Kolhoff, GM Kevin Kott, dSPACE Gregg Lowe, Freescale Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. v12/7/20128:15 AM Looking Ahead to Competition Finals – Year 2 Competition Schedule Kristen De La Rosa, ANL8:45 AM Proving Ground Rules and Details Chris Hengesh, GM  Road System Layout  Building Area Layout  Proving Ground Rules  Driving Conduct  Team Member Conduct  Attire  Cell Phones/Camera Policy  Available equipment and services  Local resources/parts availability9:30 – 3PM Sponsor Success Video & Blog Post Judging (Judges Only) Momentum 2, Freescale9:30 AM Break Communication Managers meet in lobby to depart for Outreach Day activitiesTime Technical Overview Session, Competition Event Session, Business Managers, Communications Auditorium Barton Creek 1-3 Trinity Room Managers, Off- Site9:45 AM Shipping Details Dynamic Events Remaining Year Two Dan Mehr & Chris Hengesh, GM Steve Gurski & Dan Mehr , GM Deliverables  Shipping Timeline  ORSE Cindy Svestka & Carol Johnson,  State of the vehicle  Max Lat GM & Nicole Lambiase, ANL  Pallet requirements  Autocross  Penalty  DCA10:15 AM GM Updates  Acceleration & Braking Outreach Day Dan Mehr, GM Details TBD  Blue Dollars  TBD10:45 AM Year Two Event Rules Sponsorship Tactics and Nicole Lambiase, Brian Benoy, Patrick Negotiating Techniques Walsh, ANL Kristen De La Rosa, ANL  Progress Report 3  Final Technical Report Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. v12/7/201211:15 AM Non-Year Specific Rules Vehicle Design Review Business Round Table Jesse Alley, ANL Dan Mehr, GM  Penalties  Decals  Updates  Q&A12 PM Lunch Freescale CafeteriaTime Technical Overview Session, Auditorium Competition Event Session, Leadership Training (Team Communications Managers Barton Creek 1-3 Leaders, Business Managers, Faculty), Trinity Room1 PM Safety & Technical Inspections Emissions & Energy Working in a Virtual Jesse Alley & Brian Benoy, ANL, Steven Consumption Environment Boyd, DOE Patrick Walsh, ANL & Jim Jim Kolhoff, GM1:30 PM  Log Sheet Tulpa, GM Handling Your and Other  Pre-Competition Inspections People’s Stress o Schedule John Haraf, GM2 PM o Procedure Being your Team’s Outreach Day o Scoring Spokesperson Details TBD  Competition Inspections TBD2:30 PM o Procedure Leadership Succession o Lessons Learned Planning  Q&A TBD3 PM Break3:15 PM Engineering Panel Static Consumer TBD Acceptability Dan Mehr, GM3:45 PM Mechanical Presentation Outreach Day Ed Argalas, GM Details TBD4:15 PM Electrical Presentation Steve Gurski, GM Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. v12/7/20124:45 PM Controls Presentation Steve Gurski, GM5:15 PM Return to Hotel and Evening on Your OwnFriday, January 257AM Depart for Freescale7:30 AM Breakfast Freescale CafeteriaADD CD ADAPCO OFFICE HOURS? Modeling & GM LE9/LUJ Simulation GM APM/HVAC Office Hours Sponsorship Pitch & Table Waivers Q&A Communications Managers, Time Judging Open Q&A – Steve Top Display Judging Freescale Trinity Barton Creek 1- Momentum 2 Gurski, GM, Barton Creek 3 Cafeteria 2 St. Andrews8AM Judge Briefing – Chris Twarog, Ed Argalas & Remaining Year Two Judge Briefing – Barton8:20 AM Barton Creek 1- GM Hung Nyugen, Deliverables Creek 3 CSULA 2 GM & Kimberly DeClark, ANL & Lynda J. Alley, ANL Palombo, NRCan8:40 AM Clean Cities Workforce WSU9 AM Development Program Update Waterloo CSULA UTK Amanda McAlpin & Dana Bubonovich, ANL9:20 AM Break9:30 AM TBD Communications Washington CSU RHIT9:50 AM Professional Development VT Continued10:10 AM UVic ERAU MSU10:30 AM UTK10:50 AM Break Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. v12/7/201211 AM TBD Communications RHIT MSU UVic11:20 AM Professional Development Purdue Continued11:40 AM PSU NCSU Waterloo12 PM OSU12:20 PM Lunch Freescale CafeteriaADD FSL FAB TOURS THIS AFTERNOON Waivers CD-Adapco Modeling & GM LE9/LUJ Q&A Office Hours Sponsorship Pitch & Simulation Magna Office Office Hours GKN Office Communications Freescale and Open Table Top Display Time Judging Hours, – Steve Hours. Managers, Cafeteria Q&A Judging Barton Creek 1- Momentum 2 Gurski, GM, Bear Creek Trinity Room Capitol Barton Creek 3 2 St. Andrews Room1 PM Ed Argalas TBD, CD- Communications NCSU OSU CSULA VT Washington1:20 PM & Hung Adapco Round Table MSU1:40 PM Nyugen, ERAU2 PM GM & CSU PSU Purdue WSU Waterloo J. Alley, ANL2:20 PM Break2:30 PM PR Panel CSULA Purdue NCSU ERAU2:50 PM Judge Debrief – Barton Open Q&A3:10 PM Creek 3 RHIT UVic Open Q&A3:30 PM3:50 PM Break4 PM PR Panel Cont. UTK PSU4:20 PM Continued4:40 PM UVic5 PM5 – 6 PM Sponsor Social & Team Sponsorship Displays Set-Up5:20 PM Depart for Hotel Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. v12/7/20127 PM Sponsor Social Courtyard Marriott, Downtown Austin10 PM ConcludeSaturday, January 267AM Depart for Freescale7:30 AM Breakfast Freescale Cafeteria Business Managers Project Management Training 1 on 1, (Team Leaders, Faculty, Business Modeling & Communications Walnut Creek Managers), Waivers Q&ATime Simulation Judging Managers 1 on 1, Trinity Room Momentum 2 Barton Creek 1-2 Bear Creek Ed Argalas & Hung WSU Picking the right person for the job 8AM VT CSULA Nyugen, GM & and vice versa J. Alley, ANL Rich Maltzman & Dave Shirley, EarthPM 8:40 AM Washington CSU Waterloo Motivation Rich Maltzman & Dave Shirley, 9:20 AM Waterloo ERAU UW EarthPM High Performance Teams Rich Maltzman & Dave Shirley, 10 AM WSU MSU VT EarthPM10:40 AM Break10:50 AM – 12PM Modeling & Simulation Judge Debrief Capitol Room Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. v12/7/2012Time Freescale dSPACE ESS Office Waivers Q&A Communication Business Project Management Training, Training, Barton Training, Blue Hours, Momentum 2 Managers 1on1, Managers Trinity Room Creek 3 Bonnet St. Andrews Bear Creek 1on1, Walnut Creek 10:50 TBD, Freescale TBD, dSPACE Jesse Alley, Ed Argalas & NCSU UVic Collaboration Training AM ANL Hung Nyugen, Rich Maltzman & Dave Shirley, GM OSU UTK EarthPM  Stakeholder connections 11:30  OBS and how it works PM with the WBS  Building a powerful RAM12 PM Lunch Freescale CafeteriaTime Freescale dSPACE AVL Waivers Q&A Communication Business Project Faculty Round Training, Training, Blue Training, Momentum 2 Managers 1on1, Managers Management Table, Barton Creek 3 Bonnet Town Lake Bear Creek 1on1, Training, Barton Creek 1- Walnut Creek Trinity Room 2 TBD, AVL Ed Argalas & Responding to Faculty advisors 1 PM Hung Nyugen, PSU RHIT Risk Deep Dive to report on GM & Rich Maltzman & successes and J. Alley, ANL Dave Shirley, challenges1:40 PM Purdue Purdue EarthPM Continued Continued What Does Automated Software Offer a2:20 PM RHIT PSU Project Team? Rich Maltzman & Dave Shirley, EarthPM 3 PM BREAK3:15 PM UTK OSU Round Table Continued Continued Continued Continued Teams to bring Continued3:55 PM UVic NCSU Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. v12/7/2012 specific issues to MSU discuss4:35PM VT5:25PM Depart for Hotel7PM Evening Event Sponsored by Freescale & dSPACE Maggie Mae’s on Sixth St.10PM ConclusionSunday, January 277:00 AM Depart for Circuit of the Americas7:45 AM BreakfastADD TEAM PHOTOS Acceleration & Braking Communications Business Managers 1 on E&EC Demo, AVL Demo,Time Tours Demo, Parking Lot A/ Managers 1 on 1, 1, Founders Suite Parking Lot A Parking Lot A COTA Blvd. Legacy Suite8:20 AM 7, 8, 9 1&2 3&4 5&6 Washington ERAU8:40 AM 3&4 5&6 1&29:00 AM 10, 11, 12 5&6 1&2 3&4 Waterloo CSU9:20 AM 7&8 9&10 11&129:40 AM 13, 14, 15 11&12 7&8 9&10 WSU CSULA10:00 AM 9&10 11&12 7&810:20 AM 1, 2, 3 13 14 1510:40 AM 14 15 1311:00 AM 4, 5, 6 15 13 1411:20 AM LUNCHEON TBD1:00 PM Depart for Airport Page 8 of 8