October Report 2011


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October Report 2011

  1. 1. Oxford High School Media CenterMonthly Report for October 2011Dana Bolle, Media SpecialistKim McIsaac, Media Center Assistant
  2. 2. October Highlights  Kindles are checked out: We have put almost 100 books on the Kindles, some of them are free classics and then we have updated the Kindle book collection with our most popular materials for students. So far we have received about 15 permission slips with more coming in every day! Students are VERY excited to get to use the Kindles and there is already a long waiting list. More news to come later!  Spooky books on display: The media center is all decorated for Halloween with spooky or scary books on display. This is a great way to showcase books that student may not have looked at on the shelf.  LibGuides: More LibGuides webpages are being added to the collection with resources for students and staff to use. These act as databases with materials that are online, in the media center, or handouts. We try to set a page for teachers that are doing projects in their classroom.  Media Center Newsletter: A media center newsletter for fall 2011 will be sent out to all the staff in the next week or so to highlight some of the changes and new materials we have to offer like our Gale Cengage database and the Kindle program.Media CenterStatisticsClass Visits  66 teachers reserved the media center for their classes during the month of October, the subject breakdown is below:
  3. 3. Class Visits to the Media Center by Subject 3% Special Education 8% Art 27% Language Arts Physical Education 1% Social Studies 5% 47% 9% Foreign Language Math 61 teachers reserved the media center lab for their classes during October, the subject area breakdown is below: Class Visits to the Media Center Lab by Subject Language Arts 3% 12% Art 7% 36% Social Studies Foreign Language 12% Science Math 27% 3% Physical Education Teacher with the most visits wasGina Sambuchi-Black with 20 in the media center and Molly Darnell with 20 in the lab!
  4. 4. Circulations  Total Checkouts for October 2011- 367 books up from 161 last October!  Top Ten Books for October: 1- Crank by Ellen Hopkins 2- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 3- Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins 4- Forever by Maggie Stiefvater 5- The Lost Boy by David Pelzer 6- Torn by Margaret Peterson Haddix 7- Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard 8- The Road by Cormac McCarthy 9- Marked by P. C. Cast 10- The Son of Neptune by Rick RiordanCollaborationsTeacher ProjectAmy Sarris-Reading Recovery Reading SamplingsProfessionalAttended the Teacher Librarian Webinar-PD with a TwistSubmitted by: Dana Bolle 11.10.11