Social Media Marketing on the Real-time Web


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Talk on Social Media Marketing on the Real-Time Web at the Bay Area Networking and JHTC Meetup on May 20, 2010.

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  • Hi Dan,

    Really, really enjoyed your presentation. Love to help you sell this product when you have a subscription version. I've already downloaded it to my iPhone!
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  • Hi Jodi,

    Thanks, glad to hear it!

    For those of you who liked my presentation, please check out the all-day workshop I’m hosting on Jun 12th in Palo Alto. It’s called ’Toolbox’, and we’ll be covering best practices in product management, UI design, and marketing with an emphasis on startups.

    Learn more at Use promo code ’slideshare’ for a big discount! Thanks!
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  • Great presentation, Dan. I learned a lot. And I plan on trying out YourVersion. Thanks! - Jodi
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Social Media Marketing on the Real-time Web

  1. Social Media Marketing on the  Real‐Time Web Dan Olsen, CEO, YourVersion May 19, 2010 Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  2. Agenda What is Social Media Marketing? What is the real‐time web? Focus on using top tools for Twitter Facebook Social Media Optimization YourVersion Interactive talk: Please interrupt with questions &  share your examples Will post slides to Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  3. My Background Education BS, Electrical Engineering, Northwestern MS, Industrial Engineering, Virginia Tech MBA, Stanford UI design and web development 19 years of Product Management Experience Managed submarine design for 5 years 5 years at Intuit, led Quicken Product Management Led Product Management at Friendster PM consultant to startups:, YouSendIt, Epocrates Speaker: Web 2.0 Expo, Facebook Fund, Stanford CEO & Cofounder of YourVersion, startup building  “Pandora for your real‐time web content” Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  4. Quick Poll of Audience Job type Company size Familiarity with using: Twitter Facebook How much experience marketing on: Twitter Facebook # of Twitter followers Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  5. What is Social Media? Old media: 1‐way communication Social media: 2‐way communication Reader is empowered (vs. just publisher) Allows expression and dialog Interactive Social  1‐to‐many Public Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  6. What is Social Media Marketing? Using social media to achieve your  marketing goals Reaching prospective customers Communicating with existing customers Communicating & reinforcing your brand A key component of your overall  marketing mix Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  8. What is the Real‐Time Web? Time delay from event/idea to publication  is essentially zero Tweets, FB Status Updates Free & effortless for people to post content Finding information Before, focus was only on relevance Recency has increased in importance New goal: Relevance + Recency Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  9. Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  10. Why do Marketers like Twitter? Way to reach prospective customers Free Can find people for a given topic/keyword Can identify influential people Can benefit from word of mouth/viral marketing Way for people to discover your brand Great vehicle for dialog with your existing  customers Other reasons? Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  11. Twitter Basics Twitter Website Profile page: handle, background image, URL Follower model: asymmetric, blocking, ratio Tweets 140 character limit (can delete a tweet) Mentions, Direct messages (DMs), and Retweets (RTs) Hashtags Lists Search: people, text Trending Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  12. The Art of Writing Tweets Making your message fit into 140 characters Eliminate unnecessary words (telegram) Common abbreviations: Thx 4 ur RT. R U going? Be Positive: “Awesome article on …” Call to action to click: “You gotta see this …” Use hashtags to increase reach Use @ for people, use well‐formed URLs Leave room for RT #FollowFriday, #FF Other examples? (good & bad) Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  13. Twitter Clients Clients Tweetdeck Tweetie (acquired by Twitter) twhirl (acquired by Seesmic) Seesmic (web, desktop, & mobile) Computer, Mobile, Web Free vs. paid Tweetdeck demo Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  14. Twitter Tools: People Managing followers Friend or Follow Finding people WeFollow Tracking followers over time TwitterCounter Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  15. More Twitter Tools Hashtags Automatic DM to Followers SocialOomph (formerly TweetLater) Twitter Apps oneforty Twitter for Teams CoTweet Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  16. Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  17. Facebook Pages Groups Events Ads Insights Apps Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  18. Facebook Status updates Sharing Like Comment For your website Like Button ference/plugins/like‐box Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  19. Social Media Optimization Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  20. SMO is the new SEO  SEO (PageRank) Decide on strategic keywords Optimize content Get links, ideally from high PageRank sites Social media optimization Decide on strategic topic(s) Identify key topic thought leaders & groups Build relationships Contribute to the conversation Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  21. Using Multiple Channels Together Write your blog post Tweet with link to your blog post with  relevant hash tags Friends/followers read & retweet People reading hashtags Facebook Page Wall post Have fans & friends like and comment Shows up in their friends streams who will read,  like, and comment Comment on a relevant blog post with a link  to your post Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  22. Building an Audience What matters What you talk about How you talk about it Who you’re talking to Building your reputation Ideally, perceived as a topic expert Helping people discover good content Being up‐to‐date and in‐the‐know Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  23. Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  24. Problem: Amount of Web Content Far  Exceeds How Much Time We Have “We saw a trillion unique URLs, and the  number of individual web pages out there is  growing by several billion pages per day” ‐ Google Blog, 7/25/08 Time Spent Online Average Hours per Week 12 Average Hours per Week 10 8 6 4 2 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 US Households, self-reported Source: Forrester Research Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  25. Current Model for Finding New,  Relevant Web Content is Broken Current solutions take too much  effort and are impersonal Search Revisiting bookmarks RSS readers Google alerts New Discovery Model: Instead of you having to find the  content, the content finds you Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  26. Shift to Discovery Model Has Created  Large Value in Related Areas Discovery model has already transformed: Music: Pandora, Television: TIVO Movies: Netflix Better user experience Time spent searching is minimized/eliminated Relevant content delivered to user (push vs. pull) Engine proactively discovers new content for user Transformation to Discovery model hasn’t  occurred for web content, but it’s about to Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  27. YourVersion Is The Best Real‐Time Discovery Engine Most Personalized Delivers Best Blend of Relevance with Recency Easiest to Use: innovative user interface Most Complete Discovery Solution Bookmarking with auto‐tagging Sharing: email, Facebook, Twitter iPhone App Firefox toolbar, Chrome extension, Browser sidebar Harnesses Collective Intelligence Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  28. YourVersion Has Received Very Positive User Reaction Launched at TechCrunch50, won People’s Choice  Award User praise “You've now replaced my iGoogle tab. Nice.” “Tired of surfing for articles on subjects you are  interested in? Try @yourversion I'm a huge fan  already!” “RSS for the rest of us” Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  29. YourVersion Demo Website Firefox Toolbar Browser sidebar Personalized weekly email with top  stories iPhone app Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  30. Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  31. YourVersion iPhone App Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  32. Try it out at: Free iPhone app at:‐app or search for “yourversion” in App store We’re hiring marketers Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  33. ‐Intimate, all‐day workshop  for startups on Product  Management, Design, &  Marketing ‐Sat June 12th in Palo Alto Use discount code “jhtc” for  $90 off ($59 instead of $149) Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
  34. Questions? @danolsen Copyright © 2010 YourVersion
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