What have you learned from your audience feedback


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What have you learned from your audience feedback

  1. 1. What have you learnedfrom your audiencefeedback?Daniel Monaghan
  2. 2. • I gained feedback on my film trailer, poster and magazine through mypeers and teachers I did this by holding a group session where Ishowed everyone my work and then asked for both positive andnegative feedback. Once I received this I acted upon it improving mywork.
  3. 3. Positive feedback• Good shot lengths• Conventions of film noir is clearly shown• Sound track fits in with the genre• Slow motion shots are really effective• Narrative is clear• Timing good with music• Not too many characters• Good pace• Good use of font with the title
  4. 4. How I reacted to the positive feedback• The one bit of feedback that I received a lot was that I had used a lot of theconventions of film noir such as shadows, smoking and how the characterswere dressed for example the males wore suits and fedoras which arealways used in film noir. It is good the group noticed that because a traileraims to inform the audience and I aimed to show them it s a film noir sothe audience know what to expect.• Another bit of feedback I received was the editing of the film was good forexample the pace of shots and shot length aswell as how the music fittedover the top of it. Editing is an essential part of film if it is done wrong eventhe best stories will look rubbish therefore it was essential I got it right ad Iam confident I have after reviewing my work with a peer group.
  5. 5. • I received other feedback on the story of the trailer being good suchas having a good narrative and not too many characters. This is goodbecause it means my target audience will be interested when theysee the trailer thus making them want to come see the full film. I alsooriginally were going to have 5 characters but decided this wasn’t agood idea and would rather focus on key characters evidently this wasa good idea from the feedback.• Finally the focus group liked the style of the font on the title as itlinked with the idea of the film as it look almost like lipstick or bloodwhich links with the title ‘The lipstick murders’. This is what I haveaimed to do when I chose the font as it also makes it unique andrecognisable.
  6. 6. Negative feedback• Make the production company shots longer• Smoke is getting in the way of captions• No reference to the lipstick• Fire shot doesn’t link with the rest of the narrative• Too much shadow in some of the shots• Too dark in places• Font doesn’t go
  7. 7. How I reacted to the negative feedback• Some of the negative feedback was aimed at the captions used in thetrailer, such as there was smoke getting in the way of the captionsmaking them harder to read. When I received this feedback I reviewmy trailer and agreed with it, so I too k action and moved the smokeso it wouldn’t get in the way of the captions making it easier to read.Other comments were made about the captions such as the textdoesn’t fet the rest of the genre or trailer, this as right as I had used abasic plain text, it was suggested that I change it, so I looked throughnumerous fonts until I fond the one now used in the final trailerwhich suits the genre a lot more.
  8. 8. • One comment was made which counter acts the positive feedback,there was too much shadow in a shot which made it to dark so theaudience couldn’t see much. It was a scene which took place in a pubbut with some light but when it was recorded the lights would flickerand it was very dark. To fix this I went out and re-filmed this shot in adifferent location making it look a lot better, this made it easier forthe audience to see what as going on.• Another piece of feedback suggested that there was no reference tolipstick, however I decided to ignore this feedback as I believed therewas a few such as the title across all 3 products looks like it was wrotein lipstick, in one scene in the trailer a womans body is found withlipstick in her hand and a message written in lipstick on her arm. Ibelive tjis is enough to like the trailer to the title.