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At Energy LLC 08/2013

  1. 1. MEA and Stacks for Fuel cell power generators – an alternative to conventional sources of uninterruptible power supply and transport engines.
  2. 2. New membrane electrode assembly and stacks for PEM Fuel Cell Solution 2 Usage of «dirty» hydrogen up to 100 ppm CO. No humidification system. Working at low tempratures without additional heating. Low Platinum usage: 1kW stack cost $1175.
  3. 3. Technologies Membrane Electrode Assembly New SnO2 - SbO4 / Pt Catalyst Membrane modification technology 3 still a short period of time that requires the use of a battery or Telecommunications installations with backup fuel cell power Hydrogen Anode/Catalyst Cathode/Catalyst Water/Heat Oxygen PEM Flow Plates The modified membrane becomes moisture independent and works without additional heating at low temperatures (now -5C, potentially up to -40C) NO humidification and air cooling systems High tolerance to CO, lower hydrogen fuel purity is needed (50-100 ppm CO) Applicable to DuPont membranes (or other) Utilization of nanostructured platinum catalyst PtC in highly dispersed oxide and oxide-carbon carrier lead to: lower platinum usage for cathodes (down to 100 mcg/cm2) and anodes (down to 50 mcg/cm2)
  4. 4. Lifetime 2Х higher (40.000h) than best known Fuel cell competitor 0" 1000" 2000" 3000" 4000" 5000" 6000" Dantherm)Power))) Horizon) AT)Energy) CAPEX"FC"Stack"/"kW"" 0" 20" 40" 60" 80" 100" Ba#eries( FC(Dantherm(Power((( FC(AT(Energy( Energy"cost"kW/h,"rubles."" Start temperature from -5 0С (potentially -40 0С) to +40 0С Danther Power from 00С Horizon from+50С Competitive advantages towards FC PEM competitors 4 2X stack CAPEX reduction humidification system and air cooling system replacement 5X reduce cost of generated energy
  5. 5. Current status 5 Technology Proof of concept (catalyst + membrane): 1-2W cells Lab sample developed and tested: MEA with moisture independent (H2) membrane ( -5C), rh=0%, size: 5*5cm up to 40*40cm, Platinum: cathodes: 0,3 mg/cm2, anodes: 0,1 mg/cm2, Business 2013: $60 revenue from commercial R&D In talks with clients: - Avangard 500: Backup - Avgur: manufacturer of airships - Degtyarev Factory: robotics on PEMFC Targets for MEA Current Catalyst: High tollerance to CO in hydrogen (up to 100 ppm) Membrane: moisture independent (- 40 C), ability to replace humidification block from FC system - Shell: power units for materials handling - Ministry of Defence Russia: unmanned aircraft vehicles - Russian Railways: auxiliary power units and others Platinum usage: cathodes: 0,1 mg/cm2, anodes: 0,05 mg/cm2
  6. 6. UPS global market: 2X growth in 10 years Global market [1] [1] 2010 2015 2020 $7,5B $10B $15B 6 Fuel cell global market: ~25% annual growth 2011 2014 2017 $600M $1,4B $3B
  7. 7. Other applications & markets avaliable 7
  8. 8. 4 years of experience in managing high-tech ventures. 2 years in venture capital. 20 years of research in electrochemistry and electrocatalysts for fuel cells. Custom R&D for Nissan, Samsung, Norilsk Nickel. Publications in «Catalysis today», «Chemical communication» etc., (h = 12). Daniel Shaposhnikov, co-founder and early investor Yuri Dobrovolsky, Doctor of Chemistry, co-founder Sergey Nefedkin, Doctor of Engineering, co-founder 20 years of research in hydrogen energy sources. Team 8
  9. 9. Membrane ready Catalyst ready Membrane electrode assembly ready 06.2014 12.201412.2013 R&D and business development plan 9 R&D 1 R&D 2 R&D 3 Fuel cell Stack ready R&D 4 Product ready (small lot): Membrane electrode assembly Product ready (pre-productional sample): FC stack 09.2014 early 2015 First sales MEA & Stacks 2016 Exit opportunity
  10. 10. Seed round ($110k) hard commitment from Atom Partners in addition to Skolkovo grant Investments 10 1-y Golutvinsky, b.6, Moscow +7 495 972 8173 A Round ($1,4M): February 2014 - Term sheet for $700K from RussianVC - Atom Partners follow on round opportunity - Skolkovo $700k grant opportunity