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Should you outsource your e-mail archive?
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Should you outsource your e-mail archive?


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My portion (70% or so) of the webinar today, sponsored by Google. I'm more pro-SaaS/Cloud than not, but there are many things to consider here. This is not my usual graphic heavy, rapid-fire style - …

My portion (70% or so) of the webinar today, sponsored by Google. I'm more pro-SaaS/Cloud than not, but there are many things to consider here. This is not my usual graphic heavy, rapid-fire style - was for a webinar, and these platforms don't like crushing 150 slides into 50 minutes. :(

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Should you Outsource your Email Archive? Speaker: Dan Keldsen Director, Market Intelligence at (blog) (backchannel)
    • 2. Why Call Out E-mail for Archiving?
      • Uncontrolled nature of business e-mail invites problems
        • It seems personal, but it's BUSINESS
        • Continued e-mail volume, despite alternatives
      • Costs:
        • Cost of highly available storage
        • Cost to manage the storage
        • Cost to back up – and restore!
      • Messaging system performance
      • Personal productivity
    • 3. What are you Targeting for Content Security?
      • 44% Stated E-mail was top concern
      Source: AIIM Market IQ on Content Security, Q4 2007
    • 4. The Growing Elephant
      • eDiscovery is a clear driver of investment in e-mail archiving
        • Without proactive processes and systems, every discovery request risks being chaotic and risk-laden
        • Mitigate risk with a solid foundation, and plan for future improvement
    • 5. Archiving as Foundation
      • Easy to overcomplicate, but…
        • Don't let the drive to solve E-mail Archiving blind you to larger problems
        • Prioritize and Expand
      Electronic Records Management E-mail Management E-mail Archiving
    • 6. EDRM START
    • 7. Balancing Needs with Solutions
      • Needs:
        • Control
        • Governance
        • Visibility
        • Findability
      • Solution decisions:
        • Architecture
        • Trust
        • Cost
    • 8. Balancing Enabling vs. Disabling Risk vs. Benefit
    • 9. Control
      • At the heart of e-mail archiving
        • Getting relevant e-mail into archive
          • Manual
          • Automatic
          • Hybrid
        • If this part of the process is broken, all downstream benefits FAIL!
    • 10. Governance
      • It's not enough to state that e-mail that meet criteria x, y, z "shall be placed into the archive"
        • Compliance is verification of stated policies of procedures
        • Without verification of compliance, you do not have Governance
        • (Train and) Trust… but verify
    • 11. Visibility
      • What makes e-mail management of any kind troubling?
        • Lack of visibility into the actual contents of e-mail
          • Smoking guns
          • Outdated versions of content being passed via e-mail, when current versions exist in another repository
          • A measure of what % of e-mail is useful vs. filler/garbage/CYA
    • 12. Findability
      • You don't want to search, you want to FIND, or verify that there is nothing TO find
        • If you can't find it, it doesn't exist…
        • Until opposing counsel turns up a copy YOU couldn't find
    • 13. Architecture - Where to Filter?
      • Hosted Solution - outside
      • Gateway - edge
      • E-mail Server - just past the edge
      • Client-side - all the way in
    • 14. Capturing E-mail Source: AIIM Training on E-mail Management - Hosted SMTP relay Messaging application Client application SMTP Archive application Journaling - Log shipping - Personal archive file MAPI -
    • 15. Complexity of Control
      • From a scalability and management point of view
        • Less is More
          • Apply solutions where you can affect the most inputs/outputs at once
          • Manual processes should be avoided as much as possible
      Perimeter Core Content
    • 16. Key Example - Litigation Hold
      • Which would you rather have?
        • Broadcast e-mail:
          • "Please do not delete any e-mail relating to Client X. Retain copies until further notice."
        • Apply a rule to thousands of local inboxes.
        • Apple a rule to clusters of the core e-mail servers.
        • Apply a rule to a centralized repository.
    • 17. Who do you Trust, Technically?
      • As a former CTO and (reformed) paranoid security guy, let me ask… who holds the keys to your e-mail kingdom? The Sysadmin?
      • When your e-mail archiving system is being accessed, do you know by whom, and why? When messages have been manipulated, deleted, obscured, overwritten?
    • 18. Who Watches the Watchers?
      • Who should have rights, and what should the rights be?
      • With e-mail being one of the most ripe areas for the discovery of evidence, e-mail must be untampered if you wish to survive lawsuits
      • IT may "run" the infrastructure and even "own" the solution, but the business owns the content and is liable for abuses and misuses
    • 19. Costs
      • Cannot compare costs of outsourcing with "insourcing" if you're not currently measuring existing costs
        • Staffing
        • Storage
        • Bandwidth
        • Software
        • Hardware
        • Power
        • Legal fees
    • 20. ROI Calculator
      • For Professional Members of AIIM
        • Download the newly released E-mail Management ROI calculator…
          • (non-members, $125 professional membership fee will provide access)
    • 21. Rent or Own?
      • What is your organizational policy on buying versus renting/subscription-based solutions?
        • It's 2008 - what are your options?
          • Outright bans on specific types of solutions (appliance, SaaS, etc. are simply bad business. Options abound.)
    • 22. Consider Your Options… In the meantime…