Enterprise 2.0 FTW!


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Presentation from Carl Frappaolo and I (Dan Keldsen) keynoting at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, June 10, 2008. The first 12 slides aren't going to make sense without seeing us presenting it (hope it was memorable for those who were there!), but the remaining slides boil up the key findings from our 90 page Market IQ on Enterprise 2.0. For full details on the report, go grab a free copy at www.aiim.org/enterprise20 - and would love to hear your feedback on the live presentation or the report. Find our blogs at www.BizTechTalk.com (Dan) and www.TakingAIIM.com (Carl).

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Enterprise 2.0 FTW!

  1. 1. Do You Know Enterprise 2.0?
  2. 2. Note: From a keynote presentation given at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston - based on research into adoption levels and perceived barriers of Enterprise 2.0-style collaboration... Most “gut reactions” mentioned in the press - are WRONG.
  3. 3. Carl
  4. 4. Dan
  5. 5. Boomer
  6. 6. Millennial
  7. 7. I Love the Internet
  8. 8. I the Internets
  9. 9. It’s How I Run My Business
  10. 10. Me and My 1782 Friends - FT W!
  11. 11. Thousands of “Friends?!?” FTW ? WTF!
  12. 12. Enterprise 2.0 HUGE POTENTIAL for my Organization
  13. 13. Enterprise 2.0 HUGE POTENTIAL for my organization
  14. 14. www.aiim.org/enterprise20 441 respondents, 80+ pages, 70+ charts/figures Authored by: Carl Frappaolo & Dan Keldsen Advisory Panel Included: Patti Anklam Stowe Boyd Andrew McAfee Eric Tsui David Weinberger
  15. 15. Top Findings Age Doesn’t Matter (as Much as You Think) Culture Matters (More Than You Think) A Slow Market (Frustrates Early Adopters) Strategy (is Hard to Find)
  16. 16. Age Doesn’t Matter (as Much as You Think) How Critical Is Millennials Enterprise 2.0 to Your 37% Organization’s Business Goals/ Success? (Significant to Boomers Imperative 38% Responses)
  17. 17. Age Doesn’t Matter (as Much as You Think) Are You an Internal Champion of Enterprise 2.0 Within Your Organization?
  18. 18. Culture Matters (More Than You Think) KM Inclined 2x as Likely to Significantly Increase Rate of Networking Increase Formation of Communities
  19. 19. A Slow Market (Frustrates Early Adopters) All (Respondents) KM Inclined Adoption is Magnified Adoption is minimal Source: AIIM Market Intelligence Source: AIIM Market Intelligence Characterize Your Organization’s Adoption of the Above Technologies
  20. 20. Culture Creeps Cautiously
  21. 21. Strategy (is Hard to Find) KM Inclined 31% as Likely to Pursue Enterprise 2.0 Strategically Rather Than Ad Hoc
  22. 22. Enterprise 2.0 F T W! What Are You Trying to Accomplish with Enterprise 2.0? Source: AIIM Market Intelligence
  23. 23. www.aiim.org/enterprise20 441 respondents, 80+ pages, 70+ charts/figures
  24. 24. Need help with your collaboration strategy?
  25. 25. Technology isn’t enough...
  26. 26. Young employees aren’t enough...
  27. 27. “Old” employees probably aren’t the boat anchors...
  28. 28. Strategy isn’t enough...
  29. 29. Is YOUR Information Architected for Collaboration?
  30. 30. Carl Dan Blog: Blog: www.TakingAIIM.com www.BizTechTalk.com E-mail: E-mail: cf@InformationArchitected. dk@informationarchitected. com com twitter.com/dankeldsen www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=584261521 linkedin.com/in/dankeldsen Plurk, FriendFeed, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, MyBlogLog... BTW: I’m really a Gen Xer (shh!)
  31. 31. More on our methodologies at www.InformationArchitected.com/ collaborationstrategy 617-933-9655 or 617-933-2584