Bonus slides: Do You Have the Strength for Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation?


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Companion, bonus slides to the Presentation given at the Front End of Innovation on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 in Boston, MA.

If you aren't yet using Enterprise 2.0 (or Web 2.0 - let's not get hung up on labels as a barrier to adoption) for Innovation... What are you waiting for? If you've begun, what return have you seen? Pitfalls?

Is Enterprise 2.0 right for your organization? Is your organization ready? Perhaps not. If not, in the meantime, good to understand how to sow the seeds and begin to set the stage for an eventual adoption of E2.0 concepts and technologies.

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Bonus slides: Do You Have the Strength for Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation?

  1. Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation Do you have the strength to embrace Innovation in a 2.0 world? at es text / lid on s S or c nu n f om Bo io te d.c Dan Keldsen s er rchi )tec Co-founder & Principal ll v nA fu tio ck e (se rma e2fei de I nfo
  2. For those that don’t know
  3. Enterprise 2.0 • “The use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers” Source: Harvard Professor Andrew McAfee
  4. The full deck paints a picture as to How and Why you SHOULD Do Enterprise 2.0... but realistically, your organization may simply not be ready.
  5. Reasons not to use Enterprise 2.0 (For Innovation Purposes)
  6. Can't use more ideas, or simply believe you already have enough
  7. Like doing things the hard way, with as few people as possible
  8. Believe that existing (pre-2.0) collaboration technology provides the collaboration toolkit you need
  9. Think wikis are whacky, Blogs are BS and Twitter(or microblogging) is for Twerps
  10. All of which might actually be true (If your existing toolkit works - I’m all for making the most of investments and processes already in place)
  11. In which case...
  12. MAYBE Enterprise 2.0 isn’t for you...
  13. But how will you know, if you don’t experiment?
  14. The cost is minimal (to free)
  15. It’s likely experiments are already underway in the corners of the Enterprise where the Early Adopters and Innovators are constantly searching and improving
  16. Remember the adoption curve (And LEVERAGE it) Graphic Source: Geoffrey Moore - Dealing with Darwin
  17. So, Does 2.0 fit into YOUR Innovation strategy?
  18. How we can help
  19. How we can help Innovation Management IAM Alert (News) Education IAM Talking Enterprise 2.0 (Interviews) Education Research Enterprise 2.0 Innovation Strategy Strategy
  20. Bonus resources Just for you... The full deck on E2.0 and Innovation, interviews on Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation, and more... Or Email (send blank msg): Or call us at 617-933-9655 to discuss your project and how to align your business goals to the most cost-effective approach for Enterprise 2.0 in YOUR organization
  21. Let’s Discuss Dan Keldsen Co-founder, Principal at Information Architected -> <-