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Strategic plan update   staff meeting 8-2012
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Strategic plan update staff meeting 8-2012


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This is a test.

This is a test.

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  • 1. Strategic Roadmap 2011 – 2014
  • 2. eXtension Strategic Plan: Emphasis Areas for the Next Four Years
  • 3. Areas of focus• Optimized Communities• Partnerships and funding• Local value enhancement• Performance measurement• Professional development• Productivity improvement
  • 4. Optimized Communities CoP Optimization guidelines completed • 13 proposals received, being reviewed New CoPs (recent) • Community, Local and Regional Food Systems; Marine Aquaculture; Prescribed Burning; Volunteerism; Wood Products; Sheep (almost) A number of CoPs and new resources launched Ask an Expert V2 to be released in September Redesign of (plan developed) Continued effort to improve discoverability Second Life virtual learning environments continue to be developed
  • 5. Partnerships and Funding Global Advancement, LLC hired • National eXtension Foundation Leadership Council established, 10 of 12-15 members identified • Development Plan with timeline being finalized • Priority list of potential sponsors Included in NIFA competitive grant programs • 83 letters of acknowledgment written in 2012 Partnerships with other Federal agencies • USDA-DoD- Military Families RFA = $897,500 • CDC ~$270,000 (to eXtension) – looks promising International - INTSORMIL, Ukraine, Australia CoP sponsorships/contracts
  • 6. State & Local value enhancement Listening sessions completed Work team established Institutional teams being strengthened/established Institutional visits being made Conference exhibits being provided eXtension 101 modules being developed Monthly Institutional Team meetings 2012 National eXtension Conference scheduled • CoP Leaders and Institutional team member sponsorships
  • 7. Performance measurement Critical Success Factors established and reported • 2012 CoP reporting guidelines established with CoPs to report outcomes/impacts Benefits of eXtension being written/shared 2-year evaluation of eXtension underway Surveys evaluating involvement in eXtension Transformation data/analysis being conducted State reports (upon request)
  • 8. Professional development Learn V2 released; traffic/participation is growing Increased the number of eXtension and state/institutional offerings NAEPSDP/eXtension survey conducted Number of Moodle courses/learning modules increasing National speakers provided for NeXC2012, NEDA, webinars
  • 9. Productivity improvement 1-hour Governing Committee meetings Biannual evaluation of eXtension Fewer Directors Council Meetings Greater use of video conferencing software to hold distant meetings
  • 10. Comments• Sonny Ramaswamy remarks at Joint CoPS meeting, July 2012 Boundary spanning structures for innovation - partnership ecosystem; Intellectual communities; breakthrough discoveries; engagement, establishing infrastructure; empowering faculty and staff… “This is eXtension.” Michael Ouart, Jimmy Henning, Ron Brown• “In the future, eXtension’s importance is as a national framework/network for collaboration.” Paul Coriel, LSU
  • 11. Comments• “I really appreciated the call from Glenn Nader (eWin) about the availability of resources on wildfires…I am coming to the National eXtension Conference in OK.” John Boren, New Mexico State University• “I have told directors like Ed Smith in Texas that if you want money from us, it will be as an investment in an eXtension Community of Practice.” William Nelson, CHS Foundation
  • 12. Comments• The topic is Extension Scholarship… “We need to tap the entire talent of the university as we simultaneously figure out optimal strategies for faculty and staff to capture the opportunities to effectively incorporate the new online learning and engagement world. Extension will be one of several means for universities to significantly enhance their engagement port folios…This will involve structure shifts, such as clear endorsement of and support for the scholarship of engagement, it will involve significant cultural challenges and changes (paradigmatic shifts on many campuses), and it will require faculty and staff as well as university administration to actively infuse energy and leadership to increase university engagement. These initiatives will need to reach many more faculty than currently participating with eXtension. eXtension needs and should be central to these processes”. Lou Swanson, Colorado State University
  • 13. Challenges• Funding – NTAE reduction – State budgets (need for creative solutions) – Revenue generation• Shared vision• State & Local Value• Mobile• Support – Help Desk
  • 14. The next few months…Dan• National Leadership Council• Sponsor/partnership development• eXtension inclusions in Federal grants• National eXtension Conference• eXtension Progress Review• 2013 Milestones & Budget
  • 15. Kudos