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  • In March, Chiquita launched a new social media platform called Eat a Chiquita
  • Although Chiquita is the top search response along with the majority of search results I believe it would be beneficial for Chiquita to invest in Google Adwords, they could also work on their SEO because when typing bananas they are about 7th on the search results list. For launching a new social media campaign in March, I believe they have a lot to learn on how to market their new found tools. Increasing ad’s during seasons of different fruits would also be benefit marketing.
  • Dams_Chiquita_Final Power Point

    1. 1. Social Media Strategy Proposal Presented By: Melissa Dams
    2. 2. History of Chiquita • 100 years and counting… • In 1944 introduced Miss Chiquita and became first company to brand a banana. • “Chiquita Banana” Song is one of the most successful commercial jingles of all time • The Famous Blue Sticker came in 1963 • Chiquita continues to grow internationally and is known all around the world for more then just bananas but quality and fresh products.
    3. 3. Challenge, Goals, and Solutions • The Challenge to get consumers to buy Chiquita produce and products despite that obesity is at an all time high. • The Goal to interact with consumers and convince them of the healthy and beneficial outcomes of eating quality produce. • Solution reach out and build social media awareness.
    4. 4. Current Social Media Facebook Chiquitaville Twitter The Blog YouTube/ “The Cinema”
    5. 5. Ways to Improve • Getting consumers involved through YouTube video and Facebook photo or other contests and drawings. • Not posting the same content or status on the same social media vehicles. • Utilizing Google and Facebook ads for promotions, special deals, and regular ads. • Making ads that reach the target market.
    6. 6. Facebook & Twitter • Adding Facebook and Twitter to other vehicles commercials. • Running different promotional events and contests promoting customer interaction. – Like getting others to become a fan, or fastest to give the correct answer to a tweet or status update. •Running a picture promotion such as with the stickers in the most outrageous places, or make your own funny “blue sticker” and the winner actually have their idea placed on bananas.
    7. 7. Chiquitaville A social media community created by Chiquita that brings together all forms of social media used by the company from a blog, movies, games, and even sticker contests.
    8. 8. YouTube/ “The Cinema” • Find better SEO words for finding the YouTube channel • Having the YouTube and The Cinema connected makes it easier for consumers to find. • Making contests of the best “Chiquita Banana Jingle” video uploaded by consumers. • Making videos showing how to make different recipes using different Chiquita products.
    9. 9. Google Advertisements • There are currently no google advertisements when just typing “Chiquita” or “Chiquita International” • I believe this would be a great place for Chiquita to promote and put money towards advertising. • “Chiquita Banana” you get Google Ad’s advertising for Banana Halloween Costumes • When searching “Banana(s)” no Google Ad’s appear, I believe that this would be perfect for Chiquita to begin using Google Ad words. Also they are about 7th on the results so working to make them number one is a main priority.
    10. 10. Measuring Success • Google Analytics • Increased Banana Sales • Facebook Ad Statistics • Number of Fans, Likes, and Followers on brand pages of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube • Increased consumer participation on Chiquitaville • Click through rates Budget: $500,000