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10 Tips for Improving Your B2B Demand Gen Program with Inbound + Outbound Marketing
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10 Tips for Improving Your B2B Demand Gen Program with Inbound + Outbound Marketing



Green Leads Netprospex Webinar with Mike Damphousse

Green Leads Netprospex Webinar with Mike Damphousse



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10 Tips for Improving Your B2B Demand Gen Program with Inbound + Outbound Marketing 10 Tips for Improving Your B2B Demand Gen Program with Inbound + Outbound Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 10 Tips for Improving Your B2B Demand Gen Program with Inbound + Outbound Marketing
    Inbound and outbound, what's the right mix for you?
    Michael Damphousse
    CEO/CMO, Green LeadsBlogger: Smashmouth Sales & Marketing http://www.green-leads.com/b2b-blog/
  • What Is Unified Demand Gen?
    Inbound Marketing
    Google Search
    Prospects Raise Their Hands
    Prospects Find You
    • Outbound Marketing
    • Reaching Out
    • Targeted and Swift
    • Prospects Get Found by You
  • Poll: What is Your Demand Gen Mix?
    General Marketers
    Demand Gen Experts
    Demand Gen Specialistsuse Equal Mix 30% more than General Marketers
  • Joe GalvinSiriusDecisions
    Nigel EdelshainSales 2.0
    Trish BertuzziThe Bridge Group
    Mike VolpeHub
    Ann HandleyMarketingProfs
    Ardath Albee
    Steve Woods
    So What Tips do the Demand Gen Experts Share?
    Simon Blackburn
    Craig Rosenberg
    The Funnelholic
  • Tip 1: Know What Sales Wants
    • 3 Conferences in a Row “These Leads Suck!”
    • Contributes to Sales & Marketing Divide
    • Establish Lead Acceptance SLA – and Live To It
    • What Makes A Lead?
    • What Pace Are Leads Delivered?
    • What Happens When Sales Takes a Lead?
    Expert:Joe Galvin, SiriusDecisionstwitter: @joegalvinemail: jgalvin@siriusdecisions.com
  • Tip 2: Understand Inbound Marketing
    • Things Have Changed
    • Toolbox of Skills
    • SEO
    • Blogging/Content http://inboundmarketing.com/
    • Landing Pages
    • Call To Actions
    • Social Media
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Adwords
    • more…
    Expert:Mike Volpe, Hubspottwitter: @mvolpeemail: mvolpe@hubspot.com
  • Tip 3: Content is King
    • Google Rankings are ALL About Authority
    • Inbound Links = Authority
    • Content = Inbound Links
    • Endless, Compelling Content
    • Commit to Developing Content
    • Never Look Back
    • Content Sources
    • Multiple Blogs
    • Cross Posts with Other Blogs
    • Guest Bloggers
    • Analysts
    • Whitepapers, Webinars
    Expert:Ardath Albee, Marketing Interactionstwitter: @ardath421email:ardath@marketinginteractions.com
  • Tip 4: Outbound Isn’t Just Smiling & Dialing
    • Prospects Answer Their Phones Less
    • Prospects Use Email More
    • But The Sales Process Starts With a Conversation
    • Don’t Cold Call, Social Call
    • Use Sales 2.0 Tools Such As NetProspex,LinkedIn and Genius.com
    • I Keep LinkedIn Constantly Open
    • Don’t Underestimate Social Media for Sales
    • Use Referrals
    • Google Alerts
    Expert:Nigel Edelshain, Sales 2.0twitter: @nedelshaemail: nigel@sales2.com
  • Tip 5: Incentivize Outbound Teams
    • Pay For Results (3rd Party or Inside Team)
    • Significant part of compensation should be performance based
    • Don’t pay just for activity, pay for deliverables
    • Phone Work Requires Skilled Individuals
    • Ability to Talk With Senior Level Prospects
    • Impeccable Written and Verbal Communications Skills
    • Highly Motivated and Compensated Accordingly
    • 3rd Party Vendors
    • Accountability
    • Reporting
    • Best Practices
    • Best Fit
    Expert:Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Grouptwitter: @bridgegroupincemail: tbertuzzi@bridgegroupinc.com
  • Tip 6: Know Your Numbers
    • Creating Demand to Closing a Deal – It’s a Numbers Game
    • Track EVERYTHING
    • Know Your Conversion Rates
    • Know The Dynamics of Your Sales Cycle
    • Add Science to the Artof Marketing
    Expert:Steve Woods, Eloquatwitter: @stevewoodsemail: steven.woods@eloqua.com
  • Tip 7: Multiply the Numbers
    • Capture Every Lead, Subscriber, Networking Contact, Partner
    • List Assets Cost Thousands/Millions to Acquire
    • Budget To Maintain and Grow The Asset
    • Get Exponential
    • Broaden Your Reach
    • Multiply Your Touches
    • Capture Everything & Everyone
    • Think Out Of The Box
    • Headcount for Efficiencies
    • Raise Your Sights
    • Socialize
    Expert:Simon Blackburn, ConnectAndSelltwitter: @connectandsellemail: simon.blackburn@connectandsell.com
  • Tip 8: Keep Score
    • Know When A Prospect Is Thinking About You
    • Opens an Email +1
    • Views a Blog Article +1, a Specifically Relevant Article, +5
    • Visits the Careers Page -10
    • Abandons the Contact Us Page +10
    • Demographics
    • Student -100
    • Fortune 500 +10
    • Trigger Events
    • Google Alerts
    • InsideView
    • Status Updates
    Expert:JepCastelein, LeadSlothtwitter: @jepcemail: jep@leadsloth.com
  • Tip 9: Social Media Is Not For Kids Anymore
    • The Power of an Update
    • Mike is preparing for a webinar, join me www….
    • Network Effect – The Power of a ReTweet
    • Your Contacts
    • Tell Their Contacts
    • Who Tells Their Contacts
    • Groups
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Twitter Lists
    • Staying Power
    Expert:Ann Handley, MarketingProfstwitter: @marketingprofsemail: ann@marketingprofs.com
  • Tip 10: Demand Gen is All About the Funnel
    • Fill the Top of the Funnel – The More the Merrier
    • Inbound Techniques
    • Outbound Techniques
    • Networking
    • Move the Good ProspectsThrough the Funnel
    • It’s a Buying Cycle, not a Sales Cycle*
    • Nurture & Educate
    • Resurrect & Recycle
    • Don’t Wait – Outbound Them
    *Sharon Drew Morgan
    Expert:Craig Rosenberg, The Funnelholictwitter: @funnelholicemail: crosenberg@tippit.com
  • Thank You to Our Hosts
    • It’s growing – thousands of verified contacts added daily
    • It’s verified – email / phone verified and backed by 100% hard bounce replacement
    • It’s crowd-sourced – user generated contacts, deep reach into mid-management decision makers
    • It’s integrated – powerful, web-based search, connected to Salesforce.com, 50c / record, bulk pricing andsubscription options.sales@netprospex.com1-888-826-4877@netprospex
    *Sharon Drew Morgan
    Free Trial Account
    The fastest growing and most accurate resource for business contact information. It’s verified!
    Expert:Mark Feldman, NetProspextwitter: @markjfeldmanemail: mfeldman@netprospex.com
  • Got Demand Gen?
    Mike Damphousse, Green Leadstwitter: @damphouxemail: mike@green-leads.comwww.green-leads.com/b2b-blog/