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Selfies - Understanding the Digital Self-Portrait - FILM 260
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Selfies - Understanding the Digital Self-Portrait - FILM 260


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A flipbook presentation for my FILM 260 course on the phenomenon of 'selfies', the digital self-portrait.

A flipbook presentation for my FILM 260 course on the phenomenon of 'selfies', the digital self-portrait.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. A Flipbookpresentation byDamon Flatman -10065908mirrorexpressionvalidationself-portraitself-esteemstatusstatementgen-ylife-styleUnderstandingthe digitalself-portraitSelfies
  • 2. Selfies, as described on urban dictionary ( are:“A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace...”“A strange phenomenon in which the photographer is also the subject of thephotograph, in a subversive twist on the traditional understanding of the photograph.”Photo by: trentroche (Flickr)
  • 3. …but thepurpose of a‘selfie’ isPortraitsare notnew…Photo by: Michael Gwyther-Jones (Flickr)
  • 4. Like a portrait, selfies are astatement for someexternal audience……People use selfies tocommunicate theirlifestyles, fashion, sexuality,interests and identityPhoto by: I_am_Allan (Flickr)
  • 5. they are not just a statement for theoutside world, they are a call forattention as well.TheDifference:Photo by: Stuart Herbert (Flickr)
  • 6. Some believe:“Its much more a kind ofstatement about WhereIve been and what Imdoing, like holiday snaps.” –from ‘Selfies just as much for the insecure as show-offs’ by Jillian McHughPhoto (Above) by: Sam Teigen (Flickr)Photo (Above) by: Garry Knight (Flickr)Photo (Right) Sourcedfrom WikimediaCommons for reuse
  • 7. However, “expertsfrom CurtinUniversity say itsmore about seekingreassurance andmaking statementsabout ourselves.” –from “ Selfies just as much for the insecure as show-offs” by Jillian McHughPhoto by: Rasmus Andersson (Flickr)
  • 8. "Its peoplelooking for theirfriends to confirmthey look good.You want thatreassurance…Photo by: Lotus Carroll (Flickr)Photo by: bearlikemouse (Flickr)…we all wantpeople to saypositive thingsabout us.” –Jon Stratton
  • 9. Celebrities also take selfiesand share them on social media…Miley Cyrus on Twitter Kim Kardashian on Instagram
  • 10. … and their target audience is easily influencedPhoto by: Dimitris Papazimouris (Flickr)
  • 11. Selfies are part of some teen’s daily life“For teenagers, it’slike they have theirown personal realityshow.” – CharteredPsychologist Ros TaylorPhoto by: Damon Flatman
  • 12. “But if you are anxious allthe time to recordeverything, it’s life as aperformance. And howauthentic does that makeyou as a person?”– from Julie Hannah’s article in the DailyRecordPhoto by: Elian Chrebor (Flickr)
  • 13. ¼ would uploadselfies themselves⅔ of womenregard selfiespositivelyPhoto by: Spirit-Fire (Flickr)
  • 14. Because of digital ease, widespreadmobile access, powerful celebrity andpeer influence, high self-interest,focus on having a desirable physicalappearance and hip lifestyle, and agrowing need for assurance from others…Photo by: Dirk Dallas (Flickr)
  • 15. … Selfies have become normalizedon digital social mediumsPhoto by: Dirk Dallas (Flickr)
  • 16. But is it healthy if our socialidentity is the reflection of otherpeople’s perceptions, judgments andappraisals?Photo by: Trey Ratcliff (Flickr)
  • 17. Will sharing a selfie, evenif given positive feedback,really make someone feelassured of themselves?Photo by: tom_focus (Flickr)
  • 18. Or do selfies hurtself-esteem asthey support agrowing need forappraisal fromothers?Photo by: Steven Bratman (Flickr)
  • 19. Is gainingassurance atthe expense ofindependenceand individualityworth it?Photo by: Mikko Karvonen (Flickr)
  • 20. If sharing a selfie is often not just astatement for the external world,but actually sometimes a search forpositive attention for the internal …Photo by: Dyniss Rainer (Flickr)
  • 21. … it is important that we areconscious of what we aretrying to accomplish: some typeof communication or some typeof reaction from othersPhoto by: 55laney69 (Flickr)
  • 22. Thank YouPhoto by: Kaptain Kobold(Flickr)
  • 23. All images are either:- licensed under Creative Commons andsourced from Flickr- sourced from Wikimedia Commons,- taken by presenter
  • 24. References• The Social Psychology of the Selfie – By Christine Erickson –• Selfies just as much for the insecure as show-offs – By Jillian McHugh –• Is posting selfies a way of portraying how were seen on social media sitesor is it a way to boost confidence? – By Julie Hannah –• The rise and rise of the selfie‘ – By Bim Adewunmi –• #Me: Instagram Narcissism And The Scourge Of The Selfie – By John PaulTitlow –• What Your Selfie Says About You – By Owen Thomas –• Me, myself, and my selfie – By Caroline Leal –
  • 25. Image URLs• 2nd slide:• 3rd slide:• 4th slide:• 5th slide:• 6th slide: –––• 7th slide:• 8th slide: ––• 9th slide: – http://–• 10th slide:• 11th slide: Taken by presenter, URL n/a• 12th slide:• 13th slide:• 14th slide:• 15th slide:• 16th slide:• 17th slide:• 18th slide:• 19th slide:• 20th slide:• 21st slide:• 22nd slide: