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TheTrendwatch #06
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TheTrendwatch #06


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More Trends? Visit or

More Trends? Visit or

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Winter ’08: Shift Happens*
  • 2. The Trend What?
  • 3. damon CREPIN S C ANTO o livier luis FREITAS
  • 4. Social Media Aggregator Powe Technolog Collective intelligence Sharing platform Open Source Web Semantic Blogs Everyone Mashup Folksonomy Online community Opinion leaders AJAX Personal website RSS Brand XML Meta Tags Institution HTML tv radio All Right reserved computer ipod Document Creative Commons cellphone e-commerce smartphone Audio shop in the shop Legal R&D access point Mobilit Video Agencies long tail era Integrated document mashup User participation multi actor development Interactive document User generated content life integrated consumption Cognitive deduction User Lead Commerce Co-creation Conten R&D Personalizatio Advertising
  • 5. Web Site Webmaster Web Users
  • 6. Webmaster tag bla Web Site 2.0 Web Users Users Contributors
  • 7. Podcasts killed the radio, internet killed the papers, youtube is gonna kill TV: old media is dead...
  • 8. Weekly Hours spent Q4 2004 Q2 2007 11.5 11.5 7.7 7.4 3.9 1.8 1.7 2.1 2.4 3.3 s 2.5 2.4 3.4 3.5 zi ne aga W ork ma ) M for e ap er et / Cin pe rs s D gP ern DV sp a ose ad in Int ies ( New Pur p io Re ov er nal Rad ng M Pap ers o to V t chi ad ing fo rP ning ingT Wa Re et iste tch ter n L Wa In
  • 9. Weekly Hours spent Net Users Others +1 11.7 11.2 8.2 6.8 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.7 s z ine 0.5 1.9 2.4 2.7 a s Mag me r a s a pe PCG VD rs ingP y ing ingD ape ad Pla tch sp io R e W a ew Rad e rN g to V Pap nin ingT ad ing L iste tch Re Wa
  • 10. Online Media Consumed France Germany UK 65% 58% 61% 47% 36% 36% 53% 45% 36% 16% 20% 14% 24% s 16% P res os 12% g de a din . Vi s Re U.G ast g dc hin Po TV W atc g to tc h nin Wa io ad L iste to R g nin L iste
  • 11. 75% of U.S. Internet users watched an average of 3h hours of online video during the month of July 07.
  • 12. IBM online survey: 66% spend 1 to 4 hours watching TV per day 60% spend 1 to 4 hours on the Web for Personal Usage
  • 13. IBM online survey: 9% spend 6 hours or more watching TV per day 19% spend 6 hours or more on the Web for Personal Usage
  • 14. How would a 14-29 rather kill 15 minutes? 1 %
  • 15. 22% of 18- to 24-year-olds say they are watching less TV since they started using social-networking sites
  • 16. new version more weblike
  • 17. abc news web edition
  • 18. higher expectations the Internet has heightened “I think everyone’s expectations of all media. People expectchoice, control and the ability to contribute.” Craig DAVIS, JWT Worldwide
  • 19. This will never pass the consumer tests!
  • 20. mpa ny's n th e co ues tio at ight “I q sel l into w at ity t o righ t no a b il mar k et sum er t p ri c e. ” co n s cu r r en t he i Pod'
  • 21. 130 Millions iPods sold since (forecast including Xmas 07) because it’s remarkable because it redefined the way people listen to
  • 22. #1 on Amazon for 8 consecutive weeks following the launch in the Health and Personal Care category, becoming one of the most successful product launches in
  • 23. 37.000.000 miles run on December 1st, 2007
  • 24. 15M sold so far
  • 25. +103% sales in 2006 sold to Coca-Cola
  • 26. 1.4M sold
  • 27. 2.3 pods sold in 2006
  • 28. What’s the link between those über-successful products? They’re remarkable
  • 29. Choice Free time
  • 30. We want something like the Dove movie!
  • 31. Top 100 Companies for 17 years running, often landing in the top 10
  • 32. new way to measure brand impact 1. Awareness Google rank, Page views, Unique visitors... 2. W.O.M. / Recommendabilityorks tw Technorati score, mentions in Social Ne (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), reviews in shopping sites... 3. Brand Energy Vision of what the brand tends to be and defend + Perpetual invention to serve this vision + Dynamism in its communication
  • 33. Online piracy devastates my business
  • 34. 20M books sold in the world the first day
  • 35. Re-defining intellectual property
  • 36. We really need something very aspirational!
  • 37. Sure...
  • 38. 3.300.000 copies sold in the first 12 days in the US
  • 39. But...
  • 40. ma ke sure you offer added value “There are wonderful opportunities in all of this for brands in the creation and curation of content, services and utility. But the bar is, and should be, very high.” Craig DAVIS, JWT Worldwide
  • 41. People skip ads anyway.
  • 42. 388,302 views YouTube, Dec. 1st 2007
  • 43. Damon, Olivier C: any number about that?
  • 44. 13 of the top 30 search terms in the UK Search Engines contained the word “Cadbury” on the week of the video launch 6,000,000 views and counting...
  • 45. 1282 participations
  • 46. Don’t advertise, transmit a message leave people “The important thing is to with something: a feeling, a bit of content or even get them involved and let them be part of it. As long as it feels like a gift, rather than an intrusion, it’s ok.” Juan CABRAL, Creative Director of Fallon London
  • 47. I want more traffic on my site.
  • 48.
  • 49. 2.4 millions of copies sold in 5 weeks Titanium Grand Cannes Advertising Festival 2007
  • 50. Fish w here the fish are!
  • 51. Social Networks are just a trend anyway.
  • 52. Remember slide 11? 17%
  • 53. 96% of U.S. teens and tweens go online to participate in a social network at least once a
  • 54. +3,000% New users in 6 month for Facebook UK +100.000 New users per week for Facebook in Europe
  • 55. It’s pretty safe to say... That Social Networks are here to stay!
  • 56. OK, but it’s a teenager thing!
  • 57. Facebook Demographic 16% 41% 12-17 35+ 31% 18-24 12% 25-34
  • 58. So, let’s create a Social Network on our site!
  • 59. Just ten weeks after launching its own version of MySpace, Wal-Mart shut Forbes Magazine
  • 60. But...
  • 61. $15M in sales by the end of 2007 slide 92
  • 62. Our consumer want content from Pros, not from other consumers.
  • 63. Don’t underestimate 62% of consumers now read online product reviews written by other consumers. 82% of those who read reviews said that their purchasing decisions have been directly influenced by those reviews. Deloitte & Touche, Oct 07
  • 64. Reviews: a bridge between On and Nearly 25% of surveyed Internet users reported reading online reviews prior to paying for an offline service!   Online reviews about offline services (restaurants, hotels, automotive...) were a significant purchase influence for approximately 3/4 of review users.
  • 65. But if we integrate some user-generated content, who’s gonna moderate?
  • 66. 16% Negativ 84% Entries 30k+ the micro-site attracted more than 620.000 visitors, spending on average more than 9 minutes, and nearly two-thirds of them went
  • 67. Fear not! Consumers generally have good intentions when writing reviews. 90% write reviews in order to help others make better buying decisions. Nearly 80% write reviews in order to reward a company. BazaarVoice, US users, Aug-Oct 07
  • 68. Fear not! Negative Everytime Tone of Online or Most Times Feedback for 11% 2% Products and Eq. Split Services on Bazaarvoice. 51% Positive US, Aug-Oct 07 Everytime 36% Positive Most
  • 69. 2 Life, nd MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Sony’s home... What’s next?
  • 70. Michael Dell is less concerned with the ROI of emerging media and more concerned with
  • 71. "The learning is now. You are a pioneer, and with that comes first- mover advantage" Joseph Jaffe, the marketing consultant who advised Coke on its 2nd Life presence
  • 72. E xperiment and learn. It's the only way to understand the real poten tial of the platforms in front of us. Kee p the size of the experiment small so th at you have the freedom to explore it. Forrester’s Marketing Blog
  • 73. That’s scary...