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Human Trafficking.
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Human Trafficking.


1. Child Bride. …

1. Child Bride.
2. Wife Selling.
3. Child Labor.
4. Child Laundering.
5. Comfort Woman.
6. Debt Bondage.
7. Exploitation.
8. Forced Labor.
9. Organ Harvesting.
10. Forced Prostitution.
11. Kidnapping.
12. Military use of children.
13. People Smuggling.
14. Shear Cropping.
15. Indentured Worker.
16. Trafficking of Children.

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  • 1. * Human Trafficking Name: Damodar Pyakurel Date: 1/10/13
  • 2.  Wife selling in England was a way of ending an unsatisfactory marriage by mutual agreement that probably began in the late 17th century, when divorce was a practical impossibility for A child bride is all but the very wealthiest. After parading his someone who is wife with a halter around her neck, arm, or not physically waist, a husband would publicly auction her to and emotionally the highest bidder. Wife selling provides the reached to the backdrop for Thomas Hardy’s novel The Mayor age when one of Caster bridge, in which the central character can understand sells his wife at the beginning of the story, an the real meaning act that haunts him for the rest of his life, and of marriage ultimately destroys him.
  • 3. The most egregious misconduct encompasses ―child laundering,‖ that is to say the illegal transfer of childrenThere are 215 million childreninvolved in child labor, and 115 million from birth families through childof these children are involved in buying or kidnapping, to launder themhazardous work. Hazardous work is through adoption systems asany work that can harm the health, ―orphans‖ and then ―adoptees,‖ orsafety, or morals of children. Thisincludes but is not limited to, child even the ―production‖ of children forsoldiers, trafficked children, and adoption by way of ―baby farms.‖ Inthose who work in unstable these scenarios, the child is nothingenvironments for very low wages.Hazardous child labor needs to come more than a commodity to be sold toto an end and regulations need to be the highest bidder.made concerning the jobs, health, andeducation of non hazardous childlaborer.
  • 4. This slavery is done in order to pay back a debt or loan to another person.Tens of thousands of 15-20 Million people have perished in this―comfort women‖ in Asia type of slavery in Asia, and is a type thatwere forced into is constantly growing world wide. Theprostitution at military only ways to redeem yourself from thisbrothels. In addition, many bondage are to pay the debts in the pre-girls were abused sexually descripted way or to pay back the workin railroad wagons, factory in forms of slavery.warehouses or night afternight at home. Most ofthese women have sufferedphysical and emotionalconsequences ever since.
  • 5. The commercial sexualexploitation of children is the Forced labor is a practice ofmost hidden form of child compulsory labor exacted by aabuse in North America today. state or by agencies of a state,It is the Nation’s least other than as a punishment for arecognized epidemic.” -Richard criminal offence. It was quiteEstes, University of common in the French, German,Pennsylvania, School of Social Belgian, Portuguese and SpanishWork Center for Youth Study. colonies in Africa, and, to a lesser degree, in the British colonies (where the inhabitants performed such labor in lieu of taxation).
  • 6. While sex trafficking often grabs the headlines and attention, there are many otherThe organ harvester kills a ways in which women and girls are forced intospecimen of mankind to sell a fresh lives of prostitution. No matter how a girlorgan to another specimen who enters prostitution — whether she is respondingneeds it to live better and is willing to the pressures of her circumstances or isto pay a premium to jump the actually coerced — the experience leaves aqueue for a legitimate transplant. lasting imprint on her future.What shocks our conscience is the Once a girl or women enters prostitution it cancombination: a murder, the profit be hard to leave. It’s not uncommon for pimpsmotive, the use of our organs as to use a variety of methods to force women totradable goods, and the use of continue serving as prostitutes. Often, theymoney to jump the queue of ill lure girls with alcohol or drugs, build up theirpeople waiting for a transplant. If dependency and use this addiction as a meanswe deconstruct this shock, we will of control. They may also threaten girls withsee that organ harvesting is not the shame they might bring on their families ifmorally much more repugnant than they leave or the punishments they mightother forms of murder. suffer if they go to the police.
  • 7. The military use of children is widespread. There are international lawsKIDNAPPING is a complex criminaloffense. Typically, kidnapping is the and dedicated organizations like Project:taking of another person against their AK-47 committed to liberate child soldiers.will and holding them in unlawful The truth is many of the world’s youthconfinement. Kidnapping could be for have never known peace. Some kids arethe purpose of ransom or political taken from their homes and forced tomaneuvering. So-called ―traditional‖ fight. Others join the war because there iskidnapping is the smallest percentage of little else to do and to keep their bellieskidnapping offenses in the UnitedStates. The majority of kidnapping cases filled. In countries with limitedinvolve the taking of your own child electricity or running water and few roads,across regional or state lines outside the many boys must forgo school to makeagreed custody arrangement. If the money any way they can, even followingchild is competent and is not unhappy or cows with upturned palms to catchagrees with their removal from the home excrement to sell as fuel. Joining the armyor court arrangement then it is generally guarantees free food, clothes andclassified as ―child abduction‖ instead ofkidnapping. cigarettes plus the chance to swagger.
  • 8.  Sharecropping came to define the method of landOver a thousand men, smuggled into lease that would eventually become a new form ofOman, return to Pakistan by boat after slavery. Without land of their own, many blacks werethey were arrested. South Asians are drawn into schemes where they worked a portion ofsmuggled into the Middle East each year, the land owned by whites for a share of the profit frombut many are caught and sent back. the crops. They would get all the seeds, food, and equipment they needed from the company store, whichMany individuals who consent to being allowed them to run a tab throughout the year and tosmuggled are escaping poverty, seeking settle up once the crops, usually cotton, wereopportunities abroad, or escaping gathered. When accounting time came, the blacknatural disaster, conflict, or persecution. farmer was always a few dollars short of what he owedOthers may be seeking asylum. While the landowner, so he invariably began the new yearmany who are smuggled are poor and with a deficit. As that deficit grew, he found ituneducated, there are also others who impossible to escape from his situation by legal means. The hard, backbreaking work led to stooped, physicallybelong to the educated middle class. As destroyed, and mentally blighted black people whosuch, perhaps the only generalization could seldom envision escape for themselves or theirthat can be made about smuggled children; their lives were an endless round of poorindividuals is that they are all on a quest diet, fickle weather, and the unbeatable figures at thefor a better life. company store.
  • 9. Child trafficking is a serious problem in many Middle Eastern countries.Work under a restrictive contract While there are few official statisticsof employment for a fixed period in on the child trafficking, there isa foreign country in exchange for enough information about the victimspayment of passage, of trafficking to know that child victimsaccommodation, and food. of sexual exploitation have beenIndentured labor was the means by reported throughout the region. Youngwhich many British people girls are also trafficked into the Middleemigrated to North America during East for arranged marriages andthe colonial era, and in the 19th– commercial exploitation. Often timesearly 20th centuries it was used to these arranged marriages will involverecruit Asian workers for the marriage of an underage girl inemployment elsewhere in European exchange for financial compensation tocolonial empires. her family.