Windows Phone 8 Advanced Developers Conference


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Development for WIndows Phone 8 from Damir Dobric

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  • Platforn, Clr and App compatibility
  • Ecosystem Overview There are some general steps that enterprises must follow to establish an enterprise account, enroll devices and distribute apps to their enrolled devices. The following list describes these. An enterprise establishes an account on the developer site and is verified by SymantecAn enterprise receives a certificate, which they use to create an enrollment token to enroll devices in their enterprise.The enterprise can use the same certificate to sign apps and deploy them to their app portal.Users within the enterprise install the enrollment token on their phone, either through an OMA DM system or manually.Once a phone is enrolled in the enterprise, the employee can visit an enterprise specific app portal and download and install apps.Enterprises can query a phone for the enterprise-specific apps installed on the device.Enterprise Enrollment Enterprises will be required to establish a company account on Windows Phone Dev Center. As a part of establishing the account the enterprise will undergo a verification process with Symantec. Once an enterprise account has been established, a certificate and tools are provided to enterprises to enable them to sign apps and complete other tasks specific to enterprise app distribution. Enterprise Enrollment Token Distribution An enterprise can either manage Windows Phones using an OMA-DM management system such as System Center or InTune or they can use a set of tools provided by Microsoft to manage their phones manually. Following is a list of some of these tools and their purpose. AETGenerator Generates an Application Enrollment Token (AET) for distribution to a phone.EnterpriseInstall.exe Provides enterprise token enrollment and distribution of one enterprise XAP. This typically application launches when a user clicks a link or attachment that contains the application enrollment token (.AETX) file.EnterpriseValidation.exe Enables enterprise-enrolled phone to periodically send a message to a Microsoft server to report device ID, enterprise apps installed on the phone and the validity of the enterprise.Enterprise Developer APIs
  • Windows Phone 8 Advanced Developers Conference

    2. 2. AGENDA Platform Platform Evolution Compatibility“Runtime 8” Emulator WP8 API PlatformApp Model TargetingCode Sharing/ Mobile Speech Services
    3. 3. Evolution
    4. 4. Die Kurze Geschichte der Zeit Surface Windows NT Vista Windows 8 WinRT System32/ System32 WinRTWindows 95 WP8 DOS Windows CE/ Win Mobile WP7 Embedded WP8 Runtime System32/CE
    5. 5. Demo As Runtime (Store App)WinRT As API (Desktop App)
    6. 6. Platform Compatibilityo WP7 and WP7.1 Apps run on WP8!o No general breaking changeso Existing code is emulated in Quirks- Modeo Some API differences example: XmlSerializer WP8 must have a default constructor. WP7 quirks: It is not necessary to have a default constructoro Code after Rebuild targets WP8 platform
    7. 7. The dream or reality?
    8. 8. Upgradeo In Solution Explorer, use the Upgrade to Windows Phone 8.0 command.o In the project designer, change the Target Windows Phone OS Version value to Windows Phone OS 8.0.
    9. 9. Demo Windows Phone 8 Hello World
    10. 10. Emulator • Hardware-assisted virtualization supported and enabled in the BIOS • Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) supported by the BIOS • Hardware-based Data Execution Prevention (DEP) supported and enabled in the BIOS
    11. 11. Resolution Scaled Resolution Aspect ratio resolutionWVGA 480 × 800 15:9 480 × 800WXGA 768 × 1280 15:9 480 × 800720P 720 × 1280 16:9 480 × 853
    12. 12. Windows Phone API
    13. 13. Windows Phone API
    14. 14. Runtime 8
    15. 15. Runtime 8
    16. 16. Facts across platforms
    17. 17. Common API-sNative API WinRT API NetworkingDirectX 11.1 SensorsXAudio2 Proximity StorageMediaEngine DataSaver/Connection ManagerSTL Location TouchCRT Online IdentityWinSock Keyboard Launchers & Choosers In-App Purchase Sensors Threading Base Types/ Windows.Foundation
    18. 18. New APIso Bluetotho Advanced Captureo Lence controlo Photo and Media enhencmetso LongListSelectoro Subset of WinRT storage APIo Data Sense APIo DirectX and native audio and mediao File and protocol associationso In-App purchasingo Location tracking in Backgroundo App as Lock Screen
    19. 19. Common Controls
    20. 20. Your Apps Your way
    21. 21. Supported Languages
    22. 22. Project Templateso C# (HTML5)o XNAo C++o HTML5
    23. 23. Demo Windows Phone 8 JavaScript Web App jQuery on Phone
    24. 24. Threadingo OS 7.1, apps run on a single core, and the scheduler is less aggressive in time- slicingo OS 8, apps run on multiple cores and the scheduler is more aggressive in time- slicing threads. Raise conditions and concurrency bugs easier to achieve 
    25. 25. Platform Targetingo Single OS 7.1 version which runs on both. No new features are supported. Runs in quirkso Create separate copy for 7.1 and 8.0o Create separate copy with shared files
    26. 26. DemoWindows Phone 8,Windows 8 Code Sharing Portable Linked Files Library Camera Accelerometer
    27. 27. Network Improvementso Socket Listeners (Incoming) Windows.Networking.Socketso IPv6o Winsock Supporto Proximity API
    28. 28. In-App PurchasingClass Member Description LoadListingInformationByProductIdsAsync(ListingInformatioCurrentApp n productIds) LoadListingInformationByKeywordsAsync(ListingInformationCurrentApp keywords)CurrentApp void ReportProductFulfillment(string productId)ProductLicense bool IsConsumable { get; }ProductListing string Description { get; }ProductListing IEnumerable<string> Keywords {get;}ProductListing ProductType ProductType {get;}ProductListing string Tag {get;}ProductListing Uri ImageUri { get; }
    29. 29. DemoCustom Protocol
    30. 30. Enterprise Device Enrollmento Enterprise Enrollment o Company Account o Symantec Verification o Corporate Signing Certificateo Management o System Center o InTuneo Token Distribution o AETGenerator generates Application Enrollment Token (AET) .aetx o EnterpriseInstall.exe o Enrolles Token o Distributes XAPo EnterpriseValidation.exe o Periodically sends Device ID, installed apps to MS Server to validate enterprise.o Enterprise Developer API o query what apps are installed for enterprise, o start an enterprise app installation o query pending enterprise app installation
    31. 31. DemoBackground Process
    32. 32. Demo Speech
    33. 33. Demo Speech
    34. 34. PNS Infrastructure
    35. 35. Demo Windows Phone 8Windows Azure Mobile Services
    36. 36. Where to start?WP8 MSDN Documentation
    37. 37. Recap Platform Platform Evolution Compatibility“Runtime 8” Emulator WP8 API PlatformApp Model Targeting MobileCode Sharing Services
    38. 38. Differences