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Damien wilson
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Damien wilson


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Published in: Career

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  • 1. Damien Wilson 6th HourDecember 17, 2012
  • 2. College/University IntroductionDuke UniversityContact Information: (919) 684-8111450 Research Drive Durham, NC 27710
  • 3. History● Founded by the Methodists and Quakers in the present day of Trinity in 1838. Duke has 3 campuses located in different places. West, East, and Central are there campuses. The West campus is the main campus. East campus is the original location after Duke moved to Durham.
  • 4. Tuition and Required Fees● The tuition of Duke University and required fees are that you have to pay $56,056 for attendance fees. $43,623 for the tuition and fees. Also there is a $12,433 room and board fee. The books and supplies and other expenses are not reported at the moment.
  • 5. Degrees Offered● Duke offers the following degrees:● Bachelors degree● Masters degree● Doctoral degree● First Professional degree
  • 6. Major Program● When I go to Duke I will study mathematics. I will get my bachelors degree and then I will come back and get my masters degree to finish off school with 2 degrees.
  • 7. Curriculum of Major Program● The classes I would have to take to become a lawyer is Political Science. I can get a minor grade from English. I can also major in anything and still go to Law school by me having a good GPA in school and I score high on LSAT (Law School Administration Test). It also depends on the schools criteria and what level of education you wish to be on.
  • 8. Other InformationJ. J. Redick, Shane Battier, Carlos Boozer,●Mike Posner, Ken Jeong, Randall Wallace,David Lauren, Reynolds Price, etc.● It is proved that Duke University has hauntingsbecause one day a student went running intothe street screaming because he claimed thathe saw several ghost-like figures swimming inthe pond. People leave their ashes of their deadloved ones on the campus.●●
  • 9. Why??● The reason why I would like to attend thiscollege is because I like the fact that AustinRivers came from the college and he joined theNBA and became worldwide known. In otherwords that means that anything is possible andthat I can achieve my dreams or be anything Iwant to be.
  • 10. References/Sites●●