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myGeoBook maps for social media & the internet


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  • 1. An introduction to myGeoBook
    Maps and applications on web, social media and mobile
    Need More information?
    To get a proposal for your next web or mobile app please contact:
    Martin Pedersen
    +44 (0)75 9053 2943
  • 2. Contents
    My background
    Mapping today
    Benefits to your clients & your brand
    What does it take to implement
    IDEAS you can take away & test
    Next steps
  • 3. My background
    IT and business
    Started career at largest mapping company in the world
    Help companies by providing strategic IT services and implementation
    Passion for technology, mapping and social media
    Our references include:
    Danish Queen
  • 4. Mapping today
    Most well-known providers of “mapping” for consumers:
    Today there’s a growing demand for geo-location services. As a result, brands and their marketing agencies are trying to work out how they can engage with consumers and leverage this new technology.
  • 5. Challenges
    No control of data
    No brand control [because the respective maps and locations are provided as-is]
    No ownership of the customer journey [or learnings from it as there are limited or no statistics available for how maps are used]
    Time to market
  • 6. Solution
    myGeoBook provides the opportunity to create and share maps on any platform.
    myGeoBook includes all the core functionality of Foursquare and Facebook places for you to use creatively, *without* exposing the myGeoBook brand.
    With myGeoBook, you will have full control of what the maps display and also learn what your customers enjoy and are interested in.
    Overall, myGeoBook will allow you to offer a stronger service proposition to its customers and increase awareness to prospect customers.
  • 7. Benefits
    Time to market
    Brand control
    Control over customer journey
    Easy to manage map data in one place
    Statistics for map use
  • 8. Examples of what myGeoBook can be used for
  • 9. Air miles destinations
  • 10. Travel guides interactive map
  • 11. Geo games
    Use myGeoBook as platform for developing games
    Connect to facebook
  • 12. NEW: mapMyFoursquare
  • 13. Viewing maps on an iPhone
    Branding:On each map, your client will have its own logo visible. In the long term, this will allow for users to recognise ownership of the map.
    Content:At a glance, the name of a venue will pop up when you roll the cursor over each point. The blue circle highlights that there is more information available to read and review on the location.
    The locations you share:When there are multiple locations that the client is recommending, they will display with any selected icon.
  • 14. Leveraging maps through social media: Facebook
    The locations you share:When there are multiple locations that your recommending, they will display with any selected icon.
    Increasing reach: Friends of your customers can share map content. An individual doesn’t have to be a customer to access the map content – they can get it from a friend. This provides for experiences and interaction with the map to be shared.
    Sample Branding:On Facebook, there’s an enormous opportunity to share comments and/or locations. When a discussion starts, the relevant logo will display. This allows for increased brand presence across social media networks.
  • 15. Layar – augmented reality
  • 16. IDEAS you can takeaway - mini brainstorm
    Treasure Hunt – using the clues, find me at the secret location to win
    Scavenger Hunt – visit 5 different places and use the clues to find the ‘prize’ at each location
    Orienteering / Bar Crawl – visit 10 places in one day – the fastest team wins
    Every blog or written review of a restaurant, shop or tourist linked to its own map
  • 17. Summary
    myGeoBook will provide you with new and enhanced capabilities that they can implement throughout the following channels:
    Website content
    Maps for mobile phones
    Strengthen E-communications
    Strengthen presence on social networking site
    In summary, with the use of myGeoBook, you will also have access to statistics for the map usage. This will become valuable information as it will enable the Customer Experience and Marketing Teams to understand what’s relevant to the members and where improvements/enhancement can be achieved. Further to this, campaigns and site visits can become more measurable, helping to measure and evaluate business and marketing objectives.
  • 18. Appendix
  • 19. Applying myGeoBook to your Brand or Client
    Customised: Maps can be customised with the following elements:
    Logo / Icons
    Contact information [phone number / address / website]
    Content Control: Map data is stored centrally, allowing the client to have full control of the content: ensuring efficiency, quality and targetted marketing.
    Visibility: For your clients, myGeoBook allows the maps to be viewed online: via the client website, an e-Newsletter, Facebook pages and mobile phone.
    Search functionality: Maps can be searched by users, based on what is local to them. For example they can find a recommended restaurant close to their hotel.
    Relevance: You can layer the maps for ease of use, allowing the customer to select and personalise what they want to view on the map. For example, a single layer could be Bars and another could be Theatre Productions. The multiple map layers are an added value for the user, ensuring easy and relevant planning and scoping for each individual user.
    Accessibility: For offline communications – such as Press, Direct Mail and Boarding Passes – you can reference the web address to a specific map. Users can then view it on their mobile or on the web.
  • 20. How do you do it?
    • myGeoBook is a centralized platform for maintaining geographic data and presenting it to users in a map format on multiple devices such as mobile phones, websites, Facebook and other social platforms, e.g:
    • 21. Show destinations on a map.
    • 22. Show points of interest at destinations
    • 23. The map automatically shows your current location and the nearest recommended places to visit.
    • 24. Same data and central logic can be accessed from multiple platforms.
    • 25. All data on all platforms always dynamically updated.
    • 26. You have full control of all data and business logic.
    • 27. Your developers can access myGeoBook via the extensive API and build interactive map applications.
  • Contact Details
    To discuss next steps, contact us to discuss how we can best
    help you creating even more value for your customers:
    Martin Gorm Pedersen
    +44 75 9053 2943
    Visit the website: