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This is a powerpoint file containing some excerpts from the Child Abuse Report recently published in Ireland that documents the physical, mental and sexual abuse of children in Ireland by the Catholic Church. It is a way of highlighting the atrocities carried out by the Catholic Church in Ireland.

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  • I am in tears watching your power point, and reading the articles about what happened to you and other children. Anyone who knew about this and did nothing is evil, and they will not be able to
    hide forever. If they are not punished in this world then they will receive the punishment of hell for eternity. And that is a universal fact. My heart goes out to you and the others.
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Catholic Church in Ireland

  1. 1. I made this powerpoint of the Child Abuse Report - to make it spread to more places. A file like this can be spread on the web and via email.
  2. 2. I’ve been unable to finish documenting all of this in slide format as it gets too depressing. I’m hoping others will take this model and make more powerpoints from the report.
  3. 3. Catholic Church in Ireland Excerpts from the Child Abuse Report
  4. 4. Record of abuse (male witnesses)
  5. 5. 413 witnesses made 482 reports of abuse regarding the four types of abuse
  6. 6. There were 474 reports of physical abuse involving 26 Schools given in evidence by 403 male witnesses (98%)
  7. 7. One day it was ...visitor’s day... they used to pick about half a dozen lads. You would be called to the hall. I was picked once and they would actually show the ...visiting student Brothers... how to do the hiding.
  8. 8. The Brother who was in charge of the playground, mostly Br ...X... or Br ...Y... would show them how it’s done, they would give you a hiding to show them and then they would have a go, with the black jack ...(leather)... with loops of lead in it or steel.
  9. 9. A witness reported that while he was being beaten the leather split apart and coins fell out. Two (2) others reported being marked by the key sewn into the end of the leather strap.
  10. 10. I’ll never forget the cat-o’-nine-tails, 10 tongs ...(thongs)... it used to have knots across the bottom. Observing other boys stripped and the blood running down as they were being flogged across the body, it was terrible.
  11. 11. There were 232 accounts of being hit or beaten with a variety of sticks, including
  12. 12. canes
  13. 13. ash plants
  14. 14. blackthorn sticks
  15. 15. hurleys
  16. 16. broom handles
  17. 17. hand brushes
  18. 18. wooden spoons
  19. 19. pointers
  20. 20. batons
  21. 21. chair rungs
  22. 22. yard brushes
  23. 23. hoes
  24. 24. hay forks
  25. 25. pikes
  26. 26. pieces of wood and with leather thongs attached.
  27. 27. One hundred and eighteen (118) witnesses reported being beaten with canes and 37 with hurleys.
  28. 28. Other implements described included
  29. 29. bunches of keys
  30. 30. belt buckles
  31. 31. drain rods
  32. 32. rubber pram tyres
  33. 33. golf clubs
  34. 34. tyre rims
  35. 35. electric flexes
  36. 36. fan belts
  37. 37. horse tackle
  38. 38. hammers
  39. 39. metal rulers
  40. 40. butts of rifles
  41. 41. t-squares
  42. 42. gun pellets
  43. 43. and hay ropes .
  44. 44. Twenty two (22) witnesses described various means by which they were physically abused by burning and scalding;
  45. 45. all the incidents reported were isolated and being burned with included matches and cigarettes, having fingers put into electric sockets and having scalding water thrown at them while working in the kitchen.
  46. 46. ‘They’d leave the leathers out on the window sill for the night, you know in the frost, to get it hard.’
  47. 47. Two hundred and twenty four (224) reports were heard of breaks to ribs, injuries including: noses, wrists, arms and legs, injuries to head, genitalia, back, mouth, eye, ear, hand, jaw, face and kidney.
  48. 48. Sixty four (64) witnesses reported being left unable to walk, sit, stand or lie down as a result of those injuries.
  49. 49. burns, dog Other injuries included bites, lacerations, broken teeth, dislocated shoulders, injuries to the soles of feet, and burst chilblains.
  50. 50. I lost my 2 front teeth because of a whack like that ...demonstrated strike of the hand... out in the yard. If you got too near him...(Br X)... he would just whack you, he’d flatten you. ... A few days later I was sent to the doctor because my mouth was all up
  51. 51. Fr ...X... laid me out cold for talking; he walloped me so fast He broke my I couldn’t see it coming. nose, I had to go to hospital. He knocked me clean out. I had 2 big black eyes and the nurse sent me to the hospital.
  52. 52. I saw one boy ...named co-resident... battered on the bog, he got such a beating from Br ...X... that his back was broken and he was shifted off to hospital in ...named town....
  53. 53. there was My bed was near the medicine cabinet, this thing called horse iodine that they put on cuts the pain of it was unbelievable. ... I saw these 3 boys lining up and Br ...X... he painted their backside and legs with this stuff. I will never forget them jumping around and screaming in pain, it was just terrifying
  54. 54. and he gave him an unmerciful beating, an unmerciful beating. I’m telling ye he did not stop with that leather strap.
  55. 55. To this day it haunts me, the whole place was full and he was left lying. Br ...X... cleared the place out, you all had to get out of the refectory, I was even told to get out of the kitchen.
  56. 56. That was the last time, the very last time, I seen ...named co-resident....
  57. 57. I think it was 3 days afterwards I heard he was dead.
  58. 58. There are far worse accounts further down this webpage: 3-07.php
  59. 59. What you can do: Send this file to people you know Link to the report - with the words Catholic Church Ireland