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Overcoming Challenges in Social Commerce: Becoming an E-Commerce Enabled Social Business. Samsung Asia presentation from 2013.

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  • 2008 – 2009 – experimental forum seeding (not transparent; backlashes ), Friendster Vs Facebook
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    1. 1. Overcoming Challenges in Social Commerce: Becoming an E-Commerce Enabled Social Business.
    2. 2. I am @DamienCummings Regional Marketing Director Digital & Social Media at Samsung Asia Email: Twitter: @DamienCummings Blog: LinkedIn:
    3. 3. Samsung’s Amazing Products Mobile & Tablets Home Appliances Computers & IT Smart TV Cameras
    4. 4. 4 Things To Discuss Today #1 Samsung’s digital strategy in Asia: LASER. #2 Leadership in digital: Who’s doing it right? #3 Social & E-Commerce Business Models #4 Social Commerce Challenges.
    5. 5. Our Vision
    6. 6. Our 2015 Vision: L.A.S.E.R. • • • • • Leadership in digital. Always on marketing. Social business. E-Commerce. ROI: Successful results.
    7. 7. Samsung Social Media Evolution 2008 – 2009 2010 – 2011 2012 2013 & Beyond Experimental / Siloed execution Basic Guidelines formalised Samsung was named a top 10 Social Media marketer in a recent global study Social Business Campaign / Adhoc execution Key Platforms Identified Naming convention Key usage of platforms “SMC “setup Guidelines Social Media integrated into our DNA. Social media training Influencers (employees and customers) Best-in-class social marketing
    8. 8. Benchmark: Leadership in Digital
    9. 9. Who’s doing it right? “Always On” Marketing • Number 1 Brand in the world (Interbrand Oct. 2012) • Marketing fund for retailers/HORECA • 30 million+ Facebook likes • Ongoing marketing platforms: Music, Sports, “Summer”. • Campaigns: YouTube, Project Re-brief, Polar Bears, etc. Social Business • Number 1 social brand in the world (Social Brands Top 100). • Social Media Listening Command Centre (monitors 25,000 conversations every day). • 3 hour SLA on social customer service. • All employees trained & certified in social media. E-Commerce • Number 2 Brand in the world (Interbrand Oct. 2012). • Grew to US$20+ billion in e-commerce revenue in 2 years. • As much e-commerce revenue as generated from Apple stores. • Increased focus on high margin mobile accessories in-country.
    10. 10. Social & E-Commerce
    11. 11. What is Social Commerce? Group buying, reviews & social enabled e-commerce. Ratings & Reviews Group Buying (e.g. Groupon, Livingsocial & Dell Swarm.) E-Commerce that incorporates social features. (e.g. Facebook Likes.) Social Sharing of Deals & Discounts (e.g. Facebook offers, Foursquare deals.)
    12. 12. E-Commerce Models eTail Direct E-Commerce Reseller. 5-10% commission. Manages sales, marketing & inventory. Website, m-commerce & social commerce. Highest profit margin. In-house people & skills. Retailers who are becoming multichannel. Traditional retail using the latest digital technology. Pros: Easy to get started with. No in-house competency needed. Cons: They own customer data. Pros: High margin You own customer data. Cons: Large investment in people & technology. Channel conflict. Pros: Multi-channel is essential. Cons: Difficult, as this requires new skills & capability. Pros: Enhances in-store experience. Cons: Not true eTail. Example: Examples: Retail > eTail Example: Digital@ Retail Example:
    13. 13. E-Commerce Rollout: 3 Step Plan Work with eTailers Improve Retailers digital competency Go direct (web, mobile & social) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Web reviews, Blogs, Forums & Mobile Develop in-house e-commerce merchandising team (product, price, promotion)
    14. 14. Social Commerce Plan 1. Facebook Stores for sub $100 products (e.g. Mobile Accessories). 2. “Special deals” seeded through Twitter, Facebook and other closed social networks. 3. DO NOT engage in Group Buying. Cheapens the brand and reduces margin. 4. Focus strongly on Mobile. 5. For all e-commerce sales channels, focus heavily on Reviews, Q&A, Community and Self-service.
    15. 15. Social Commerce Challenges.
    16. 16. 3 E-Commerce Challenges: #1 Executive level buy-in. #2 Team and resourcing. #3 Custom build or outsource?
    17. 17. Executive level buy-in For C-Level support, start with: 1. Research – you need hard facts on the state of E-Commerce. 2. Develop a business model. This includes Pricing and Product Mix. 3. Establish a steering committee. Once a month meeting with CEO, CFO, IT, Marketing, Sales & other key stakeholders. Use them to get resources and overcome challenges.
    18. 18. Team & Resourcing 1. People – where do you find the best e-commerce talent? 2. Marketing Model – demand generation through Search, CRM and Performance Media. 3. Training – who can provide this to your team?
    19. 19. Custom Build or Outsource? When selling direct via your website, m-commerce or social commerce: Web E-Commerce M-Commerce Social Commerce • There are two options: 1 Custom Build Requires a significant investment. High margin, high maintenance. Longer time frame to implement. Owns the customer and data. 2 White Label No upfront investment. Quick set-up. 5-10% commission to partner. Customer data ownership?
    20. 20. Thank you! Damien Cummings Email: Twitter: @DamienCummings Blog: LinkedIn: