Be smart - know how a thermalized aluminum window perform


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We are the only window manufacturer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that maintains our own in-house, full time, installation department. We don't use independent sub-contracted laborers to install your windows.

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Be smart - know how a thermalized aluminum window perform

  1. 1. Be Smart - Know how a Thermalized aluminum window perform
  2. 2. What is a Thermalized aluminum window? • In addition to having double or triple insulated glass, along with other performance options such as Thermal E+™ and tinting, a Thermalized window offers another important feature. • As the name itself indicates, the windows which helps to prevent heat entering into your home.
  3. 3. Do you know about thermal break? • The window frame and sash frames are insulated against heat and cold conduction. • This is done by separating the outside metal parts from the inside with a material such as polyurethane, greatly reducing the amount of heat or cold transferred through the frames. This feature is known as a thermal break or thermal barrier.
  4. 4. How does a Thermalized window perform? • Thermalized windows are manufactured from close-tolerance aluminum extrusions. • All of our thermal barrier aluminum frames are heat strengthened by bringing the raw aluminum up to a T5 temper to increase both strength and rigidity. • They have lower air leakage and higher resistance to heat transfer than non thermal break windows. With double glazing, they will stop 26% to 38% of the heat lost through comparable wood windows made at local millwork shops.
  5. 5. A thermalized aluminum window performance is equal to or better than well-made wood windows. • Thermalized aluminum windows dallas surpass strict industry specifications. • Air leakage with a 25 MPH wind blowing outside cannot exceed 0.375 cubic feet per minute (CFM) for every foot of weather-stripped window perimeter.
  6. 6. Do you believe..? • Our 700 Series Double Hung allows only 0.06 CFM air infiltration - one sixth of the industry standard! • Old, worn out windows often have rates of 1.5 or more, 25 times the air leakage of our best Thermalized aluminum windows!
  7. 7. Do Thermalized windows prevent condensation? • No window is condensation-proof. • Even walls will "sweat" under high humidity. Windows do not cause condensation; they simply prevent moisture from escaping and provide a surface that allows condensation to be readily seen. • If inside glass and frame surfaces on a Thermalized window show excessive moisture, you can be sure that moisture is also present in your walls and ceiling.
  8. 8. What is the recommended interior humidity level? • The maximum recommended interior relative humidity ranges from 15% at -20ºF to a maximum of 40% at +30º. • Many homes have been built "tighter" to conserve energy, leading to indoor humidity above the recommended levels. • The best way to handle high indoor humidity is to vent the moisture to the outside. • Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas should be vented with a fan, or by opening windows slightly when the areas are in use. If that does not help, a dehumidifier might be necessary.
  9. 9. Now…Know what we are… • We make your replacement windows right here in our Dallas, Texas factory. When you come into our plant/showroom you will see the quality and attention to detail that has made us "America's Finest Window" since 1979. • No one installs vinyl replacement windows and thermally broken aluminum replacement windows with more precision than our installation pros!
  10. 10. Custom made to fit right replacement windows • We offer all of our windows ready for new construction as well as for retrofit. • We offer vinyl replacement windows, thermally broken aluminum replacement windows, and fiberglass replacement windows at factory direct prices. • We control the design, manufacturing, sales, and installation of your windows and back up our work with one of the strongest limited lifetime warranties in our industry!
  11. 11. You may still think.. “Why Thermal windows..?” 1. We manufacture right here in DALLAS 2. We install - Our Employees (Not Subcontractors) 3. Value - Best MATERIALS @ BEST PRICE 4. You can do one window or the whole house Simply put we are a WINDOW COMPANY not a marketing firm. We only do windows and we do them very well. Over 10,000 jobs completed since 1992.
  12. 12. CONTACT US: • Dallas Showroom & Manufacturing Plant J & M Glass Company, Inc. 8808 Empress Row Dallas TX 75247 • Fort Worth Showroom J & M Glass Company, Inc. 3461b Blue Bonnet Cir Fort Worth TX 76109 • Phone:(214) 630-5885 • Phone:(817) 731-8886 Visit us: