Find Out If Your Electrician Has A LICENSE


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It is necessary that you check the status of an electrician before you call them home. Caddell Electric's professional team of electricians has years of experience in a wide variety of commercial and residential services at Dallas, Fort Worth, and all surrounding areas.

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Find Out If Your Electrician Has A LICENSE

  1. 1. Find Out If Your Electrician Has A LICENSE
  2. 2. Just because you find an electrician on the internet or in a phone book doesn't mean they are licensed.
  3. 3. DID YOU KNOW...? Electricians working in the State of Texas are required to be licensed by the "Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation".
  4. 4. There are 4 levels of licensing for Electricians. 1) Apprentice Electrician 2) Wireman Electrician 3) Journeyman Electrician 4) Master Electrician
  5. 5. 1) Apprentice Electrician Someone new to the trade is considered an Apprentice. Upon 2 years of supervised training and obtaining a passing score on an electrical exam, they become a Wireman Electrician.
  6. 6. 2) Wireman Electrician A Wireman Electrician is able to work unsupervised in any residential home. They cannot work in the commercial field without a Journeyman Electrician present.
  7. 7. 3) Journeyman Electrician To be a Journeyman Electrician, one must complete 8000 hours of work under a Master Electrician and pass a written exam.
  8. 8. 4) Master Electrician A Master Electrician is just that, a Master. All electrical contracting companies MUST have a Master Electrician on board to oversee the electrical work being performed on a daily basis.
  9. 9. So, How to find out if your electrician is licensed? You can check the status of any electrician or electrical repair company in the state of Texas at
  10. 10. Don't be afraid to ask any Electrical contractor for their license number. If the contractor is following the rules he will be happy to give it to you. It is absolute imperative that you check the status of any electrician before you hire them.
  11. 11. , OR Call Caddell Electric
  12. 12. • With drug-testing, background checks, advanced technical training, and industry certifications, you can feel comfortable inviting Caddell Electric into your home or office. • At Caddell, all of the electricians we send to your home to work on your electrical system hold the Journeyman Electrician license.
  13. 13. Call us today and we're on our way! Phone: (214) 329-4567 Fax: (214) 324-0033 Caddell Electric 3730 Dilido Rd, Ste 210 Dallas, TX 75228 Website:
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