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Wordcamp Chicago 2009 - Blogs - Still the Center of Content Strategy
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Wordcamp Chicago 2009 - Blogs - Still the Center of Content Strategy


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Wordcamp Chicago 2009 - Blogs - Still the Center of Content Strategy by David Dalka

Wordcamp Chicago 2009 - Blogs - Still the Center of Content Strategy by David Dalka

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. WordCamp Chicago 2009 Blogs – Still The Center of Content Strategy David Dalka Search Engine Marketing Management Consulting @dalka
  • 2. Why blogs? Please tweet answers - #wcchicagowb
  • 3. History of Creating and Measuring Authority
  • 4. 2002-2007 Technorati Link Counting (Errors) “It has no significance at all in reality. Nobody cares about it. It is undeserved and means nothing.” – Andreas Viklund
  • 5. 2005-2008 RSS Feed Subscriber Counts TechCrunch created most of it’s early validation via RSS subscribers, now it displays RSS in it’s footer!
  • 6. 2007-2008 Facebook Wall Applications Lesson: Social Networks Change Terms of Service (Linkedin, Facebook, Yelp (see Feb 2009 article, etc))
  • 7. 2007-???? Twitter Follower Counts How much of this stuff actually gets seen?
  • 8. 2010 and Beyond Who Knows ?????? Lesson: It will change (again & again) So where can you own your Terms of Service?
  • 9. You Can Own Your Content & Terms of Service Your Domain & Self-hosted Blogs Content is indexable in search engines which bring relevant traffic!
  • 10. Question What is the most popular social media site launched in 2009?
  • 11. Do You Recognize
  • 12. Do You Recognize this? Absolutely! Plugin #1: Install Twitter Retweet (Tweetmeme) Plugin #2: Twitter Tools – Blog Posts to Twitter Plugin #3: Sociable – One Click SM Submissions
  • 13. Consumers Now Expect Pull Marketing & Customer Experience Is Now The Brand “Search engines and user generated content are creating focus on a brand’s niche attributes and user experiences when interacting with the brand. Embrace this by adapting your business strategy to pull (search) marketing, listening and innovating”
  • 14. Is this really totally new? Or the overdue return of great customer service? Relevant engagement Chicago Tribune graphic, February, 2009
  • 15. Almost Brilliant…But… Transform Legacy Budgets and Organizations!
  • 16. Social Media / Blog Engagement Is Not Enough - Innovate Customer Experience = Dell 2.0 “My plea is simple. Empower your customer service people to simply replace things that don't work rather than making them jump through whatever procedures you have in place that clearly don't work.” - Danny Sullivan on Blogs and Social Media has created two-way conversations requiring listening & reaction. How you react is now your brand definition. Gifted marketers need executive management to remove barriers to customer satisfaction!
  • 17. Example: Reducing Addiction to Media Spend SEO Raised Site Traffic 45%, Increased Leads Reduced $15,000 yearly Yellow Book spend Revenue Maintained Improved Business Profit!!!
  • 18. Can We Remove Innovation Barriers? Legacy budgets, silos & 5 year plans prevent customer focus & stifle innovation. Be nimble. “Businesses are not paid to reform customers. They are paid to satisfy customers.” - Peter Drucker “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” - Jack Welch
  • 19. 6 Online Marketing Strategy Success Rules Create rapid cycle time improvement culture Empower customer satisfaction Recruit passionate, Internet savvy generalists Always see abundance, there is no downside Experience is the brand, create positive WOM Migrate budgets towards content strategy
  • 20. Search Engine Marketing Resources SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, Sphinn, Matt Cutts, SES Chicago (December) SEO 101 Podcast – Joost de Valk – plugin writer and SEO - Jordan Kasteler – Hard Core Geek SEO blog/seo-for-wordpress-searchfest/
  • 21. The Lost, But Important Fine Art of the Trackback Plugin #4: Use Trackback Validator .71 I’m more likely to link to a blog w/trackbacks
  • 22. Let’s Talk Keyword Research & Anchor Text Links Google Keyword External is directionally correct Think about anchor text when you link!
  • 23. Spread Link Love Through Your Blog & Use Google Webmaster Tools Plugin #5: WordPress Related Posts Plugin #6: Use Google XML Sitemaps & Check Google Webmaster Central Error Messages
  • 24. Thousands of People Are Still Searching For Marshall Field’s Every Month!!!
  • 25. Marshall Field’s SERP - Please link to with anchor text “Marshall Field’s” to outrank Macy’s (Why does Macy’s rank here BTW?)
  • 26. David Temple – Convicted of Murdering Pregnant Wife
  • 27. My Friend David Temple - Paid Search Pro Living in Singapore - Please link to with anchor text “David Temple” - (He has been known to “kill” a beer or two)
  • 28. Thank You!!! Questions Please!!! David Dalka Web Analytics Marketing Management Consultant @dalka SLIDESHARE: Search Engine Marketing & Social Media creating an urgent need for a new breed of executive management leaders qualified to lead complex organizational change/redesign!