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Marketing plan beit-issie_shapira

Marketing plan beit-issie_shapira



As a volunteer at Beit Issie Shapira, a non-profit organization, I helped out with editing and implementing changes to their website. I also suggested some forward-looking changes in their marketing ...

As a volunteer at Beit Issie Shapira, a non-profit organization, I helped out with editing and implementing changes to their website. I also suggested some forward-looking changes in their marketing mix, which I recapped into a short presentation.



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    Marketing plan beit-issie_shapira Marketing plan beit-issie_shapira Presentation Transcript

    • BeitIssieShapira:Marketing Plan & Strategy2010
      DalitBoutboulMarketing Consultant
    • About BeitIssieShapira (BIS)
      Branding strategy has identified 3 main ‘pillars’ of activities:
      1. Services 2. Community 3. Research
    • What do we want to achieve?
      The target is to communicate the activities and services each ‘pillar’ has to offer, in order to expand BIS’ influence and image locally and internationally.
    • Communicating at BIS
      In addition to its marketing communications (PRs, reports, videos, news…), BIS has 3 ‘bodies’ that communicate to its pillars:
      Hebrew English KerenWebsite WebsiteAhava
    • Who
      are the people
      we are targeting?
    • 1) Hebrew Website
      Targets local population: parents, potential clients for 3 (4?) profit centers:
      • היחידה הקהילתית לאבחנה כפולה
      • המרכז לטיפול רגשי בילד ובמשפחה
      • מרפאת שיניים
      • Swimming pool?
    • 2) English Website
      Targets 4 types of people, by order of importance, mainly international but also local:
      • Donors
      • Professionals
      • All other BIS ‘chapters’ in the world
      • Relatives and potential BIS ‘clients’
    • 3) KerenAhava
      Targets CEOs, HR managers and assistants
      In businesses that:
      • Currently purchase KerenAhava products
      • Aren’t aware of KerenAhavaproducts yet
      • Aware of only one type of products (candy)
      • International clients
    • New branding: Revised Marketing
      All three pillars should make use of a complete marketing ‘toolbox’ to reach their target audience and deliver their results.
    • Our Objectives
      Let’s define our objectives.
      Then propose a variety of tools and actions to achieve them.
    • Hebrew Website: Objectives
      Define and focus on the 3-4 money generating activities of each.
      Clearly present each one. Its benefits. Its details. Make it easy to sign up for more information.
    • Hebrew website: Marketing ‘toolbox’
      ‘Terrain’ marketing tactics for each profit center
      i.e.: Pool: Flyers delivered to the entire neighborhood. Posters delivered to all Raananakindergardens , elementary schools, supermarkets. Roll ups at BIS’s entrance. Banners across Raanana main streets. Is it for adults as well? Target the hi tech.
      Social media: Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, InHasharon list: invite parents, suppliers, teachers, etc. to join our community. Supply them with the latest news: events , research published at BIS and elsewhere, books we recommend, upcoming courses for adults/children .
      Website content: Quotes from users (interviews), movies, new pictures, new books and research. Events – pictures, movies, presentations online.
      Interview and brainstorm with the BIS staff and parents to come up with price-effective tactics for each center.
    • English Website: Objectives
      IMAGE: Establish BIS’ image as :
      Leaders that ‘set the scene’
      Innovators of new services and approaches
      Pioneers of research, standards and training
      Dynamic changers of attitudes and laws
      Advocacy and self empowerment for people with disabilities and their families
      EDUCATIONAL: Provide parents, donors and researchers with information and research created and gathered by BIS.
      FINANCIAL: Provide a means by which BIS can gather more donor support and donations (PayPal)
    • English website: Marketing toolbox
      Content – publish and communicate the ground breaking work BIS initiates and implements. Communicate donor-friendly activities internationally. Make site more friendly to micro-payments (PayPal).
      Donor fundraising campaigns– such as BarMitsva, Leaves of Hope – each to have its own marketing strategy, how and where to reach the target audience.
      Donor projects - better communicate the projects that are tied into donations.
      Social media: Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter –invite researchers, donors, parents, teachers, etc. to join our community. Supply them with the latest news: events , research published at BIS and elsewhere, books we recommend, upcoming events.Invite comments, suggestions, guest posts.
      Publish content– pictures on Flicker etc.; Videos on YouTube and more; presentations on slideshare etc.
      Website content- Quotes from users (interviews), movies, new pictures, new books and research. Events – pictures, movies, presentations online.
      SEO – work the keywords, refine, check and correct; Page descriptions (unique per page); incoming links.
      Wiki – interactive ‘depository’ of knowledge and information that is managed and initiated by BIS, open to commentary from all participants. The target is to enrich the knowledge base, and to enhance BIS image as THE primary address for research in this field.
      Brainstorm with the BIS staff and all target clients to come up with price-effective tactics for each center.
    • KerenAhava: Objectives
      IMAGE: Establish KerenAhava’s image as ‘first choice’ for all corporate gifts .
      PROMOTIONAL: Provide all the information you need to make a purchasing decision.
      MARKETING: Provide a means to receive constant feedback for improvement and enrichment of the catalogue and services.
      FINANCIAL: Offer an easy to order online option; duplication of past orders, etc.
    • KerenAhava : Marketing toolbox
      Website Content – Communicate the message: THIS is the place to go for gifts, quality items, personalized. Let’s now show you why:
      Publish and communicate the catalogue and the personalized items.
      Promote the unique items and artists.
      Show pictures in 3D of all items.
      Bring quotes from customers , even video interviews
      Show and link to YouTube movies of ‘how your gift is created/packaged’
      Social media: Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter –Invite clients, suppliers and potentials to join our community.
      Supply them with the latest news: ‘Great idea of the month’ (best employee; birthday; partner event gifts; etc.
      Showcase gifts others have order
      Invite comments, suggestions, guest posts.
      Brainstorm with the clients, happy and unhappy. Explore how they see K.A., what they’d like K.A. to offer in addition to what they have.
      Explore where they search for their gifts (online/offline), where they get their information from. What types of communications would they be open to (newsletter? Social media? Telemarketing? Paper catalogue?)
      Discuss with similar initiatives abroad. Get ideas as to best communication practices.
      Create a profile on eBay like here.
    • Measuring our success: #1:
      Google Analytics should be incorporated at each of the 3 websites (and blog, eventually). Weekly analysis should be made:
      Where are the users going?
      What information are they downloading?
      What information is being ignored?
      Are they arriving directly to a page – or navigating?
      How long do they stay at each page? What do they do next?
      Changes to content and layout should be made as a consequence
    • Measuring our success: #2: Ask the Client
      ‘Client’ interviews should take place weekly.
      Hebrew Website: should talk to parents, researchers.
      English Website: should talk to donors, potential donors, researchers aware of BIS, those that aren’t aware yet of BIS.
      KerenAhava: should talk to current customers, happy and especially unhappy ones. Also to potential customers, unaware of BIS.
    • Measuring our success: #3Social Media
      BIS should make considerable use of social media:
      Blogs – Consider publishing a blog with weekly posts. Personal, informative. Engage in existing posts. Create an image of BIS people as part of a knowledgeable community.Invite comments, suggestions, guest posts.
      LinkedIn – Naomi’s profile must be united and ‘beefed up’ and turned into the communicating arm of BIS.
      Facebook – Same as LI.
      Twitter – Posts on the blog and news distributed via LI and FB can re tweeted through a BIS account on Twitter.
      YouTube – All movies, old and new, posted and tagged.
      Slideshare – post presentations both here and on your other platforms.
    • Measuring Social Media
      • No. of links from other sites
      • No. of posts quoting or linking to the site/blog
      • No. of comments
      • Technorati ranking (blog)
      • Quality of content shared
      • No. of people who filled in the ‘get more info’ form
      • No. of repeating, unique visitors and other web traffic
      • Increase in pagerank
      • No. of people in a specific location/demographic who follow us/ access our site
      • No. of new things we discovered about our customers
      • No. of suggestions we implemented
      • Inbound links – to the content you’ve published
    • Blog topics
      Make sure the URL is yours! www.beitissie.org/blog
      Blog = magnet for links! 2/3 times more than your website.
      Good book I read, and why
      A typical ‘day in my life’
      Thoughts about my plans for 2010
      Reminder of upcoming events
      Talking to a parent – recap (or guest post)
      Recent research we’ve read or published
      Reminder of current and ongoing courses/services.
      Presentations we’ve given and can share
      Meet BIS: the people that make the miracle
      ‘Coming up soon’: publications, etc.
      Interesting person I met this week, intro to her/his work.
    • Blog topics (more)
      • Highlight free services
      • Invite a guest: each time a different department. ‘day in the life’…
      • Recent achievement
      • Promote a Karen Ahava artist
      • Relate to the calendar: holidays, etc.
      • Reminder: ways to support BIS
      • Feature a volunteer and what s/he does. How can you support BIS?
      • Feature a company that volunteered. How can yours?
      • Join our community: highlight each time another initiative: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube…
      • Update on ongoing projects.
      • 5 ideas/trends/thoughts
      • Publish a list of useful links
      • Answer questions you’ve been asked recently
      • Check your Outbox: turn an issue into a topic
      • Share a recent experience
      • Recent press release
      • Any and all content published by BIS elsewhere
    • Blog examples
    • Interesting sites/blogs
      CBF Tech Blog
      Chad Norman
      Marc Pitman
      David Weinberger
      Philanthropy Journal
      KiviLeroux Miller
      Michelle Murrain
      Allan Benamer
      Beaconfire Wire
      Norman Reiss
      The Raiser's Razor
      Customizing NetCommunity
      David Geilhufe
      Tom Watson
      Nonprofit on Alltop
      Beth Dunn
      Max Gladwell
      Care2 Blog
      Jocelyn Harmon
      Jeff Brooks
      Sean Stannard-Stockton
      GiveWell Blog
      Trista Harris
      Leyla Farah
      Michael Stein
      Benevon Weblog
      Robert Weiner
      NetWits Think Tank
      Blackbaud Interactive
      Beth Kanter
      Don't Tell The Donor
      The Chronicle of Higher Education
      The Chronicle of Philanthropy
      The Agitator
      Seth Godin
      Doc Searls
      Where Most Needed
      Echo Ditto
      Mark Rovner
      Katya Andresen
    • Thank you.