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Introducing the Interior Designer


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What is interior design? Why is interior design important? What does an interior designer do? What are the different types of interior designers? Why hire an interior designer? These are some of the aspects that Dalia Sadany addresses in this article as a prelude to a more detailed outlook about the interior designer in the forth coming article. This article touches on the history of interior design and includes useful diagrams

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Introducing the Interior Designer

  1. 1. 34 Dalia speaks DECEMBER 2011 35 Now we have a constructed an unfinished building which will bring us on the threshold of discussing the needed key player at this stage the glamorous Interior Designer. But before venturing deeply into the world of the Interior Designer , would like to discuss a subject that emerged in the local real estate market in Egypt recently , which is the vastly spreading existence of the suburban compounds that demolish in a way the need for a personal architect and construction contractor leaving home owners with the possibilities of needing an interior designer for the finishing stage , a finishing contractor , a decorator, or the limited possibility of simply a decorator to furnish the house. THE INTERIOR EMERGE OF THE SUBURBAN big portion of society has risen and more and implementations, in addition to the COMPOUNDS can afford to provide a percentage of capability to coordinate entire work team In the early 90’s the concept of compounds these earnings on investing in their homes, from clients, vendors, contractors, as well DESIGNER owned by huge real estate developers whether as real estate value or finishing as, schedule, assess and execute every stormed Egypt after being a huge success and furnishings which would be relative to detail from A to Z in addition to providing earlier in the western world. It started the value of these investments. the clients with personalized attention that with the construction of compounds for a resourceful interior designer can provide. summer houses in the North Coast off Moreover, from my perspective I am the mesmerizing city of Alexandria. The seeing that people in Egypt are becoming HISTORY OF INTERIOR DESIGN concept of these compounds quickly spread more aware of professionalism and that it And now let’s set foot in the world of the from just summer homes to permanent actually saves money, effort and time, you renowned interior designer, not many residences in suburbs outside Cairo such as are assigning a professional to translate know that the credit of the birth of interior the new provinces then, as Sheikh Zayed, your dreams into accurate, flawless reality design is most often claimed to the Ancient 6th of October and New Cairo, where as opposed to trial and error. Besides, Egyptians who decorated their mud huts "Dalia Sadany AskDesigner & Founder of consultant, Chief Magazines design people found them as a refuge from the hectic busy capital. More and more people were tempted to Egypt is becoming more exposed to global standards which results in peoples desire to adopt their homes, work places hangouts to such standards. Dwellers nowadays with furniture pieces enriched by animal skins, textiles as well as painted walls, sculptures and decorated vases. Exquisite gold ornaments with precious jewels as well Dezines Architecture & Interiors, Managing invest a substantial amount of money in require experts with back ground and as extravagant painted murals revealed the Director & Partner of Divine Contracting these houses. The real estate developers knowledge of the immense amount of importance of more lavish decoration for would hire an Architectural firm to design available, brands, trends, building materials, wealthier and powerful Egyptians. as well as the creator of the new furniture the whole project where there would be several units, with a variety of designs and a brand GUSH is dwelling into the world of range of areas to provide diversity to fulfill all Architecture, Interior Design and Contracting. " the needs for all home owners. They would hire as well a contracting firm to execute the construction and in few compounds even finish the units with unified specs. In the past three articles we have covered at first the planning needed to start your These compounds minimized the need own project to construct your home, for home owners to hire architects and following that we initiated the detailed contractors to design and construct their homes, since these units are already study by dwelling into the roles of the key constructed in a mostly unified design as to players in the construction process. We maintain the unity of the project. Eventually have discussed the legendry Architect with home owners needed professionals to few minor tips in the architectural design design the interior of these units, and that was one of the main reasons for the process, as well as the infamous Contractor. awakening in the Egyptian market for the Clarified the definition of each of their roles role of the interior designer. and responsibilities, how to choose them, work with them and the means of handling There were other aspects that highlighted them financially. the need for the interior designer, one of which is that the financial standard of a ASK DECEMBER 2011
  2. 2. 36 Dalia speaks DECEMBER 2011 37 The work of a designer can range from designing the interior of a bachelor condo, to designing massive corporate buildings, or the design of an international hotel chain .He would have the capability and the know-how to juggle several skills in his work, melding bits of architecture, psychology, aesthetics, and product design to create a cohesive whole. He must also have a grasp of many fields that are important to his work, such as building The Roman and Greek civilizations WHAT IS INTERIOR DESIGN? creating functional and beautiful to look A successful interior design for residential functional needs. In this context interior and fire codes, or specifications required to built upon the Egyptian art of interior Interior design is a protocol that looks at interior spaces in all sorts of fields projects aims at the comfort, reflection designers are mainly concerned with how be taken into serious consideration if the decorating and accessorizing. They placed after designing all of the interiors of any including private residences, in addition to of the residents preferences as well as to make several factors work coherently space is to be used by disabled individuals, special emphasis on combining beauty given space. Under that umbrella lies all public buildings such as airport terminals, affecting the mood in meanwhile investing together such as colors, lighting, materials, these are vital components that could effect and comfort and extravagance of home factors such as flooring, windows, doors, theaters, as well as commercial properties in a exquisite interior design will simply textures, furnishings and that all these and alter his design decisions. interiors reflected wealth and social status. walls, ceilings, lighting, furniture, window as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, increase a buildings market value. aspects complement each other to end up treatments, upholstery, curtains and the schools, hospitals, leisure venues and in a lucid collage. Traditionally, most interior designers From then on interior design went through list goes on to all and every fixture and offices. Interior design can also be applied On the other hand in public spaces such were focused on decorating, choosing a various phases biased by economical, miscellaneous design piece. It’s main target to temporary environments, whether that’s as schools and hospitals would benefit Interior designers are qualified through a style and color palette and then selecting political and social influences, that field is generally to make a space that is both pop-up shops that are in existence for just more from creative interior design, here it rigorous process of education, experience appropriate furniture, floor and window has come a long way from mud and comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, a few months at a time, or show booths has the potential to improve health and and examination. Combining knowledge coverings, artwork, and lighting. However, bricks of the ancient Egyptians .Designers often tailored specifically to the needs and and exhibition stands that may simply last productivity, it is also an invaluable asset with vision, they work with clients and other an increasing number of designers are nowadays have access to countless man- preferences of the owner. days. Anything that has an interior can be for businesses. An inspiring office interior, design professionals such as architects, becoming involved in architectural made and natural finishing materials, in designed, redesigned or refurbished. for example, can help to raise the profile electro-mechanical engineers as electric, detailing, such as moldings, and in planning addition to advanced means of presenting It is the development of creative design of a company and boost staff morale at sanitary and heating/air-conditioning layouts which is known as zoning of and executing their work. They still draw solutions for interior environments. WHY IS INTERIOR DESIGN the same time, which would relatively engineers, acoustical engineers .contractors buildings, including helping to determine upon the influences of the ancestors while It involves a matrix of technical IMPORTANT? increase productivity. And it goes without whether general finishing or specialized the location of windows, stairways, and continually striving to originate innovative and analytical skills to achieve built Good interior design will not only make saying that shops, restaurants and leisure ones, craftsmen, etc . elevator etc. personalized design trends. environments that are functional and a space look and function better, it can venues that are inviting and stimulating enhance the quality of life and culture of have a significant impact on the mood and inside will potentially draw in more the occupants, and are eye pleasing with wellbeing of the residents. The application clientele, and eventually increase sales a distinctive touch of individuality. of uplifting color schemes, well-designed and therefore increase profits. furnishings and furniture as well as the Designers plan interior spaces of almost thoughtful manipulation of light and space Interior Design was previously every type of building. It isnt just about can all make a real difference to how we seen as playing a secondary role to home decoration. It is concerned with feel about the environment and in it. architecture. Lately with the emphasis on professionalism in all its aspects, and the depth and individuality that has emerged in this field, add to this the countless materials , techniques used has all emphasized on the importance of interior design as a relevant factor in the success of any project . Any building needs extensive, study, mirroring and exerted effort in its design internally in every finest detail as much as externally. WHAT IS AN INTERIOR DESIGNER? Interior designer is the professional concerned with the look and design of the interiors of spaces. His/her goal is to make a space visually appealing while reflecting the space owner’s preferences and ASK DECEMBER 2011
  3. 3. 38 Dalia speaks DECEMBER 2011 39 WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF INTERIOR DESIGNER? Interior designers vary from an independent consultant who is known as free-lancer WHY HIRE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER? to a studio to a large firm working on big The question that a lot of clients would ask projects or part of a group offering other themselves usually would be "Should I Hire related engineering services. an Interior Designer? Or I am better off doing the job myself? “The first reason that might Although most interior designers do come to your head is the cost. Considering diversified types of projects, some budgeting is a vital matter. But considering specialize in one area of interior design, the percentage of the total projects cost in order to develop technical knowledge to the fees of hiring a professional interior specific to that area, and these designer is inconsiderate. Besides there specifications would be categorized as is plenty of savings that could be gained , shown in the diagram below ; please note when the result of hiring a pro would limit that the first category of specializations waste cost on trials and errors , or even yet is via sectors and that is extensively costly inappropriate usage of materials. elaborated in the second diagram There are several further reasons to justify the importance of hiring a professional As for the services, there are two types of interior designer among your team of designers, some provide drawings and specs, players to reach your ultimate goal to bring as others offer the turn key solutions, which your dream project to reality. is designing and executing the construction of these designs. I personally have chosen and I immensely enjoy executing my work, 1-You already have a job/ a busy life. personality would guide you and most for colors and taste and deep knowledge that approach of combining the expertise for me there is no bigger thrill than to Whether you belong to the corporate world importantly brush up the rough image of of materials ,and your own management of being a designer and a contractor at the visualize an idea in my head and contribute or a stay at home spouse, you already have what would suit you, and most definitely abilities, and feel you will not benefit from same time, since I was a hands-on person, in turning it into admirable reality. a hectic full schedule. An Interior Designer how to link all the different elements a fresh perspective on things, as well of has gone rigorous studies and training to together into one harmonious exquisite course as a lot and I mean a lot of time on professionalize the possibility to design space, uniquely tailored for you .The first your hands by all means, do it yourself. But with taste, creativity, color, and awareness thing a good designer should do, however, you have to question yourself and respond to their clients’ requirements, needs and is sit down with you, and get to know how honestly whether you feel comfortable budget. It is a full time occupation and you live and what is important to you. If with most of the following tasks; it is extremely time consuming. Before this crucial step is followed, the final design • Research design styles and visualize each you begin your project, you have to make should appeal to everything you told them in your designated space, and have a sure you don’t underestimate the amount and more because it is a fresh pair of eyes strong sense of your own style and taste. of needed time, as well as the focused looking at your home and its possibilities. • Research the basic understanding of the meticulous effort required. design concepts and principles necessary 4-A designer can easily work with other for achieving the look you desire. 2-A designer has products’ awareness needed engineers. • Research finishing materials, and be aware more than you. As we have mentioned earlier, designing of the ones available in the market. In the market of finishing materials nowadays the interior of a space could involve • Select the necessary technical engineers, there are plenty of different choices and several technical engineers, as electric, that you would need to refer to and act varieties. Designers have access to each acoustical, heating/air-conditioning, home as the liaison between them. and every new product on the market that automation etc… You have to link all • Perform the research necessary for a cost you don’t. Since they are professional, they these participants together, with a clear estimate. are in direct contact with the suppliers, understanding of whether they would work • Find a method of presenting your ideas on and an extensive knowledge of all the parallel or concurrently, and awareness of paper as not to miss out on any essential pros and cons of every material. They can the dependence of any of one’s assignment detail, preferably good knowledge easily filter all the available materials and on the other. A professional would have a of CAD program (Computerized select whichever is convenient for you that hassle free flowing relationship with all of Architectural Drawings). fit your requirements whether price wise, them, with well studied timing according to durability, or taste. appropriate stages, without any possibility Now, we have partially covered the interior of future finger pointing issues between designer’s topic, since it is a vivid issue, 3-A designer has more knowledge of involved parties. with more to discuss, it will be continued in styles and trends. the next issue along with the remnant the You are right when you think that only After elaborating on the advantages of team players in the construction process of you would know exactly what you like and hiring a professional interior designer, if you building your aspired home. what will work best with your lifestyle. But still feel you might be in a good position to You can reach me at my email a designer via his broad studies of styles tackle the job yourself, If you’re confident askdalia@ask.com and his insightful vision of you and your enough in your own sense of style, an eye ASK DECEMBER 2011