Celebrities and design by Dalia Sadany


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Flair Egypt March 2013 - Looks like a new celebrity-hobby is on the rise! Throughout this past month alone many celebrities have ventured into the field of design. Some are sticking to just commenting on furniture, artifacts, lighting products, even architecture and buildings, while others are actually taking an astonishing dive into the process of design itself.

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Celebrities and design by Dalia Sadany

  1. 1. interiorsCelebrities& Design byDalia SadanyLooks like a new celebrity-hobby is on therise! Throughout this past month alone manycelebrities have ventured into the field ofdesign. Some are sticking to just commentingon furniture, artifacts, lighting products,even architecture and buildings, whileothers are actually taking an astonishingdive into the process of design itself.Lenny Kravitz is known for being a very successful singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, lyricist, recordproducer, arranger and actor; and that’s not all! Kravitzalso thinks of himself as an interior designer. The rocker/actor has entered into mass-production for the designworld, revealing a number of chairs he designed for Italianfurniture company Kartell at the Milan Furniture Fair. Thechairs are based on the well-known designer PhillippeStarck’s “Mademoiselle” armchair. Kravitz said his aim wasto give the chairs “feel, texture and plushness.” Well, mis-sion accomplished! The funky chairs are heavily coveredin python leather or fur, similar to what the rocker himselflikes to wear at times. “Kartell goes rock” was born. Lenny Kravitz Reveals Chair Designs at Milan Furniture Fair Kravitz also designed black and white tiles for Lea Ceramiche that were inspired by water drops and waves, creating an undulating effect on the wall. Ac- cording to Kravitz, he’s always been interested in in- terior design; “since I was a kid, it was always impor- tant how my room was put together. I would buy all these posters, fabrics and lighting, and I would make the room the way I wanted it to be.” Kravitz also adds, “the most important thing was to create a vibe,” and once that happened, “my world was set.” It seems his childhood tendencies, well, plus fame and fortune, was enough to qualify the artist to open up his own firm, Kravitz Design Inc. Since then, he has worked with Swarovski on a series of chandeliers and designed a Miami Beach recording studio as well as the Florida Room Lounge at the Delano Hotel in Miami. He even brings his design team along on tours to work on projects after performances.
  2. 2. Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who says she is obsessed with interiordesign, began reporting on product design, with her review of the Maison etObjet trade show in Paris, published on her blog Goop. Her commentarieshave made her quite a referral critic for people of interest in the field. Here’sa summary of the very informative evaluation: she basically loved everything!“We all loved this trompe l’oeil wooden floor at Bohemian Works. Made meseriously consider redecorating!”“Also loved these modern, round side tables by Muuto and Normann Copen-hagen - both by Scandinavian companies.”“Loved every single lamp on the wall display from this French lighting designstudio.” Timberlake and his good friend and interior designer Estee Stanley Justin Timberlake is yet another celebrity with a love for interior design and architecture. Merge that with his passion for innovation and of course his aesthetic awareness and artistic skills and you get a home design line of products called “HomeMint,” which consists of high-end style and quality design. The line includes home items that are created for everyday use, including rugs, cereal bowls, and tea glasses. Seems easy enough, maybe we should all give it a try! 99
  3. 3. Brad Pitt is also meddling in the realms of architecture and interior design with his “Make ItRight Foundation,” which was enthusiastically put into action to design homes for hurricaneKatrina victims in New Orleans. The company started working with LivingHomes to providelow-priced energy efficient homes throughout the entire country.Electronic musician Moby has been an of- Yorker who owned a vegetarian teahouse onficial Los Angeles resident since December the Lower East Side, which qualifies him to2010 and has recently started up an archi- be such an architectural connoisseur. LA hastecture blog where he posts comments on been waiting for a musician from New York toLA buildings. I guess he somehow managed reveal the true nature of this famously fasci-to become quite the expert in just two years. nating and multi-layered city.Perhaps it was his background as an ex- New O’Shea Jackson studied architectural drafting and has a deep appreciation for designs and the arts, probably before he decided to become a rapper and refer to himself as Ice Cube! Nevertheless, he recently appeared in a video where he spoke about the work of modernIce Cube celebrates the Eames design legends Charles and Ray Eames.
  4. 4. Movie and TV star, Sofia Vergara has increased heralready-extraordinary endorsement collection,which includes Diet Pepsi, Cover Girl, Burger Kingand Comcast, by coming up with a home range ofbeddings, bathroom accessories and home wareknown as “Sofia” for Kmart. Perhaps she, unlikeTimberlake and Jackson, does not share the pas-sion but like the majority of us just wants to makemoney. “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola gets,” right? Sofia Bedding by Kmart Even Mercedes Benz is giving it a shot! The world-class Cindy Crawford, as she may have been one of the ini- company is moving into the lifestyle sector by produc- tiators leading up to this outburst, when she launched ing a furniture range inspired by its cars and designed her line of furniture, “Cindy Crawford Home Col- to give you a glimpse of what to imagine in the car’s lection,” back in 2005. Since, of course, one is never interiors and exteriors. enough; she now also has a furniture line with Raymour & Flanigan and launched another home goods line with We should probably thank the likes of super model J. C. Penney in late 2009.Sofia by Sofia Vergara expands upon the clothing linethe actress has already launched with the retailer Kmart New furniture line from Mercedes Benz It seems that the majority of the above ce- lebrity examples have somewhat of a sincere “passion” for design. But I’m still a little wor- ried and I sometimes wonder, “is this just the beginning”? Will this recent pattern transform from a genuine appeal towards architecture and design to an all-out common trend where Personally, it’s quite ironic to think that the the field is flooded with untrained amateurs field of architecture and interior design could solely performing PR stunts? go from a serious profession to a commercial parade, where celebrity culture takes over the I might sound peevish and dismayed, but I field of design as it has the fashion world. am growing weary of overpaid and over- valued celebrities being paid exorbitant amounts of If that does end up happening, would the title money to lend their name to everyday products. Sure, Architect or Interior Designer become tar- it is the nature of the beast; but aren’t we getting tired nished for good? Will the fame, fortune and of lining these people’s pockets, when they are largely opportunity celebrities have, trump talent and just figure heads, where a celebrity would occasionally years of hard work? I guess for those of us ar- play a role in suggesting, approving certain designs , chitects and designers who have struggled for whilst the genuine technical craftsmanship is performed decades on polishing our craft, there is noth- by accomplished hired professionals in the shadows ? ing left for us to do but act in a multi-million Isn’t it enough that we pay to go see their movies, listen dollar movie, perhaps even sing a number one to their music or purchase the magazines they are fea- hit song… just to pass the time! tured in? What is the take on celebrities being dubbedThe super model Cindy Crawford now runs and “Jacks of all trades”? Does their endorsement “up” thedesigns, not one but, three home furniture lines desirability level in the public for certain products? 101