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Brochure iso 31000 conference may2013-toronto-l

  1. 1. 1SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 STANDARDUSING ISO 31000 RISK MANAGEMENT STANDARD TO ACHIEVE OPTIMAL PERFORMANCEDisclaimer : This document contains information that may be company sensitive, proprietary, or otherwise protected from disclosure and is intended only forinformational purposes The document can be disclosed, disseminated, or redistributed keeping in mind that Conference speakers and programme may bemodified without notice.Contact!: Madeleine LeblancEmail!: Conference2013@G31000.orgOrganiser: Global Institute for RiskManagement Standards - G31000Conference Date:! 28-29 May 2013Toronto, CANADAMaster Classes Date:! 30-31 May 2013
  2. 2. 2Alex DaliPresident of G310002013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADADear Risk professionals,Understand how ISO 31000 is changing the global risk managementcommunity, learn how to embed the standard into your risk managementprogram and explore the latest developments in risk management andmanagement systems for standards.G31000 is proud to present the programme of the second Internationalconference on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard, offering the highestquality educational and networking experience available for risk professionals.The rise of the ISO 31000 risk management standard worldwide is changing therisk management landscape beyond compliance towards improvedperformance and better decision-making.Adopted in more than 40 countries as the national risk management standardand translated in at least 23 languages, ISO 31000 is now internationallyrecognized as guidance for managing any type of risk, for any organisation notspecific to any industry or sector.At last year’s first international conference on the ISO 31000 Risk ManagementStandard, we explained why and how every risk management program shouldbe aligned with the principles, framework and risk management processoutlined in ISO 31000. This year, we will focus on two aspects: the growingimportance of risk management standardization and how to embed ISO 31000into your organisation’s day-to-day decision making process.The conference brings together some of the most successful, resourceful andinnovative risk professionals using ISO 31000. During working and educationalsessions, you will have the opportunity to meet and learn from experts in ISO31000, risk managers, CEOs, CFOs and officers.Given the high demand for training and certification on ISO 31000, we also giveyou the chance to attend post-conference master classes and get trained bythe best experts in ISO 31000.We look forward to welcoming you in Toronto!Yours sincerely,Alex Dali, MBA, ARMPresidentGlobal Institute for Risk Management Standards - G31000
  3. 3. 3DO YOU KNOW THE ISO 31000 RISK MANAGEMENT STANDARD?2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADAIs your present risk management programme aligned with the principles, the framework and theprocess outlined in ISO 31000? Are you sure that your consulting advisors are recommending aglobal RM solution aligned with ISO 31000? Is your risk management programme oriented topromote business performance or is it perceived as a bureaucratic compliance/reporting system?This highly knowledge-based two-day conference explores how ISO 31000 can be incorporatedinto your existing risk management practices. It will help attendees to develop a practical tailoredaction plan for their own business or those of their clients.Presenters will show how line managers, auditors and risk managers can use ISO 31000 as a catalystfor developing sustainable risk management and can assist in embedding and improving riskmanagement effectiveness.. Participants will learn how ISO 31000 can add value in building a solidrisk management framework and at each stage of the risk management process – fromestablishing the context and risk identification to monitoring and reporting – without creating abureaucratic compliance/reporting system.
  4. 4. 4KEY CONFERENCE TOPICS1- Understand why the management of risk or ERM should be based on ISO 310002- Know how and why ISO 31000 is the global reference for risk management standards3- See the global trend regarding the use of the ISO 31000 in different sectors, differentcountries and the whole risk management community4- Learn how ISO 31000 can introduce an overall risk management framework and riskmanagement process with your existing management systems such as ISO 90005- Embed ISO 31000 into your organisation’s day-to-day decision making process6-Understand how to use practical tools and techniques used in different sectors to facilitatemanagers’ decision-making processes7- Get your training session and examination on the ISO 31000 risk management standardleading to international certificationHave a look at the conference website of last year organised in Paris, on 21-22 May 2012 : and certification Masterclasses :After the conference, attendees can follow a 2-day intensive course and examination leading to theISO 31000 certification (foundation level) or become a G31000-approved trainers delivering courseson ISO 31000.2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADA
  5. 5. 5Directors, executive managers and line managers across all organisations, public andprivate, large and small. It is a must for any Director or manager who wants to managerisk as part of effective corporate governance.Auditors, risk managers, Chief Risk Officers, Governance & compliance practitionerswho provide advice on the management of risk either in house or as consultants.Those who implement risk management or ERM in their organisations or governmentbodies in the following areas:WHO SHOULD ATTEND?• Enterprise Risk Management/ERM• Risk Management/Risk/CRO• Internal Audit• Corporate Governance & Compliance• Controller• Internal Controls• IT Audit• Treasury• Strategic Planning• Security• Business Continuity• Software• Public sector• Regulatory authorities• Risk management education & trainingThe ISO 31000 standard is the internationally-recognized risk management standardadopted as their national risk management standard by 40+ countries and translated in 23languages2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADA
  6. 6. 6BENEFITS OF ISO 31000ISO 31000 provides a single global reference for stakeholders in an organisation which has arisk management programISO 31000 provides a independent document for any financial or non-financial organisationsISO 31000 is the only internationally recognized ISO standard in risk managementISO 31000 is based on extensive experience of existing risk management standards such asAS/NZS4360 (first published in 1995)ISO 31000 can apply to any activity or domain in any organisation, any size – public orprivateISO 31000 provides an “umbrella” for many recognised standards and guidelines that refer torisk managementISO 31000 promotes business performance and is not a bureaucratic compliance/reportingsystemISO 31000 is robust and simple to applyISO 31000 adoption provides a great opportunity for organisations to review their existingrisk management practicesISO 31000 text is concise (24 pages) and clearly writtenMain advantages for an organisation to adopt the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard:Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New-Zealand,Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South-Africa, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom,Uruguay and United States of America.2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADA
  7. 7. 7The management of risk and its role in Management System StandardsThe international adoption of the ISO 31000 risk management as a tool for decision-makersThe adoption of Annex SL by the ISO Technical Management BoardRisk and its management becomes part of ISO Management System StandardsIs there a need for a Management System Standard on risk?ChairmanISO/TC 262 - Risk Management(and Chairman of the ISO Working Groupthat developed ISO 31000)Kevin W KnightAustraliaMAIN SESSIONSHow to implement or adapt your Risk Management program using ISO 31000Why the management of risk should be based on ISO 31000How to implement or adapt your risk management program using ISO 31000What are the major barriers to effective risk management in organizations today?The meaning and practicality of integration : keep risk management as a simple and holistic processSenior VicePresident, InternalAudit and Chief RiskOfficer atHYDRO ONEJohn FraserCanada2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADADecision-making, Risk Management and UncertaintyThe way to apply the ISO 31000 definition of risk to protect and create valueThe Theory and Practice of Decision Making Under UncertaintyEmbrace uncertainty, instead of eliminating riskThe Upside of Risk: A Better Way to View Enterprise Risk ManagementCEO and ChairmanStrategic Decisions GroupCarl S SpetzlerUSA
  8. 8. 8Business continuityAligning your business continuityprogram with the ISO 31000standardInternal auditThe new role of internal auditorsSoftwareUsing software to support theimplementation of ISO 3100012 PARALLEL SESSIONS WITH MORE THAN 20 SPEAKERSPaul Sobel |IncomingChairman of the Board |Institute of InternalAuditors [IIA] | USAPeter Joyce | MBA, BSc(Hons), Dip BCM |Managing DirectorNonVerba | UKChristopher E. Mandel |Senior Vice-President,Strategic Solutions atSedgwick | USADecision-makersISO 31000, a risk managementstandard helping decision-makersFinance & bankingGoing beyond regulatoryrequirementsGRCHow do you reconcile GRC withthe requirements of ISO 31000Alpaslan Menevse |Operational RiskManager at Sekerbank |TurkeyJohannes Swanepoel |Program Manager, RiskManagement at EnablonSoftware Solutions |USA2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADAWalter Smiechewicz,CPA, CRP ManagingDirector | Governance,Risk, Internal AuditLeader atPricewaterhouse | USA
  9. 9. 9Security“ISO31000... How does it relate tosecurity”Human factorsThe role of human factors in themanagement of risksTraining sessionSpecial training sessionon IS0 31000CertificationAchieving the C31000 certificationJulian Talbot | ChiefExecutive Officer atJakeman BusinessSolutions | AustraliaJohn Lark | President,Coherent Advice |CanadaAlex Dali | President atthe Global Institute forRisk ManagementStandards | France12 PARALLEL SESSIONS WITH MORE THAN 20 SPEAKERSEducationHow world-wide global riskmanagement curriculum are orshould be aligned toIS0 31000Project ManagementNew approaches inProject Risk ManagementAnthony Davidson |Dean of the School ofGraduate andProfessional StudiesManhattanville Center ofExcellence for ManagingRisks | USAJeevan Perera |Aerospace Engineer atNASA | USA2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADAJacquetta Goy | SeniorManager, Risk AdvisoryServices at BCLC |Canada
  10. 10. 10CONFERENCE VENUEThe conference will take place, in the heart of Toronto, at a prestigious conferencecenter of the business district:ONE KING WEST Hotel & Residence, 1 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1, Canada.A list of hotels offering negotiated rates is available on request at hotel@G31000.org2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADAThe Gala Dinner will be held at 360 RESTAURANT at the CN Tower with an astonishing panorama
  12. 12. 11The registration process will be open early February. You are invited to go to the website :www.G31000conference2013.orgGENERAL INQUIRIESGlobal Institute for Risk Management Standards39 rue de la Sabotte, Residence 678160 Marly-le-Roi, FranceFax +33 (0) 1 82 09 67 72Email : Conference2013@G31000.orgFor any questions related to your registration,please contact:Tel +33 (0) 6 60 45 42 80 (in France)LINKEDIN GROUPJoin our ISO31000_Conference at our ISO31000 LinkedIn group to be able to startnetworking with your peers before and after the conference.Short link: AND MEDIA-PARTNER OPPORTUNITIESIf your organisation would like to be associated with the second international conferenceon ISO 31000, please contact us at:sponsorship@G31000.orgmediapartner@G31000.orgAlex Dali | President atthe Global Institute forRisk ManagementStandards | FranceMadeleine Leblanc |Assistant manager atG31000 | FranceGraphic Design by Michele Harper Designwww.micheleharperdesign.com2013 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ISO 31000 - TORONTO, CANADA