Monitoring your electricity usage
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Monitoring your electricity usage



Another CurrentCost presentation. Updated to put it in a bit of context, and to reflect some more recent hacking efforts

Another CurrentCost presentation. Updated to put it in a bit of context, and to reflect some more recent hacking efforts

Presented at BarCampLondon6 and BathCamp



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Monitoring your electricity usage Monitoring your electricity usage Presentation Transcript

  • Monitoring yourTitle slide electricity
  • “smart metering” Smart Metering – WHAT
  • Smart Metering – WHY
  • load Smart Metering – WHY shifting
  • Smart Metering – WHERE
  • “…The Government has announced that smartSmart will be rolled-out to all domestic meters Metering – WHERE customers by the end of 2020. It anticipates an indicative timetable of around two years to design and establish the full details of the roll-out, followed by a ten-year roll-out period. Advanced metering will be roll-out to larger business customers over five years from early 2009. The Government consulted recently on a draft licence modification to implement the requirement…”
  • Smart Metering – WHERE
  • Smart Metering – WHO
  • But in the meantime…
  • CurrentCost
  • Inductive loop
  • Inductive clamp – Where to put it
  • Transmitter
  • Transmitter and clamp
  • Meter
  • Data socket
  • Data cable
  • Data socket – connecting RJ-45 TTL-level serial data RS232 USB
  • think serial Drivers and connecting ser = serial.Serial(port='COM20') ccdata = ser.readline()
  • <msg> <date> <dsb>00030</dsb> <hr>00</hr><min>20</min><sec>11</sec> </date> <src> <name>CC02</name> <id>00077</id> <type>1</type> <sver>1.06</sver> </src> <ch1> <watts>00168</watts> </ch1> <ch2> <watts>00000</watts> </ch2> Data <ch3> <watts>00000</watts> </ch3> <tmpr>25.6</tmpr> <hist> <hrs> <h02>000.3</h02> .... <h26>003.1</h26> </hrs> <days> <d01>0014</d01> .... <d31>0000</d31> </days> <mths> <m01>0000</m01> .... <m12>0000</m12> </mths> <yrs> <y1>0000000</y1> .... <y4>0000000</y4> </yrs> </hist> </msg>
  • <msg> <date> <dsb>00030</dsb> <hr>00</hr><min>20</min><sec>11</sec> </date> <src> <name>CC02</name> now <id>00077</id> <type>1</type> <sver>1.06</sver> </src> <ch1> <watts>00168</watts> </ch1> <ch2> <watts>00000</watts> </ch2> Data – annotated <ch3> <watts>00000</watts> </ch3> <tmpr>25.6</tmpr> <hist> <hrs> <h02>000.3</h02> .... <h26>003.1</h26> </hrs> <days> <d01>0014</d01> .... history <d31>0000</d31> </days> <mths> <m01>0000</m01> .... <m12>0000</m12> </mths> <yrs> <y1>0000000</y1> .... <y4>0000000</y4> </yrs> </hist> </msg>
  • CurrentCost apps – my Python app
  • CurrentCost apps – my Python app
  • Using with a Slug use Net::MySQL; my $mysql = Net::MySQL->new( database => 'currentcostdb', user => 'dalelane', password => 'myPassw0rd' ); my $insertquery = quot;INSERT INTO currentcostdl (power) VALUES ($watts)quot;; $mysql->query($insertquery); $mysql->close;
  • CurrentCost bill +=============================================+ Your CurrentCost bill for 2008-5-27 Electricity usage 4.9802 units Cost == £0.4874 Standing charge £0.1582 --------------------------------------- TOTAL COST FOR 2008-5-27 : £ 0.65 +=============================================+
  • Identifying appliances <ccupdate> <WDiff>9</WWDiff> <descr>XBox 360 - standby</descr> </ccupdate> <ccupdate> <WDiff>55</WWDiff> <descr>ThinkPad</descr> </ccupdate> <ccupdate> <WDiff>54</WWDiff> <descr>ThinkPad</descr> </ccupdate> <ccupdate> <WDiff>20</WWDiff> <descr>BT Vision</descr> </ccupdate> <ccupdate> <WDiff>82</WWDiff> <descr>TV</descr> </ccupdate>
  • Identifying appliances – Google’s way
  • CurrentCost on twitter
  • Google charts
  • Floppy’s system tray app
  • Realtime graph
  • Dojo dashboard
  • CurrentCost on pachube
  • CO2 from CurrentCost on pachube
  • Android pachube app
  • Symbian app
  • iPhone app
  • Arduino
  • Arduino with LEDs
  • Ambient orb
  • rrdtool
  • techtoniq app
  • CurrentCost Live – Xbox Live
  • CurrentCost Live – achievements Absolute values Lowest single reading Lowest total power use Lowest average use Personal improvements … Lowest percentage of personal average Highest reduction in use …
  • CurrentCost Live – twitter
  • CurrentCost Live – twitter
  • CurrentCost Live – google widget
  • CurrentCost Live – television
  • AMEE
  • “classic” CurrentCost Meters – classic
  • CurrentCost Meters – envi “envi”
  • What’s next?
  • Code