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here you can get som basic idea about VoIP like what is VoIP, how it works, PSTN vs. VoIP, application etc . . .

here you can get som basic idea about VoIP like what is VoIP, how it works, PSTN vs. VoIP, application etc . . .



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    Voip Voip Presentation Transcript

    • VoIP
    • What is VoIP? VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] is family of communication protocols and transmission technique which is used in delivery of voice communication or multimedia sessions over internet.
    • How VoIP works?
      • VoIP protocols first converts your voice or media into digital signal and travels over the internet. At receiver side it decode in its original format.
      • VoIP allows you to make a call from your desktops/laptops or from IP phones using internet. You can make a call from your traditional telephones using spceial type of phone adapter.
    • How VoIP works?
    • VoIP Protocols
      • Some proprietary and open-source protocols :
      • H.323
      • IMS [IP Multimedia System]
      • MGCP [Media Gateway Control Protocol]
      • SIP [Session Initiation Protocol]
      • RTP [Real-time Transport protocol]
      • SDP [Session Description Protocol]
      • IAX [Inter-Asterisk eXchange]
    • What is PSTN?
      • PSTN [Public Switched Telephone Network] is the network of circuit-switched telephone network which is based on telephone lines, fibre optics, celluler networks, communication satelites etc.
      • It is our conventional method of voice communication which is based on circuit switching which are now replaced by VoIP technique.
    • VoIP vs. PSTN
      • Carrier Lines
      • PSTN : Dedicated lines required from telecom company
      • VoIP : Only an internet connection is required
      • Bandwidth
      • PSTN : Each telephone lines require 64kbps in each direction
      • VoIP : Using compression, VoIP can use only 10kbps in each direction
      • Features
      • PSTN : call waiting, call conference, caller ID available at an extra cost
      • VoIP : all features are generally free
    • Continue . . .
      • Upgrade and Expansion
      • PSTN : Very complex due to change in hardware and wires
      • VoIP : Sometimes just require more bandwidth and software upgrade
      • Rental
      • PSTN : Expensive compare to VoIP
      • VoIP : About 1/4 times less expensive to PSTN
      • Remote PABX extension
      • PSTN : Very costly and require each dedicated line for each
      • VoIP : It is a standard feature of VoIP
    • Application
      • Some application that you used in your daily life is based on VoIP.
      • Like Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Fring, E-buddy, Nimbuzz, Twinkle, Brosix, SIPSet, Gizmo, iChat, iCall that are used on various platform like Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, Android and many mobile platforms.
    • Some Application
    • Advantages of VoIP
      • Cost is very less compare to conventional telephone lines
      • Upgrading and maintenance is easy
      • PC-PC free calls and PC-Mobile/Landline nominal charge
      • You can obtain concurrent data, voice and video calls
      • Very less hardware requires because is use the internet connection
      • Portability is achieved if you are using Wi-fi or wireless connection
      • Call waiting, caller ID, call conference are free
    • VoIP Devices [1] ATA: Most useful device for VoIP is ATA(Analog telephone Adaptor). It helps you to connect your standard phone to computer and lets you call.
    • Continue [2] Computer-to-computer : Its the easiest way to make VoIP calls. You just need to have a software, microphone, speaker and sound card (and internet connection obviously ! ! !). There are not any additional charges for this.
    • Continue [3] IP Phone : This look like just a simple phone with the headset and different buttons. IP Phones connect directly to your router and contain all the necessary software and hardware to handle the IP calls.
    • Extra Information
      • List of websites that works on VoIP
      • Www.evaphone.com
      • Www.voipbuster.com
      • Www.freeipcall.com
      • Www.s-unno.com
      • Or you can create your own VoIP server using AsteriskNow operating system or some software