2011 pinehill-staff-meeting


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My first staff meeting with the PInehill and their last of the year.

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  • Classroom dynamics – virtual wall Research shows students do not read AKA value their published work on the walls Virtual window into your class, more inclusive Mohammed moving to the mountain – moving to the world of the students
  • 2011 pinehill-staff-meeting

    1. 1. Pinehill School – Staff Meeting December 2011
    2. 2. Is E-Learning an educational fad?
    3. 3. We are already a very connected society 3 500 000 or 83.1% of New Zealanders are internet users 915 000 of these users are using broadband http://www.internetworldstats.com/pacific.htm#nz NZ Facebook 1 675 540 users or 49.87% of NZ online population
    4. 4. Societal paradigm shift? http://www.onlinemarketer.co.nz/internet-usage-behaviour-in-new-zealand/ Key findings from the WIPNZ 2008 survey <ul><li>% of New Zealand Internet users browsing habits </li></ul><ul><li>83% access information about products online </li></ul><ul><li>60% purchase products online </li></ul><ul><li>62% book travel online </li></ul><ul><li>71% rate Internet higher as an information source than traditional media </li></ul>
    5. 5. http://www.side-line.com/news_comments.php?id=46980_0_2_0_C Q1 2011 38% increase in profits 900 000 e-books available to purchase Circulation 1997: 3 887 097 Circulation 2011: 3 001 182 Finance,Retail, News, Travel, Books, Music, Industry, Government Education..? Dylan: “The times they are a changin” 1964
    6. 6. Learning
    7. 7. E-learning
    8. 8. I need more time to learn new tools…
    9. 9. Disjointed e-teaching
    10. 10. C21 e-teaching but is it e-learning? Convergence and interoperability
    11. 11. C19 learning with C21 tools
    12. 12. Building a 5 th wall in your classroom
    13. 13. Web: dakinane.com – Twitter: @dakinane – Skype: dakinane Notify me/RSS - a window into my child’s class Student Parent Classroom
    14. 14. Strands of e-learning Enrichment Publishing Collaboration/Problem Solving Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Passive Active Immersive
    15. 15. http://www.useit.com/alertbox/reading_pattern.html Are you a Z or F reader?
    16. 16. http://bit.ly/tlb2NF Marc Prensky: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants 2001 Students power down when they come to school
    17. 17. You Tube and the visual learner 35 hours of new content added every 2 minutes.... 2 nd most used search engine after Google 2 billion videos viewed every day http://www.viralblog.com/research/youtube-statistics/ 000 000 000
    18. 18. Many educators prefer slow and controlled release of information from limited sources. Us Them Digital learners prefer receiving information quickly from multiple multimedia sources. Digital learners prefer parallel processing and multitasking. Taken from: “Understanding the Digital Generation” – Lee Crockett Digital learners prefer processing pictures, sounds, color, and video before text. Many educators prefer to provide text before pictures, sounds, and video. Digital learners prefer to network simultaneously with many others. Many educators prefer students to work independently before they network and interact.
    19. 19. http://youtu.be/zDZFcDGpL4U Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Education Paradigms
    20. 20. Tyranny of the pencil 3+1=3 Short term memory – 3 low level cognitive functions Long term memory – schema complex cognitive constructs Flipped Classroom and REM
    21. 21. Disengaging statistics 20% of students leave education by age 16 12.5% truancy rate – secondary every day 4000 students excluded each year 4500 leave primary but never get to secondary 52% of students do not complete the post secondary qualification they start “ Disengagement is a direct consequence of the way the education system has developed.” – Dr Stuart Middleton Learning at School 2010 http://www.core-ed.org/learningatschool/previous-conferences/2010
    22. 23. <ul><li>If only I had more (insert time-expertise-resources etc ), I could do more </li></ul><ul><li>E-learning will only work when each child has a computer </li></ul>The Hole in the Wall Project http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-10663353 “ I think that we have stumbled across a self-organising system with learning as an emergent behaviour.” Web: dakinane.com – Twitter: @dakinane – Skype: dakinane Building a 5 th wall in your classroom
    23. 24. http://www.ted.com/talks/sugata_mitra_the_child_driven_education.html Tackling re-engagement
    24. 25. Class experts – Distributed Expertise Students move from dependence to independence
    25. 26. Building a 5 th wall in your classroom http://www.slideshare.net/djakes/would-you-want-to-learn-here-3015221
    26. 27. Building a 5 th wall in your classroom
    27. 28. Building a 5 th wall in your classroom
    28. 30. “ If a child has interest, then education happens.” Arthur C. Clarke New ERA – Engaging learning, Relevant learning Authentic learning Create SOLE in your class Less is more – Computers Time poor – student rich Pedagogy of the Pencil! – student voice Life long learners
    29. 31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVimSxAQGYQ