2012 CARL Poster: Evaluation & Iteration


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2012 CARL Poster: Evaluation & Iteration

  1. 1. Evaluation & Iteration: Danielle Kane UC Irvine Libraries * University of California, Irvine Research Librarian for Emerging Technologies and Using statistics to help craft your libraries social media presence Service Innovation Email: Kaned@uci.edu Emerging Technologies Assessment Plans Facebook QR Codes @ UC Irvine Libraries URL: facebook.com/UCIrvineLibraries Objective: Test QR codes to As part of each pilot, the ETT creates aThe Emerging Technologies Team (ETT) see if they can ease access for pilot proposal that describes in detail: Objective: Utilize popular social media toseeks a balanced, methodical and mobile device users. Go beyond market our resources and services to the UCevaluative approach to utilizing technology the “usual” and point to Irvine Community.for the UC Irvine Libraries. How do we do Pilot Proposals electronic and mobile resources.that? Scope Deliverables Assessment: Scan a code to search an index or to find Constraints Work breakdown • Statistics went beyond what was provided relevant information! Our codes will reveal: • Develop yearly vision documents by Facebook Insights • Use a system of quarterly pilots and final Criteria Organization • English Literature - a list of mobile- • Posts were characterized by type of optimized research tools reports Assessment What did we learn communication, sorted into categories and • Keep daily statistics • Chemistry journals - SciFinder Scholars Future plans Report schedule then ranked by number of “Likes” mobile search tool • Revise strategy based on quarterly evaluation and analysis of statistics 25.00% Percentage of "Likes" by Category • Chemistry books - eBooks that would be • Determine Return on Investment shelved here End of Pilot (Quarterly Reports) 20.00% • Create best practices • Art - a guide to Art call numbers • Each pilot runs for a quarter (approx. 10 15.00% • Math - eBooks that would be shelved Timely Implementation of weeks) 12/8/09 - 6/18/11 here Technology 10.00% 6/18/11 - 3/30/12 • The statistics are compiled and assessed 12/8/09 - 3/30/12 Created a portal to manage and track usage: • Based on results the pilot may be 5.00% The ETT monitors tools, services and extended, move to full service or be technologies to determine the best time to mainstreamed 0.00% Services Feedback Resources Announcements Photos How-To Events implement projects. We also strive to • If the pilot is extended, trends are identified remain current in understanding the trends • How many of our Facebook “Fans” follow and actions based upon those trends are and application of mature technologies. links to our library homepage. Assessment: added to the next phase • Implement early and you may be ahead Number of Referrals from Facebook to the UC Irvine Libraries Web Site • Kept it simple – tracked number of scans – wanted to know what will the users use 450 of your users 400 • Implement late and you might miss the 350 most Create / 300 trend Revise 250 What did we learn? Assessment 200 Plan 150 • Codes linked to resources are more 100 scanned than informational codes • Students will scan marketing materials & 50 0 Revise Strategy Implement spotlights for more information What did we learn? • Users will use the codes • Using our statistics at the end of each pilot quarter, we adjusted our post topics Results to Date # of Views • When we increased the number of posts Marketing - elevators 239 that previously had the highest number of Analyze Track “Likes,” our “Likes” continued to increase Subject Guides 298 Results Statistics • Members of the UC Irvine Community are Mobile 112 not big commenters, we learned early to not“What is Your Library Doing about Emerging Technologies.” ask for feedback via Facebook Spotlight 108 Panel Discussion 2010 ALA Annual Conference