Be smart be safe
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  • 1. Be Smart Be Safe Students’ Ideas about Internet Safety
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    • 6 students out of 13 do not upload their personal photos into social networks.
    • The most surprising fact is that some of them are just lazy to do it 
    • One student uploads 1 photo a year, one – 12 photos a month and the rest upload 1 – 5 photos a month.
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    • Photos are quite popular, but videos – no, because most of the students do not upload any videos, just one student uploads 3 – 4 videos a week.
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    • Students show themselves, their faces , family members, pets or home, because some of them like taking photos.
    • They just sometimes choose some other picture that reveals their character 
    • If they do not upload photos, they don’t do it, because it’s not safe and they think that publicity is bad.
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    • More than a half students think that uploading photos is not safe, because it’s impossible to delete the photos afterwards without any trace (that’s the result of the videos shown  ) and another students think that uploading photos is safe.
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  • 11. If I were an administrator of social network…
    • I’d allow to show yourself, your face, photos with friends, funny photos of yourself, but not naked body – only dressed while one student wouldn’t allow to post anything in photos or videos.
    • I’d allow to post good news, different messages, interesting facts, good things we need or advertisements.
    • I’d make the site safer!
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  • 13. If I were an administrator of social network…
    • I’d forbid to post photos or videos of naked bodies or dressed in swimsuits or underwear.
    • I’d only allow messages to friends or family members but no posts about yourself!
    • I’d allow only internet games, but no photos or information about yourself.
    • I wouldn’t allow to post photos/videos of other people, because it’s not safe and you can get into trouble!
    • No photos or videos that could harm reputation!
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